View Full Version : Could someone make a copyable Invisible walls level?

04-19-2010, 09:22 PM
If anyone has a level where the created invisible walls especially if it has all three varieties: thin single depth and double depth that they could strip down and maybe surround each type with some material so people can find them. Or... If you can get the current working trick to create invisible walls make a quick level with all three types.

This way being able to copy to their own create moon would allow people to corner edit to make the shapes they need. Then poeple can just create objects and copy them to their levels.

It would be a selfless act since it would get copied and republish by others. But in a way that would be a good thing since it would help make sure that one could always find it when needed.

Just a thought to help our community... ok busted. I need invisible walls. Freaking PSP GO is too fast at grabbing textures. =( I have a level with a thin one but if I try to adjust it it reappears.

OH yeah, if you can make them out dissolve material that would be super awesome!



04-19-2010, 10:49 PM
Ok, I have 2 layer and the thin layer now. I'll post later tonight under "2layer invis" & "thinlayer invis". Just edit the level and there is an arrow pointing to the invisible material. I had the thin in my Treasures level which took a while to delete everything but it was wild to see home much there was to delete. The 2layer I found in a copyable level in my downloaded levels.I'll try to search levels for the single layer tonight.

UPDATE: Here is the link