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Sackboy: And the H4H’er’s Curse

The Gardens

Chapter One

“I wonder how the King and Queen have been,” thought Sackboy as he travelled in his custom made car, powered by two simple grab switches, and a three way switch and a couple of winches where the engine would be.

Sackboy was in the process of revisiting all of the creator curators to see how they were getting on after the collectors defeat. His first stop was The Gardens, to visit the King and Queen, to check up on their work.

As soon as he drove up to the gate he knew something was wrong. There was a much darker atmosphere than normal, and there was no-one to be seen. At first he thought, “He’s been messing with Global Lighting Objects again, but that would mean that the light was constantly changing, instead of a constant dullness, and it still wouldn’t explain the lack of people around.

Curious, Sackboy climbed over the gate (It had some conveniently placed sponge) and was shocked by what he saw. The Gardens had become a desert. All of the lush green was gone and replaced by light brown rock and sand.
“What could have happened?” asked Sackboy to no-one in particular. Saddened, he decided to do something about it.

The first thing he did was add some water to the barren landscape. Fortunately he had already purchased the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit (Available from your local Playstation Store for the low low price of £4.79 / €5.99 / US $5.99 / AUS $ 9.95 / NZD $11.50) so adding water was as simple as going into his tools bag and changing the water level. But when he left Popit, something strange happened. All of the water drained away, and the landscape looked even barer. It was the same when he tried to add some Grass material. It vanished as if it were dissolve.

“I must warn the others before it’s too late,” thought Sackboy, so he got into his car and drove off towards the Savannah.

The Savannah
After a very long drive, Sackboy finally saw The Savannah in the distance.
“It looks normal,” thought Sackboy. Arriving in the Savannah the first place he went to was King Zola’s palace. It stood there in all it’s glory, with the monkey guards outside preventing any intruders from gaining entry.

“Halt! State your name young Sackperson!” said one of the monkey guards.
“Sackboy, sir,” he replied. “I know it’s unoriginal, but that’s what Media Molecule named me, so I guess I’m stuck with it.”

“Go on in then, but be warned, the king is in a very bad mood. I wouldn’t go near if I were you,” said the other guard.
“I’ll bear it in mind,” replied Sackboy.

“Not again!” shouted King Zola across the room. “I told you not to come back without any good news! I may be King, but I’m not a tame lion!”
“But sire…” replied the giraffe in the room.
“Silence! Go and tell Spaff that if they want to cut the Savannah from the game, they’ll have me to deal with first!”
“Of course sire,” said the giraffe as he left the room. Sackboy was overly nervous as he approached King Zola.

“Ah Sackboy, welcome to my home. I hope I didn’t scare you with that outburst. It’s so hard to create good help these days.”
“Of course not your majesty. What exactly was it he did?” asked Sackboy.
“He’s just been talking to Spaff from Media Molecule, and apparently they want to cut the Savannah from the game. Imagine that!”
“But the game’s been out a year and a half now, how can they cut it?”
“They’re going to release an update to remove it from the game, and they’ll remove the Savannah DLC (Available from your local Playstation Store for the low low price of £2.39 / €2.99 / US $2.99 / AUS $ 3.45 / NZD $3.90) from the PSP version! And guess what cheese they’ll name the update after. Buffalo! Mocking our one low point like that!”

“That’s terrible sire! But I do have one question?”
“What’s that young one?”
“Why are there adverts in this story?”
“Well it’s because the more adverts we have, the longer it takes to read, and therefore you can’t read anything else, so we have no competition.”
“It all seems a bit pointless really.”
“I suppose, but back to the matter at hand. I need you to go to Mm towers to win back our right to existence!”

All of a sudden there was a sudden flash, and a distant shout could be heard of “H4H!” When the light dimmed, the room was full of H4H stickers. But it was when they looked outside that they saw the worst of it. Unlike the Gardens, which became a desert, the Savannah had become a completely blank level, with nothing in it at all.
“Oh no it’s a disaster!” said Zola.
“How are we going to get out?” asked Sackboy.
“Quick! Get down to the basement! There should be a plane down there which will take you to Media Molecule towers. Find out why they’re removing us, and see if you can sort out this little problem here.
“Of course sire!” replied Sackboy, who went downstairs, found the plane, and took off for Mm Towers.

Mm Towers
As Sackboy flew through the not so Great British sky he wondered. Wondered what could be in store for him as he

travelled towards Guildford, and the Molecules that awaited him. The tower could be seen ahead in the distance, and as Sackboy wondered, the Molecules were planning.

“He’s on his way,” said Al, watching Sackboy’s distant plane.
“I always knew he would return to his maker, when he ran out of lives and was permanently dead,” replied Anton.
“Yes, but everyone just uses infinite life checkpoints now, so we thought he was stuck on LittleBigPlanet forever. I guess we were wrong.”
“Yes, should we inform King Spaff?”
“We should, you know what he’ll do if we don’t tell him don’t you?”
“He’ll have this paragraph removed?” He chuckled.
“You know what I mean. Come on.” And they left, presumably to go and see King Spaff.

Sackboy landed on the conveniently placed runway branching off from the sides of Mm Towers, and get out of his plane, to a pair of Molecules waiting to meet him.
“Welcome to Mm Towers Sackboy. I am Siobhan, and this is Mags,” said one of them, presumably Siobhan.
“Like the mechanic?” asked Sackboy.
“We try not to talk about it that much,” said Mags. “But come, the King wishes to see you.”
“There seems to be a lot of Kings in this story.”
“Yes, almost as many as adverts,” replied Siobhan.

“No No NO” shouted King Spaff at Motion Graphic Designer Jim. “The nex DLC pack should be based on my total awesomeness, not on Bob the Builder!”
“But sire-”
“No Buts! Guards, take him to the dungeon!” And so James and Jeremy dragged Jim away and took him to the dungeon, to join rejected Sackboy designs, and Stephen Fry, who was dumped there after the completion of LittleBigPlanet, so that he couldn’t tell of what he saw there.

“Excuse me your majesty-” Mags began.
“What is it?” asked Spaff.
“Sackboy is here to see you sire.”
“Ah yes, Sackboy! Leaves us ladies.” They left. “So Sackboy, are you having fun on LittleBigPlanet?”
“Yes your majesty, especially the levels by pokemainiac. He truly deserves all of your hearts, and maybe even a crown.”
Quite, but I have more pressing matters to discuss. Someone has been visiting all of the Creator Curators and destroying their levels, and replacing them with H4H stickers.”
“What can we do?”
“We!? What do you mean we?! You’re doing all of the work! You must travel to LittleBigLand, where you shall meet Emperor Bludhound, and his three lords, Syroc, Tin-Cup-70, and AmazingFlyingPoo.”
“How shall I get there?”
“Well as we’re Media Molecule, we’ll simply release you as DLC, but only give it to Bludhound, which should mean that

you’ll get there instantly, although we will have to stuff you into the computer first.”
“Couldn’t you just send me as a PM attachment?”
“I would, but that doesn’t work yet, so this is the only option, come on, the CD drive should be the best way in…”

As the sun rose on LittleBigLand, Emperor Bludhound was finishing his bowl of Corn Flakes when he noticed he had a Playstation Network message. Looking at it, he saw that it was from King Spaff, and so immediately opened it.

The Subject was LittleBigGift, and a quick download later, a very squashed Sackboy was standing in the room with him.
“Sackboy! What happened lad? You look worse than AmazingFlyingPoo when he got that name!” said Bludhound.
“I’m sorry sir, but Spaff thought it would be a good idea to shove me through a CD drive.,” replied Sackboy.
“Ah well no matter. I got word from Spaff in his message that you need help to save LittleBigPlanet from a mysterious H4H’er. I assure you the LittleBigArmy will assist you in any way necessary. Come, I’ll show you.”

“Are you lookin’ at me punk!” shouted Lord Tin-Cup-70 at Q-Man-Bling-13, who had dared to argue with him. “Now what do you have to say for yourself!?”
“I’m sorry sir! I should never have mentioned the LittleBigWorkshop!” said Q-Man, clearly terrified.

“No you shouldn’t! 50 lashes for mentioning it, and 50 for mentioning it just then!” And as soon as he finished talking, a trap door opened and dumped Q-Man into a dungeon miles below.
“Now is anyone else going to mention the enemy!?” shouted Tin.
“No sir!” shouted the whole army.
“Attention!” shouted Lord Syroc. “His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bludhound the Only wishes to address you!”

“Thank you my loyal mem-er-subjects! Now we all know that for the last year we have been at war with the LittleBigWorkshop. Now we hear that they are in possession of a H4H’ing super-weapon, capable of H4H’ing every level in LittleBigPlanet. We have here a person who is willing to help, as this super-weapon may be being used to destroy LittleBigPlanet, as well as H4H it. Sackboy will assist us in our struggles. Dismissed!” And everyone walked away.

“Sackboy, your first assignment will be given by AmazingFlyingPoo, head of portable ops, so go and see him in his tree house.” Said Bludhound to Sackboy, who then began the climb to see AmazingFlyingPoo.

“Excuse me, are you AmazingFlyingPoo?” asked Sackboy as he got up to the tree house.
“Absolutely positively!” said AmazingFlyingPoo.
“Well I’m Sackboy, and Emperor Bludhound said to see you about a mission.”

“Of coursius! I giving you your missioni nowus!”
“You go in Helicopter to level factorific to playus das level!”
“I repeat, what?”
“Goington!” And AmazingFlyingPoo shoved Sackboy into a helicopter that seemed to come out of no-where, and it flew off into the distance.

Assault on the LittleBigWorkshop
Sackboy looked around the Helicopter with awe. There were three other people sat with him. Looking at there uniforms, he saw there names. A woman, Lieutenant Stone, and 2 men, Private Trustam and Captain “Awesome” RobXBen. He saw the name of the helicopter, the “AmazingFlyingCopter”.
“I wonder who named it,” though Sackboy with a grin on his face.

“Attention!” said an automated voice. “We are approaching our destination. Please fasten your seatbelts and keep all hands, arms, feet, legs, heads, torsos and commanding officers inside the vehicle until the ride has come to a complete stop.” They landed by a river, with a dark fortress in the distance covered in long spotlights.
“That’s the target,” whispered Trustam to Sackboy.

“Attention!” shouted Lieutenant Stone. “Our mission is this! We believe that, over there, live the happy gadders of the LittleBigWorkshop. They are working in collaboration with the H4H’er to ruin LittleBigPlanet.

We must stop them at all costs! You will be divided into 3 teams. As there’s only 3 of you that shouldn’t be difficult. Team Trustam will be “The Distraction”. You will be responsible for drawing there H4H’ing fire. Team Awesome, you will be, “The Substitute Distraction”. You will be responsible for replacing Trustam when he is shot down. Team Sackboy, you will be, “The Projectile”. You will be the thing we launch from the catapult at the LittleBigWorkshop. Are we clear?”
“Yes Ma’am!” shouted the 3 teams.
“Good. Awesome and Trustam, go and get shot..uh..made the centre of attention. Sackboy, go and get on the catapult.”

Awesome and Trustam slumped away, while Sackboy got onto the catapult.
“Don’t worry. Just close your eyes and imagine it’s a rollercoaster.” Said Stone as she launched the catapult.
“Ahhh…!” shouted Sackboy as he flew across the sky and into the fortress. He crashed through the windows and landed in the fortresses main kitchen.
“What was that?” asked a voice from around the corner. Sackboy quickly got up and ran out of the room and into what he soon realised was the laundry chute.
“Why does a kitchen have a laundry chute?” thought Sackboy as he slid down and landed in a large room filled with old clothes.
“Great!” said Sackboy. Suddenly a large fire rose below him and burned him. Sackboy was dead. But not for long, as he reappeared at a checkpoint in a room filled with strange cloaked figures.

The End, For Now

Look out for part 6 very soon!

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Thanks Cowboy!

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Wow that awesome. pssst pokemon is awesome
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