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11-19-2010, 02:26 AM
Oh a tree! :D can I bring fire? as the tree gets engulfed on flames I take the gold from dragonvarsity as he tries to run away from the fire, then I use my apocalyptic (awesum! :3) powers to take away his magical powers and then use them to destroy the world! :kz: I then send the gold to the deep core of Jupiter where no living being can go EVAR!

11-19-2010, 03:10 PM
But you forgot one thing, you're a living creature. As Ragnarok neversaid how it'd be transported, the story tells he went there and remembered at the last second, bursting into flames and the powers coming back to me. I restore the tree and the animals that lived there and plants grow all over. Now about the gold...

As I wonder how I'm going to get it, an old, crazy man comes to me and says "Hey, Ima make an asplosion happen, aheehee!" Apparently he must've put a bomb that could explode a whole planet but is the size of a penny implanted into the gold, yet putting the gold back together. All of Jupiter explodes. :( Poor planet, thanks for protecting us from those mete- I stand there in silence as the gold flies back right next to me and then the old man skips away. I look up to see thousands of meteors heading toward Earth along wih Ragnarok's massive ship, crashing through the atmosphere with nothing to shield this planet. Oh boy, the only thing I can think of doing is to run as far as I can, warning the others.

EDIT: Wow, I can't believe I just pretty much shielded my enemy underground o_0

11-19-2010, 10:44 PM
Being immortal really comes in handy at some points doesn't it?
Anyway, using the oncoming comets as a sort of chain of stepping stones, I skip up to dragonvarsity and sit down next to him, watching intently as he is incinerated where he sits.

I take the gold while my beloved home planet burns, and I trade it for a spaceship from an alien trader that got caught up in this mess. I then drive a spear through him and take the gold, whizzing around in my shiny new alien tech, content that all is well in my life...
This continues for about 50 years, before I get bored and take one of dragonvarsity's hairs from my pocket, place it in a large, tube-shaped contraption and clone him. Then I push him out into the vacuum of space, leaving him to his own devices...

11-19-2010, 10:50 PM
I take over the ship and flood it with SODA, which reveals the gold as I run on space.:p

11-19-2010, 10:58 PM
Well I wasn't sitting, I was running but kay...

Thanks to being cloned I haven't aged a bit and using my powers I can breathe in space even though it has no air and I can run and jump as fast on earth. I jump from rock to rock and blast the spaceship door open and the ship has a warning symbol. But then I recall Keanster never killed me. He actually brought me back to life but still, he could have warned me.. I reconstruct the door while inside and Kenaster sees me, dropping his cup of tea he was holding :p A ton of the blocks fall creating a wall and before we know it, we're being pulled back to earth as now half of it is destroyed........again.

Edit: SNIPED Okay, basically same thing happen except I drain the soda out and I punch Jsp0t in the face and he realizes he's in space without a helmet aaaand he dies plus he isn't revived with a hookshot. :p

11-19-2010, 11:19 PM
My dog knows I'm dead and pulls an extra me out of the closet.
I run in space (I can do that because I ate waffles for breakfast) and I punch dragon's clone and I make him DANCE! (No one has ever been known to fight while dancing!) I take the gold and /runs to Jupiter, where I die of gases, but the gold is now floating in the middle of a gas giant.
My dog again gets another me out of the closet.

11-20-2010, 01:14 AM
I first go to Jsp0t's home, obliterate Jsp0t as he's about to leave home and when the dog comes back, he sees a squirrel nearby confused and he runs to it to eat it but then the squirrel transforms into a gigantic, deformed creature and swallows the dog and laughs creepily, turning back into a confused looking squirrel. I blow up the closet fill of Jsp0t clones before the only living copy left gets out and manages to escape before I can get to it only to try pulling a prank on a little, confused bird which turns into another demented form of it that eats him. Also, an old man kinda asploded Jupiter. Oh, plus I was in the ship...anyway...I had the gold fall in my hands when we got to earth :D

11-20-2010, 08:03 AM
My mutant squirrel, after having my dog for lunch, pulls another me outa Area 51's closet. I get the gold with a military transport ray.

11-20-2010, 03:14 PM
I destroy every last clone of Jsp0t EVAR and I blow u the military transport ray and get the gold back. I get out of this house of Jsp0t's, making sure I don't mess with these mutant animals, get in my car and drive off home. After a while though I hear a ticking sound, look in the back to see a bomb in there and then I jump out of my car into the water. I keep swimming for no reason and hten as I get very tired and can abrely keep swimming, hungry too, it gets very foggy and I see a boat come toward me. They say they'll let me get on if I chip off a tiny piece of the gold so I do. I wonder why they just wanted a bit... we keep riding this boat, fishing, offering me some food and eventually we go back to a dock which is right by their homes. I see a lab next to one's home and they take the chip of gold to expiriment. Well that was odd. One of the people that were on the ship invited me to stay there so I did but when going in, I see 3 people, covering their faces and then the door shuts behind me.

11-21-2010, 03:17 AM
I cooome baaack due to the powah of teh BURRITOZ!
I destroy the ship with mah BURPZ! The gold flies to my hand!

11-22-2010, 12:23 AM
But we weren't in the ship...we went into the building. Okay so let's just say Jsp0t randomly blew up the ship and the people around me in here are distracted so I kick one and he falls on the ground. I see one of the masked people grab for a cane but then I grab it and tyr opening the door but it wouldn't budge and the third masked person runs toward me and just t the last moment I jump to the side and he breaks the dooor. I run out of the building wit the gold to see a bus driving right toward me.

11-22-2010, 04:11 PM
I pop out of the bus and SHOOP DA WHOOP dragon. I take the gold as I pass his remains.

11-22-2010, 05:15 PM
I trip JSpot up and kick him under a bus, I take the gold from his quivering corpse and run away!

11-22-2010, 07:42 PM
My quivering corpse eats a taco, becoming alive again and gets revenge on Kernel by making him step on gum, making him unable to move temporarily. I take the gold from him at the last second.
While running, I get distracted by a penny on the street.

11-23-2010, 02:20 PM
I had gotten out of the building with the door busted open and one of them are knocked out from busting through the door and two of the masked people and the guy who invited me in are ready to chase after me. I hide in an alley and they say "Oh, we'll get him later". Then I'm actually about to run to the street but another me pops out of nowhere and he tells me if I go out there I'll be killed....again. So he makes a clone of me and dissapears. The clone is nice enough to follow the orders, takes the gold and runs out to the street and sadly gets killed by Jsp0t's shoop da woopin powers. I'm still in the alley hiding but then one of the masked people spot me from far away. I have to act fast. I look over to see Kernelm's stuck and Jsp0t take the gold away.

Jsp0t's now looking a a penny and I run quickly toward him, taking the gold and then do a harry potter teleportation move thingy(See HP7) and find myself in a corn maze. This oughta be good. The masked person curses when seeing I've vanished and talks to the other masked person, trying to tink of a plan to catch me and the guy who didn't have a mask knocks Jsp0t out and they take him with them in the meantime after being annoyed by his closet, lazor burrito powerz.

11-24-2010, 09:49 PM
My ninja cat kicks you in the stomach(he actually does this IRL!), and loyally returns the gold to me. I melt the gold and make from it a copy of myself. So if you steal from me, I'll always be watching you! :)

11-24-2010, 10:55 PM
Well, after that cat kicked me in the stomach, it gets confused and lazy to get out of the corn maze so it meows and goes a bit further away from me to see iBub go through the amze for it. He makes the gold into himself but then I run towards them and I hurl a dead chicken at the cat and it screams, running off. A dark blast comes from my hand and it goes into both iBub and iBub's clone so if one gets injured or stuff like that, so does the other. I then kidnap the iBub clone and knock him out so the real iBub can't chase me.

I turn the iBub clone into gold which turns the real iBub far away into gold too. I then walk back to where the real iBub is. Two bars of gold... I could obliterate one but then the same would happen to the other. If I hide one it's likely it'd be found. I decided to obliterate half of the gold version of iBub's clone, thus removing it from existence which also does the same with the other one. I now have two halves of gold which I put together and completely attatch it with some tools I picked up earlier. I feel confident but then look up to see a camera that had been watching everything. I drop the gold, freaked out and then I look around, pick the gold back up and get out of the maze.

11-25-2010, 02:49 AM
My cat had been watching the whole thing on camera, and is smart enough to put the two halves of me to make one whole me. He then spends two weeks meditating, until his will forces me to return to my normal form. I then attack the clone of DV, cutting it in half, which means DV is also cut in half. I turn DV's clone to gold, and get a strange feeling ou deja-vu. I mix the golden half of me with the golden half of you, and get a super mutant, who guards me from you. And you're still lieing there, two halves, both of them the bottom ones. Bruno(my cat) ends it all by teleporting us to the sun, where he makes a shield so we don't get hurt. PWNED! lol :p

11-25-2010, 03:02 AM
Well ya never put the spell on me, but kay. Well the cat never took the gold away and even if it did it's still gold, but kay. Being utterly confused by what you said, I fire it with meh lazors, please try again. :p

11-25-2010, 03:14 AM
AHA! It was meant to be confusing, as it was actually a huge illusion to trick you into thibking it was all a silly little game! But it's actually a huge plot, and I'm in a parrallel universe, and have sealed off any wormholes there, and you have no idea which universe I'm in. This message will self destruct in 3-2-1-Now! Oh, it didn't wo-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

11-25-2010, 03:34 AM
Too bad you forgot ONE thing, you never took the gold :devious:

11-25-2010, 03:55 AM
Double ahaha! That is where you are mistaken, while you where being so proud of yourself and typing that post, I came back through the wormhole, which I opened for a short while, and grabbed the gold! And ofcourse closed the wormhole right before you could enter.

11-25-2010, 03:44 PM
You open the wormhole and end up in another world in another universe. You scream in laughter but then an alien guard shouts to see a missile heading toward your direction. You run for your life and a missile comes down killing some of the guards and smoke comes out of owhere. You hear another explosion go off and another. You can barely see and have a ringing in both ears. Then you look behind you to see a white, bright light chasing towards you. You run forward but trip over a rock and fall, face first to the ground. You look around to see a masked person drop a golden locket then then dissapear.

You crawl towards the locket and see there must be something inside it. You're about to open it but then you see things dissapear around you. Life starts fading and things are going brighter. "No, no no! I can't go yet!" you pant. You try opening it using your stubby fingers and manage to break it open but before you can see what's inside everything turns white. You then wake up on this other planet and get up. You see the same guard you saw before but he's wondering who you are. "But I'm incharge of this" you say. "No you're not, General Myers is." General Myers walks toward you and he says "Who is this man and why is he in my building?"

"Sir, he said he was in charge of this building" one of the guards says. "Ha, must be a lunatic, take him away". The guards take you away and you yell, "No, you have to believe me!". On the ride in their truck to their prison, you look to your hand to see the golden locket is there. You manage to open it and you see a code, 7592284. "Who's driving that truck it isn't a normal one." says the driver. "Why's it coming toward us-" the truck crashes into the one you're in and you look to see the driver's unconcious.

Men come toward to kidnap you but then the masked person you saw stabs one of them and kicks the other to the ground. He grabs onto the truck for some reason seeing you look at that code again and then you screech in pain with all kinds of memories flashing into your head and then you close your eyes for a couple of seconds and open them to see you're in a jungle and you're grabbing onto the truck but you see the trck's stuck into an ancient tree, barely hanging onto the ground and you see below you a waterfall and if you let go you'd drop all the way down and fall. You yell for help, trying to get up and the tree's roots are breaking, close to falling with the truck and tree, close....to death.

Three people are running to the side, chasing one that is holding a bar of gold. One stops while the other's chasing the one with the bar of gold and helps you up. But then he or I puts a gun to him or iBubek(the person I've been talking about) and I tell him to hand the locket over and you look behind you to see the truck and tree fall as you're on safe land now.

11-25-2010, 05:12 PM
I close my eyes again. I'm in a green room, and there are cameras everywhere. It was all just a movie! But where's mah gold?! I see DV running away with the gold in his hands, and then locking himself in a small closet. I kick down the door, and I see DragonVarsity leaving in his escape pod. I swiftly throw a tracking device onto the pod right as it's leaving. Then I feel something in my pocket. It the golden locket! I open it up. Now inside of it is a message: "JUMP!" I ponder this, wondering what it is reffering to. Them I suddenly realise and jump with all my might. As I'm in midair, a missile hits the spot where I just was, narrowly missing me. I check the locket again. It says "Mars." I realize what this means, then take the conviently placed second escape pod in another closet. I fly to mars, find DV, and grab the gold. After this I proceed to vaporize him, and his clones, and scatter his molecules across many universes.

11-25-2010, 06:37 PM
You were doing good kid, but then you just made a dumb decision" said the masked man you had seen twice before, he must have gotten off the truck before it fell. While you're down, he takes out a silver jar and it says "Please say a name". "Dragonvarsity", he says. Molecules that were seperated all around form together and go into the jar, still not fully formed but together. He then makes Bubzee not suffer by quickly killing him, making sure and put a black hoole emitter on the planet, takes the REAL locket, leaving him with a fake one and makes sure the fake one doesn't have anything in it. He flies off with the jar holding my molecules and fllies to Earth.

A long time has passed now and only around 20 million people had survived "The Fall". The rest were either imprisoned, dead, hiding or managed to get out of the planet. The jar is placed and opened onto a metal platform and then the glass door goes all around it and water floods the little area in there with the molecules out of the jar now and one of the people are controlling the machine, pressing the right buttons and all and I'm being reformed ccompletely and then they drain the water. I get some clothes on and ask what had happened and they explain. An alarm beam goes off and one of the people are shouting but then we see someone slit his throat and more are coming in.

11-25-2010, 07:02 PM
And a guy slits your throat, and you die semi-painlessly, and the gold is finally lost in eternity. The End. :p

11-25-2010, 08:33 PM
It does not end, not yet at least. People go into the building and I knock one out, the masked friend slits one and more people come out, holding shotguns. We hide behind a box and grab a gun someone had been carrying. We manage to shoot what seems to be all of them. We look to see 5 of the people we had died and there are now 7 of us left, me, the masked man, an injured man that was helped and taken care of here, a doctor and a nurse and two other men. "We have to head out of here, it's too dangerous" says the masked person.

"Oh and by the way, my name's Frank, you should meet the rest of the crew here, we're going to be working together a lot.". It turns out this building is a ship and a giant door closes and we fly off to a gigantic forest. We come out and I see a spear thrown nearby and I see one of the mutant creatures we saw on that island a while back only they've evolved to something much stronger and quicker. I look to the locket to see it glowing and keep the golden bar hidden. One of the people manages to stab one in the leg but it manages to get away. I open the locket and see a message saying the following.

Five crystals are spread around this world.
Put them together with the gold.
If the locket glows, one is near.

The rest you can't read(Didn't know what else to put xD)

So....five crystals, eh? Now, where to find the first one....

(Oh and P.S., how about we don't magically get them all and make this a bit more fun and more adventorous, kay? ;))

11-25-2010, 09:09 PM
Hmm, well after magically not finding all the crystals, we use sciene to find them! :P We then use the crystals we found(I found three, you found two) and put the, in the locket. It forms a strange device, which we later discover to be a cloning device, that obly works on gold! We form a company, and become biffles(ummm), and sell our gold for even MOAR gold! After that, we stop typing, and realise(once again) that this was just a little game on LBPC. We then proceed to spend/waste our whole lives playing LBP2, and being overall no life's. And we live miserably ever after. But then I come in and change the miserably to happily!

11-25-2010, 10:11 PM
Well, the game's for fun, right? Also, too bad, I really wanted to make this a long journey *.* When Bubzee told me his idea I said it was good but deep inside I knew it was a terrible idea. This gold isn't any ordinary bar of gold so if you sell it all over, it's value would drop and there would be even a lesser point of this game, people would stop playing and iBub would ruin teh fun! D:

Before the night he starts selling them, I completely obliterate the bar of gold. Then iBub comes from nowhere and screams to see all the gold has been destroyed. He gets mad at me and I say "Ibubek, wai-" but then I realize and say "Didn't Frank kill you and and if you were killed, I wouldn't think of simply saying all the crystals were collected like that and I wouldn't just clone and sell the gold. Then a voice from nowhere says "Fact incorrect. Life incorrect. Universe incorrect. Shuttuing down universe.". Everything turns white and I find myself where I was before, in the forest that actually is on the island and I see a giant helicopter coming and we run for cover. A missile hits but misses us. We go deeper into the forest and encounter five mutant beats with one limping.

11-26-2010, 03:17 PM
I'm gonna leave this one to someone else. O_O

11-26-2010, 04:01 PM
Sorry if I'm trying to have you not in this game. You can bring yourself back but I'm not trying to seem like I'm incharge of this game but maybe explain how you came back no offence or anything. But the fight will rage on :devious:

11-26-2010, 04:24 PM
No, I just meant that the fight has been between us only, it'd be nice if there were more people like before. Maybe get vezon over here.

11-26-2010, 08:22 PM
all of the sudden >er kills the mutants with his epic powers and grabs the gold!

(wut? :p a simple intro xD)

11-26-2010, 08:44 PM
Let's keep it simple: PUNCH! The gold's mine!

(DV is angry right now, he hates simple posts, he likes the plan to all elaborate. MUAHAHA!) :p

11-26-2010, 09:17 PM
Dough! that hurtts!

*steals outlaw-jack's guns*


*shots... obviusly xD*


*slowly walks infront of the tiny peices of cotton... grabs the gold*

*looks around...*

*start digging to china >:]*

11-26-2010, 10:59 PM
Well, at least those mutants had been killed. I look to the giant hole made already by >Er has he somehow has suddenly and very quickly, dug down. Of course you couldn't just dig to China, you'd just go closer to the core and melt but oh well, it's a story so let's pretend it takes a lot shorter and you don't melt. We look down the gigantic hole made to see it goes on and on and if we were to fall, wed definitely die. We start climbing down the hole carefully. "I'm not sure how we're going to catch up to him..", I say. After a while of climbing down, we can still see a bit of light from the hole made but have a torch with us and we all hear a weird sound and look up to see one of the mutants and it gives out a gigantic roar. It starts to climb down, fast too so we keep climbing down very quickly but still making sure we don't fall. We see a floor that hasn't been dug yet and get on it, still underground.

I look to my left to see >Er is chipping while on the ground, not down this time. Obviously it's gotten so hard that he must be chipping in another direction until he gets to some softer ground. The mosnter is coming down quickly and we run into >Er's direction. He's chipping away very quickly, but still not quickly enough. The monster gets to the ground now and sees us and running now. I push >Er to the side and we back up some and I make a gigantic blast into the wall infront which keeps exploding creating a chain reaction. Why would someone plant bombs down here? No time to think about that right now. We keep running and then I shooot anoter blast in some ground below and we climb down. After some quick climbing we end up in China and gravity ***** for us to make it normal again. :S As the monster comes up, someone hacks at him and his head flies in another direction, his decapitated body falling in the giant hole up he created only this time going down.

"Is everyone okay?", I ask and they say yes. I look at the locket and see it's sitll gowing. "Is this thing bugged or something?", I think to myself. But then I pause and look to the severed head. I come slower to it and although it may be disgusting I have to, I completely tear apart it's head and hidden inside it's brain is a green crystal. That creature must have been following us! I then look to >Er and take the gold away from him. I then place the crystal on the bar of gold and the locket stops glowing. I then put the crytal in my coat pocket. Soooo........china, eh?

11-27-2010, 12:24 AM
I come back to life, and steal the locket and gold right out of DV's hands! I run to some random restaurant, and hide in the bathroom. I hear DV and >er shouting, trying to find me. I trip backwards, and accidentally flush the toilet. The floor opens up, and I fall down a hole, all the way to the U.S.A! But where am I? I enter a skyscraper, and take a lift to the 99th floor, hoping to lose Dragon and z.er, who are still hot on my trail. Then, the locket glows! I realise that I'm in a room made of completely wood. As DV and >er finally show up, >er produces a match and lights the room on fire. The wood is probably soaked with oil, because it is engulfed by fire almost imediately. The two leave the room, leaving me to burn, hoping to retrieve the gold later. The locket then explodes into a thousand pieces from the heat. DV sees this, as the lift leaves just after this event. He screams in horror and anger. However, after he leaves, something happens. The pieces of the locket start to glow, and then the whole room starts to glow. Silence. Darkness. I am now standing in front of the very same skyscraper. The top half has completely burned out. And, in my hands, the locket, glowing a light green. Then a bird poops on me. Ewwwww! I take off my jacket and discard it, as I do not wan't to be wearing poop. But as I'm throwing it in the trash, I see a glimmer in the poop. I use a stick to investigate, and find a tiny emerald gem inside. It then glows, and becomes a full size jewel! The locket stops glowing. Gold in my pocket, locket in my hand, I go on, with a whole new hope. :)

11-27-2010, 01:52 AM
I thought I already got the green crystal, but kay. Anyway, I put a gigantic impacting bomb on the building and >Er and I run far back. A lot of the building explodes and I see iBub coughing, trying to escape. We catch him and I take the locket away along with the gem he found. I look at the crystal for a second and then I put it on a table that is in the remains of the building. I then take one of the crew's hammers and smash it against the crystal and it breaks open. "Why did you do that?!?!", Ibubek screams. "My gut told me to", I say. I see a small paper and start unfolding it and then read it.

"I see you've gotten the second crystal. Well it turns out this isn't the second one, it's just a fake, for that was far too easy. I want to see if you can really make it and get all five. Good luck getting those crystals and taking the gold from one another. Since I did play this mean, old trick on you, I guess it wouldn't be too bad to give you a hint for the second one. I'll just say you might want to ehad to the docks. I then look over to see a storm coming in and a dock that's been nearby and a boat about to set sail. (Sorry if it feels like I'm drifting away from the main goal of this game, I'm just bored and did this and I can stop if ya want but there's still the occasional taking the gold from one another)

11-27-2010, 02:03 AM
Ummmm, so I run towards the boat and jump on. I find DV already there. He's holding the message firmly in his hand. He also has the locket. But then I remember. The gold's in mah pocket! I quicly jump off the boat, and swim back to shore. I check my pocket. It's gone! Oh wait, other pocket-there it is! I watch DV sail away in his little delusional world. So, he has the locket, but I have the gold, isn't that what's important? I set up mygold business again, but this time with >er! The (FINAL!) End

Dragonvarsity, why don't you make your own thread, called make the adventure? It wouldn't be about competing to get something, it would be about working with your fellow posters to complete the quest for the crystals of the locket. That might be better.

11-27-2010, 12:27 PM
a mysterious figure appears at night and creeps into the shop .The figure silently disables the alarms and cuts through the glass ,stealing the gold in the procces and hides in a air vent and then ends up in the outside of the building and escapes into the night like a unseen bat . iBubek wakes up in the morning to find to his horror the gold gone and in its place a note that said
"the game is never over"

11-27-2010, 03:10 PM
Yeah, I think that might be better iBub. I won't start another thrad because people will just complain that there's been threads like these and why not do "Grab the Gold" and yeah, would be too much of a pain anyway. But I understand, I
''ll just cut it short here and continuerandomly stealing the gold but selling the gold into multiples will ruin this game.

Anyway.......since vezon didn't do away with the other copies, I obliterate the other gold(again) and slap >Er for thinking of selling the gold with bubzee. He forgives me and then I knock him out. I hear iBub coming, I don't know what to do so the first thing that comes into my mind is to change souls so I do it with >Er. iBub sees me knocked out and wakes me up. He says ">Er! We've done it, we've caught him. I, but in >Er's body with >Er's voice says "Good, what about that vezon...". "My guard has taken care of him." says iBub. The giant guard comes in, holding vezon, who is unconscious. Vezon is taken to teir little dungeon and the gold is given to iBub. It is still night and now that my original body and vezon are caged and iBub's guard stays up just incase. I go to the guard and say "Hey, where'd the gold go, we have to keep it safe." He then says "Duuuuuuuuhh......let's see......" and he turns to the side. While he's turning to his side, I throw a blast at him with a twig while trying to say unpronouncable nonsense and his soul switches with vezon. He's awake in tis body and I say "Now, let's get our bodies back.

While we are, I explain that I'm dragon and the whole switchamehsoulamajig. We each get a body and carefully go into bubzee's room and take the gold but then a cat pops out of nowhere and makes a weird meow which wakes iBub up. I throw a pillow at the cat which then yells and runs away, breaking through the glass window and never to be seen for a while....iBub gets a dagger out but then another cat pops out which distracts him and I take his dagger and throw it at his leg. He screeches in pain and falls to the ground. We discover a giant garage and find a jet, te same kind I found out how to fly a while ago, that just fits 3. But before we go in, I switch my souls with >Er, he's dazed and confused, then I switch souls with vezon and the guard and the guard says "Huh?" and then sees us coming at us. I kick his leg, tripping him and get vezon and >Er in and iBub running at us. I then throw a smoke bomb at his direction and he's trying tog et through the smoke. I jump into the jet with >Er, vezon and the gold but then befoe I close it the cat that ran away jumps in and we fly off, breaking his garage door before it opens.

So yeah, it's me, an artist, a vezon, some gold and a cat. xP

11-27-2010, 04:00 PM
Aha, but that cat was my spy! :devious: When you reach a steady cruising speed, my cat knocks out vezon and >er with his ninja paws. DV, however, has fast reflexes, and dodges the cats paws of annihilation! An EPIC battle begins, all in the jet that is flying on auto. Punches and slaps are passed around for a few hours.

Meanwhile, back at the factory, I have healed, with the use of my miracle potion(?). I laugh at you guys for taking the crappy jet with no firepower. I take the jet right next to it, because it is one with the best of radar cloaking technology, and has immense firepower! I catch up to vezon, >er, dragonvarsity, and my cat, and the war begins! By now both DV and the cat are badly hurt, after all that fighting. Also, you've been flying for hours, with a heavy load, and your puny jet starts to run out of juice. Bruno hastily grabs any gold he can, and ejects from the jet. I open a hatch in my jet, and he lands safely inside. DV is now panicking, trying to wake the unconcious >er and vezon. Desperate, he decides to leave them behind, and ejects. I lock onto him with my state-of-the-art tracking technology. I fire a missile. It hits DV. It's not a pretty sight. Then, I see parts of him plummet to the ground. To make sure he doesn't regenerate, I destroy every last bit of him. Then, his soul comes at me! A light blue puff comes into the jet, and possesses the cat. He swipes at me madly. I pin the cat(DV) to the floor.SMACK! The puff comes out of the cat, and heads for me! I grab a pickle jar(handy), empty it out, and point it at the puff. DV's soul becomes trapped inside of the jar!

The jet with >er and vezon starts to fall. >er wakes. He feels light, as if gravity had been lessesned. Then he looks outside. He's falling! He slaps vezon, who then wakes. When he realizes what's happening, he screams! The two hug each other, knowing that they will soon die. Vezon however doesn't like hugs, and pushes away. Then, it happens. Their souls come at me, after their bodies are gone. Once again, I trap them in the jar. I now have three souls in mah pickle jar. I cast a spell on the jar, to never be opened. After a while, I land my jet, and go to bed, with the jar under mu pillow, never to be opened.

I resume my business, by myself!

11-27-2010, 04:34 PM
Unless you choose to open it...

When I tripped the guard, he fell on the ground, knocking some common sense into him. While you have the souls in your jar, you take a nap but then you hear the guard coming. What's wrong, John?" you ask. But then you see him pointing a gun at you. "Open the jar or I kill you and blow up your palace. I already have the bombs placed all around here and I'm willing to kill us both." "Fine, I'll open it", you say. You speak a weird languagae for a second and then it opens and all 3 of our souls come out. He snatches them and then he says "Nice doing buisiness with you." He then knocks you out and picks you up then places you far away because he's not all evil. He then unlocks the basement which has the labaratory. Whenever there's a new prisoner, he takes some blood from them. He finds the cases and put them in the beds with the spirits, I guess it's a different way of doing it. All three of us come back from being killed............................................ ...again. We then go to iBub's last working jet, check that everything's okay and make sure he doesn't have any other dang cats. His one that was with us died but then I see a cat army coming. We kill all of them and then check all around the plane and fly off. Then while we're in the sky and it's now day, the guard presses a button and all of iBub's building completely explodes(Don't worry, you're far away..) including the labaratory.

We're now going above the sea but then I look over to see a missile from iBub coming straight at us. Luckily none of us are harmed but the plane will be going down soon and we're running out of gas anyway. This jet is a lot bigger and I look around to see only 3 parachutes with four of us. I give one to the guard who's piloting, one to >Er and one to vezon. "What about you Dragon?" says the others. "Don't you worry.", I say. I get a parachute I've been hanging onto since page 26 and accidentally left back at the lab so yeah...it didn't fall into the ocean when iBub killed us. We all jump out and use our parachutes, safely landing on the island. Also, just incase, I make sure the guard has the gold and he does.

I hear >Er scream, not only because iBub's coming to this island on a giant seamonster but behind him is a gigantic book coming saying "Stop using teamwork!". So I bring my hand up which lifts the seamonster up and iBub is hurled upwards and lands in the trees and has some bruises but is okay...I then bring the seamonster down and say "G'day, sorry about that. You can leave now.". It swims far away and iBub whines saying he was gonna have it eat us with that. I then blow a hole in the rulebook but still have to follow it so.....I take the gold away from the guard. Vezon takes iBub to the ground and punches him some after killing him. >Er says "Hey, I gotta make some background desgins for Fatal Fantasia so I'm gonna go be in that bush....". He then runs to the bush and then I see the guard get impaled by a spear by the biggest mutant I've ever seen, that is the size of around 9 feet tall. The guard dude fall to the ground, dead and iBub screams, curling up in a ball. I then kick iBub when he curls up in a ball and he hits the creature's face and he lands on the ground. But then more start coming...

11-27-2010, 05:21 PM
I RUN FOR MAH DEAR LIFE!(after snatching the gold back) I then realise that I, and everyone else is surrounded by the mutants. I get mad at DV, for getting us all stuck here. DV just stares at the mutants, petrified. Even though I hate him, something inside tells me to help out Dragonvarsity. I grab him, and drag him over to a cave, where we are somewhat safe. The mutants get mad, and try to break into the cave. However they are too big and finally give up. Then they spot some new targets.

>er and vezon are surrounded. Vezon hurls a rock at one of the mutants, who then catches it and throws it at >er. >er dodges out of the way, right into the hand of another mutant. He screams! Vezon, too scared to help >er, runs for his life! He finds the cave, and enters. There he finds me and DV. Dragon has just woken up, and is in pain. "You owe me one!" I shout. I saved you out there, so in your next post, we're on the same team!(???) Vezon ignores us and screas"We're gonna die!!!!!!!!!" He then calms down and takes a nap.

>er is still outside, dangling above the mutants big maw. He kicks and screams, to no avail. But then, his shoe comes off, and falls on the ground. The Locket! The mutants flee, all but the smallest one. It shivers, then explodes, leaving behind a big blue gem. >er runs to the cave, grabbing the gem. "Look what I got guys!" Then, the mutants return, now a lot angrier...

This should be a book! :p

11-27-2010, 06:16 PM
we find a back door and leave a sackboy plushie in its place to distract the creatur we then find a tangle of of trees and rest there dragont then "screams i need me gold" we all glare at i bubek . His eyes dart back and fourth hey runs but is tackled by >er me and dragon watch the brawl "should we do something " dragon asks , i say "u can " . So he goes in stop the others and when they are all calmed down ,dragon asks where the gold is i bubek reaches into his pockets and finds nothing they all gasp they all turn around to find Vezon missing.they each check there pockets but only dragon has something, a crystal with a note attached "top hats really help hide gold ;) "

11-27-2010, 06:25 PM
((ahh I see yer a Bionicle fan!))

Ragnarok returns from a portal to the catch the gold thread, he looks the situation and realizes that Vezon has the gold!. Ragnarok summons Kardas dragon and mounts on him, they suddenly find Vezon running with the gold! Vezon turns back and looks at the dragon

Vezon: Hey! that's my pet!

Ragnarok: Not anymore, same for your gold!

Ragnarok uses his magnetic glove and takes the Gold, he then runs and hides the gold in the volcano of voya nui where Umbra the lightning entity will protect it as he did with the mask of life!

11-27-2010, 06:32 PM
oh you wanna play it that way do ya well ok then , i summon the mask of life from the back of my head and as i go down the stairs i see toa and piraka swarming the entrance and watch as Umbra is overwhelmed i decided to have some fun . So i get my spear of fusion out and shoot the mass of people and watch as they all turn into 1 giant monster i send the giant in to "play " with Karads as he bucks you off i then you my laser vision to knock you uncounsciess . you wake up to find all of the toa dead ,same withe the piraka .kardas is goneand the gold. burned into the ground is a letter ...........V

11-27-2010, 07:08 PM
I go and visit my good friends the dark hunters and offer them a reward of 200 #2 cross sticks (they are really useful for them you don't know how much they need them from time to time), the shadowed one, Nihdiki and Kreeka go in their hunt for the gold. They find Vezon trying to hide the gold in lands of karzahni and they begin a fight, in the meanwhile I take the gold and run to Mata-nui, my good old friend makuta will protect it himself while guarded by the rahkshi and an army of bohrok!

11-27-2010, 07:18 PM
your using old Mukata eh? well time to wake mata nui i send Kardas off as a false trail while i go decided to find some "friends ". i arrive at the gates of to Mukata's lair with dragon , Ibubek and

11-27-2010, 07:23 PM
Ahh y'kno that tkua's glider is made of dead rahkshi right?, Ragnarok jumps on the vehicle as Vezon is trying to escape with the gold, he then take out the mask of life from Vezon's head and use it to revive the Rahkshi that were used in the construction of the glider and then start attacking, Ragnarok takes the gold and launches it to the sun where it melted and will never will be found again!!!

11-27-2010, 07:26 PM
Too many names I don't understand *.* Yes, I had those original bionciles but I forget the names. Also, no offence vezon but your second to most recent post is a bit confusing imo. Oh and Bubzee, I thought we were gonna end the gem thing....kay. Anyway, I'm utterfy confused how I owe iBub after saving him from being attacked by a giant book, letting his cat have a ride, not killing him in my last post and having him have an okay land on this island, but kthxbai. Meh, I get out of the cave and save >Er and stick him in the cave and give him the internet connection power to work on Fatal Fantasia now.

Now let's see....Ragnarok went to Matahooy which has some creature thingamajig named makuhtuh which will protect the gold yet the makuhtuh will be guarded by rockshee and heir friend borawks...........I've already layed some traps and some of the bowrawks and rocksheefall in them and use this catapult I stole from some mutants that are now dead and hurl some giant rocks at these creatures. The rest flee away and now to abttle the makuhtuh. I freeze the makuhtuh with of course...a freeze ray! I then get the gold and then hurl another rock at the frozen matuhkuh and it breaks into pieces. Then I leave this paphooey, I mean, Matahooey and then pass out by all these confusing names.

11-28-2010, 02:31 AM
vezon appears out of nowhere and screams randomly at a rock and then dragon stops to see what he is doing . Vezon smiles as his plan works........Dragon comes even closer .............just a bit more ........dragon is almost touching the rock with a look of confusion on his face ......vezon then whips around and fires his spear of fusion , and says to dragon as his body morphs to stone ,turning him into a statue "its just business , friend " and grabs the gold and dashes away on his boat leaving every one else on the island as he sails off with his shiny gold .

11-28-2010, 03:51 AM
So I'm trapped in stone................what did you expect, for me to magically get out?


Oh yeah, lucky for me, it turns out vezon accidentally got the cheap kind of stone spell which doesn't really turn someone into stone but instead casing them in a stone shield of whatever pose they were in when being stoned......*achem* Anyway, a mutant comes opening the stone around me and getsout a knife but before it can stab me with it I spit in it's eyes then break open the stone at where my legs are and then kick him then steal his dagger and get out of the rest of the stone. I then jump from one mutant crocodile to another, making it to the boat without getting wet. I then throw some lizards at people's faces on board and find vezon holding two bars of gold saying "Guess wich one's the real one." I steal two of them, get both crushed easily and take the real gold in his back pocket. Nice try, thanks for not killing me by the way whether it was or wans't on accident.

I then see an army of mutant mongooses coming after us with their leader commanding them, sitting on a cloud seat, floating toward us with the mongooses and he screams "It is I, R-"

11-28-2010, 04:22 AM
wow if only we knew who that was i said intrupting him now about that gold , dragon then turns around and starts beating me in the face with a fish and screams for LBG ;) (inside joke) he then does a back flip onto the railing and says to Vezon "the end is only the begining ". a giant monguse then falls on him and the gold bouces toward Vezon and says we shall meet again dragon and then takes the submarine escape pod......

11-28-2010, 05:02 AM
But what he doesn't realize is that im in the escape pod, talking to dragon, with his head facing away from me, I quickly be a ninja and meld into the shadows!
after about 3 minutes you arrive at your underwater lair inside a whale. yum :rolleyes:

I follow him to his HQ, making sure to make note of my exact footsteps, should I need an emergency route.
after he arrives at his HQ I strike, kicking vezon in the jaw and I quickly grab the gold, sprinting out the door with vezon's guards on me at hot pursuit, grabbing hold of a low railing, I swing myself up onto a roof, hopping roof tops like that random guy in that game... whats it called ;)
finding the escape pod I quickly throw myself inside, closing the door in the process, and swiftly escape from the whale, I am now in the middle of the ocean, somewhere.

11-28-2010, 06:06 PM
to bad you did not know i had a remote controlled self destruct button in my evil lair . i press the button and send my giant whale/ hq to get the gold i see you(
apparently your uncounsciess) so i order the guards to put you away in the prison hold while the whale opens his mouth and the gold comes right back to me and i then decide to go watch a movie

12-01-2010, 11:18 AM
*back to the cave* when >ER then sat there drawing backgrounds he suddenly got some free time and logged into msn... he noticed he had 2 new messages, one containing some random message about someone that liked his facebook status. and another from his dead gandma! shocked by the facebook mail he runned out of the cave and met up with a mutant D: it was big as a carrot! he stomped the carrot and a genie appeared, the genie told >ER about vezon having the gold in his little tv room.

>ER then got 10 wishes and wished for a big gun, bag of candy, a helicopter, a new girlfriend, clean underpants, the gold, and gave the rest of the wishes to a squirrel.

>ER entered the cave again and hacked into the LBSMB.com database (LittleBigSecretMilitaryBase.com)

now he had controll over the entire LittleBigSecretMilitarybase! he send two homing missiles towards vezon's HQ! and continued his work with backgrounds... after that he computerised the gold and send it out through the internets to a secret base.

(lol i actually never bothered reading all the rest, correct me if i forgot something xD)

12-01-2010, 06:24 PM
(Don't worry, that was awesome and the wish part was hilarious xD)

I'm still at vezon's base, let's see, I was beating him up and then hunted took the gold, I chatted with him but then he left and vezon's guards got him and the gold and vezon watched tv....yup I'm still here then. I decide to get on a labtop I had brought with me and I see te gold passing through the internets. I summon some evil cookies and worms to track it and bring it to me. One cookie, a chocolate chip to be precise, had gotten the gold and gotten it out of the computer, thus not having it make it to the secret base. I take the precious gold and happily walk toward the exit while also hiding the gold but then I hear a crash and look out to see a godzilla sized squirrel holding a lamp with the number 3 on it. Oh boy......... *.* It has a cute, deep voice and it says "Thanks for the lamp >Er. As for the rest of you, DIE!"

12-02-2010, 03:02 AM
But what dragonvarsity didnīt noticed, it wasnīt the real gold, i sended a giant cookie, to steal the gold and the take it to me, then i went up my helicopter and scaped.

12-02-2010, 01:18 PM
....until the giant squirrel saw you and did a super jump catching the helicopter with both hands, completely crushing it, taking the REAL gold out and flinging the helicopter far, far away. I then accidentally drops the gold and I manage to grab it. The squirrel then whispers something to itself and I see hunted jam out of his prison cell and hit a missile at the squirrel, making it crash down and die. I then yelled to hunted but then I see vezon look over to the lamp..........hunted, veon and I start running for the lamp and I throw some blocks in their way making them have to go around or climb over. I go to it and pick it up and then I look over to see vezon and hunted running away. wow, guess they're really scared of this lamp....I then look behind myself to see a stampede of godzilla sized squirrels running toward us. So that's what the squirrel's final wish was....I look to see the number 2 on the lamp and then run for the hills, holding both the gold and the lamp.

12-03-2010, 12:58 AM
But, when the squirrel crushed the helicopter, i died and turned into a ghost, flied where dragonvarsity, I scared him(and he cheesed on hes pants hahaha!), he ran for his life(with gold and lamp still in hand), I became invisible and took the gold, I flied away with a shaman that magically turned me back into a sack, then i ran for my life so
dragonvarsity couldnīt catch me!

12-03-2010, 02:48 AM
Dang cheese slipped again. I knew I shouldn't have covered it in ham and butter. Life Lesson: Never trust Paula Deen when cooking. I see the gold floating, must be ALEX but then as soon as he picks it up, he doesn't noticed it then drops since he's a ghost...I get the gold and apparently according to the post, he flew far, far away. ^_^

I then arcadeize the gold and put it in.............Tekken. You're gonna have to beat the characters first to get the gold back. :D

12-03-2010, 11:38 PM
So I hacked the game so I could defeat everyone just by staring at them, I Get the gold and then I eat it so they can never find it... LOL!

12-04-2010, 01:37 AM
Them? Anyway....you eat the gold which kills you. I then dissect you and get it. Easy Peasy, now, to get off this ship. ;) Also, according to a post a long time ago, you need a 25 killstreak just to get a nuke, just imagine how many you'd need for 1 game hack.

12-04-2010, 01:43 AM
So... GHOST AGAIN? NO, now i turned into an angel and sent the GIANT ARMY OF ANGELS to take the gold from you, then take it to me (because angels can hold solid objects, not like ghosts), and ate it again, and i couldnīt die because i was dead already...

12-04-2010, 01:47 AM
When you turn into an angel, the angels welcome you and you take the gold from me and try eating it. They warn you several times you do not want to eat this gold but you ignore them and eat it anyway. You then turn into a bale of hay and fall back to the ground. I put my hand in the bale and get the gold and transport the bale to a farm. I then fly home, holding the only real on in this game, teh gold which happens to be not even close to the farm you were transported.

12-04-2010, 01:52 AM
Ok, so the farmer pulled out a magic trick (by some reason) and turned me into a sack again (oh, boy) and I took his tractor and tured it into a ULTRA MAEGA GIGANTIC MECHA
with a forum game gold magnet, I splated Dragonvarsity and took the gold, and stored it into a locker inside a box inside another locker, because I didnīt want to die again for gold intoxication...

12-04-2010, 02:02 AM
Splated? :cry: That doesn't sound good.....hey.....there's no definition for splated. I've been tricked. I find the farmhouse and get to your room while you're gone and pick at the lock and know the code because you had it written on a piece of paper in your drawer. I then open the box, use the same code for the locker inside the box and then find the gold. I see a farmer come to me saying "Where's meh tractor?". I then make him close his eyes and have a tractor appear outside. I then yell, pretending to be surprised and tell him to come here. He then gets excited as it's better than his other, I then hand an instruction manual and vanish for ALEX comes back to his home.

12-04-2010, 05:01 AM
Manual? I look at it, it is actually a map for Dragonvarsity's current location, I say goodbye to the farmer and go where Dragonvarsity, I stand in front of him and say: "Look! An alien!" Dragonvarsity looks back and I take the gold.

12-04-2010, 01:41 PM
I look away believing him and he doesn't look but instead runs off. I actually do see a giant U.F.O. coming down, straight at me. I duck but ALEX doesn't as he's running off and when it's behind him it lowers below his feet and then goes up putting him on it. He looks behind him and screams at the sight of aliens. You desperately try hanging on and the driver swings the vehicle around, trying to fling you off. You try hanging on but the gold does fling off in my direction. I see it and manage to grab it. And then I see more U.F.O's coming...

12-04-2010, 05:18 PM
Then I make an alliance with the aliens, ask them for nukes and a flying saucer to chase Dragonvarsity, first i shoot a cyber-thingy-shield at the gold, but the shield doesnīt cover Dragonvarsity, i shoot a nuke to him, he evaporates and I use a giant claw to take the gold, desinfect it and store it into a chest inside the skeletonīs chest.

12-04-2010, 09:34 PM
I see the nuke being preapred to be launched and I find an evaporating bag in a compartment(I'm still outside on the U.F.O. but it's in a compartment where I can open from outside) and set it to human evaporation. And as the nuke is coming, I hop to another U.F.O. with meh gold and then it flies far away as a friend is driving it. I then realize I hadn't taken the real gold, I took the fake one that looked exactly like the real one which I was gonna leave behind to trick him, d'oh! My friend slows down the U.F.O. with me feeling nautious, after getting better we both ride inside the U.F.O. but first fill er up. After some searching, we find the one ALEX was on.(we had known this since it was different from the others, it was a PURPLE U.F.O.) It's on the ground since they decided to fly around and do some spins not thinking of the tank of gas.

I sneak over to the U.F.O.trying to not be seen. I then find the door and hear someone coming so I just stay next to a door and an alien guard comes and then I come up from the side and put my mouth over him and whisper "Keep quiet, I'm just here for an item your friend has." My friend sneaks by over here, taking the alien just incase. I then place a little object onto the door before opening which removes the creaking door sound.(Couldn't afford a non creaking door.) I hear him vomit from being on the outside of the U.F.O. just like I had been and then I hear a shower running. This is when I start, quietly walking around to find the gold. I spot the gold in a skeleton's chest but ALEX might hear me even with the water running of trying to break it open so I slowly take it with me and get out.

12-06-2010, 12:25 AM
Ok... I was taking a shower, but I forgot to turn on the auto-pilot... DOH! So ,the saucer keeps flying, after Dragonvarsity scaped, the saucer crashed at India, where I found a magic lamp, the geinie came out and said: Oh boy, 1000 years in there! Thanks for setting me free! You have 3 wishes.
1-I wish I had Dragonvarsityīs gold!
2I wish I had a ULTRA MEGA SUPER GIANT JET that worked with solar energy!
3-I wish for a taco, chasing Dragonvarsity made me hungry!

So I scaped to my secret base at China with te gold!

12-06-2010, 12:58 AM
Silly rabbit, remember how I had gotten the lamp from the godzilla squirrel that still had 2 wishes? :rollseyes: I take it out and wish to have infinity wishes but be really specific for them to not be harmed and to use whenever, wherever and can't be used if possessed by someone else that was evil or only I could use it and so on. Now that I've got tons of wishes, I wish for the gold, take us to the future and to never ever wish on this thread I mean where's the fun in just being able to wish something gotta be creative :arg: So the lamp is obliterated and so are the rest.

12-07-2010, 07:55 PM
So, I use my jet to go where Dragonvarsity, I chat with him, and convince him to do peace, and he gives me the gold for christmas gift!

12-08-2010, 05:02 AM
Then, since there is no Santa, I climb down the chimney and, while you're asleep, steal the gold and tie you to the radiator and move anything you can use to get away out of reach by a foot. Then I take the gold to my base on the moon and fire my lazer, destroying the earth. Ha, NOW try and get it, loser!

12-09-2010, 09:30 AM
Then, Santa who really does exist =L slides down the chimney of your base, and my little robot jumps out, grabs the gold while you're sleeping, and escapes in Santa's sleigh to hitchhike back to my TARDIS ^^

*time travels 1000 years to the city of futurama*

12-09-2010, 02:46 PM
....and while you were taking the gold from Super, I managed to get myself hidden in a box on the firefly :p I then pointed a gun at them to let me get a spacesuit and get off safely and I did. Then I hid in the back of Santa's sleigh and looked over to see a giant, evil creature named FOX destroy the firefly and in that area the words "CANCELLED" showed up.

I hear santa coming so I duck back down and I can see santa not wearing a spacesuit so maybe it's because a radius of the sleigh that lets us breath...magic. but then, after remembering a bit of Doctor Who, I realize we're in the radius of the tardis letting us breathe. So that's how that guy n that episode was alive while hanging onto the top of the tardis... I still keep my head ducked down and santa and the bot jumps into the tardis with the gold. They close their door and the sleigh's left here. I'm guessing he'll come back to get it. I take the space suit off but take out a little chip, press the button on it and all the space suit stuff is sucked into it and I then keep it in my pocket and then zip the pocket up. I then hang onto the top of the tardis and they start traveling around space but then a dalek ship appears. It fires, making a hole in the top of the tardis near me and then another fires near and another. I then slip through a hole into the tardis and more beams fire, or is the tardis strong enough to resist being broken from lazor beams, oh well, never heard it wasn't.

A madeup holiday character, a little robot and garfield (or whatever your charact eris) look to me wondering what I'm doing here and I see the doctor tied up and then I look to Dayne and he has the sonic screwdriver pointed to me. Another beam's fired and the tardis is spinning out of control. I look out to see FOX coming to us, uh-oh, don't cancel doctor who :cry:

12-10-2010, 01:06 AM
So, when SuperDork fired the laser, I got blowed up to CraftWorld, luckly I had a paper bag in my pocket and I used to breath when SuperDork tied me up, so I survived being out in space. At CraftWorld I create a mini ship with enough space for two sackpersons and the gold, I fly where Dragonvarsity and take him out of Santaīs sleigh (because I knew he wouldnīt resist much time there...), he is so happy he gives me the gold as christmas gift... again.

12-10-2010, 12:29 PM
ALEX is still on craftworld but me friend slipped some stuff in it, making him loopy thinking there's a santa sleigh in outer space floating next to a tardis...okay ya got me. Anyway, I'm still in the tardis like I said and the gold's in the sleigh...You find the sleigh and find a stuffed doll version of me and the gold. For some, weird reason you think it's the real deal so you take the gold then you rip the doll apart <_<

So where am I? Well, the tardis is spinning out of control meaning it's far away and now we're crashing into......Hurflapio, a planet that we'll learn a lot about soon....or someone will just blow it up and we'll find somewhere else.

12-11-2010, 12:45 AM
So, do I still have tha gold, ok, so iīll make like the gold incidentally got into the shipīs cannon and was shoot to Hurflapio (which is a purple planet), Then the real Dragonvarsity found it, but he was breathing from a paper bag, because Hurflapio is got no oxigen, I rescue him and he gives me the gold as hannukah gift, unfortunately iīm not jewish, so he decides to give it to me for birthday gift, so he doesnīt have to give me a gift in may the 2nd...

12-11-2010, 02:18 PM
Well, tardis sorta crashed so I don't need paper bag sicne I'm in it's radius but I do need a spacesuit to get out of it, cause a paper bag isnt airtight sealed. Also, enough givin you stuff so I take it back cause its part of the game oh and another thing, tardis doesn't have a cannon last I checked but I'll go with it. I go back to what's left of the tardis to see the bot was crushed by part of the tardis and we're standing by him as he says his last words while greedy ALEX comes over to try to steal the gold. I tell him this is an important moment and he should not interrupt it and then seconds later the robot dies. we then look over to see a sandstorm heading our way. I pick up the gold and see if the tardis can still work but it's broken, ALEX pulls out a red tardis, it gets shoop da woopd into the sandstorm by some cyclops and then I see a jet coming down. Dayne and ALEX grab spacesuits but santa stays there. I hop into the jet and then Dayne and ALEX get in and some guy's piloting it. We look from the window when in the sky to see santa fighting the cyclops...

Anyway, because I know how much I love teamwork and ow much this game doesn't.............this is really an old ship and breaks apart in two, crashing into the sea. The water's black......odd.......well, we're all alive and I see the gold's by me. I swim to a factory on an island, holding the gol and encounter an old man with goggles on his face.

12-18-2010, 03:36 AM
Arg! Too much words! I'll just take the gold thank you very much!

12-20-2010, 07:26 PM
Arg! Too much words! I'll just take the gold thank you very much!

Kay, I just hope everyone doesn't start doing it just because people spend even more of their time to try writing big stories. Anyway....

I'm guessing you're the creepy old man with the goggles who then took my gold. He then runs away so I chase after him. I then see mechanical arms on his back. Oh............crap. He then gets tangles in webs and a guy in a red and blue suit comes down =, spewing webs from his arms and snatches the gold. I run after him and he doesn't notice and I then see him come back to the ground and walks into a building and putting on my invisibile cloak I carried with me, I go into the building quietly nd he goes up the stairs. I wait for a while and then slowly walk up the stairs I quietly follow and then quietly gfacepalm myself I take out another object when he's far away and spray it all over me. I then continue walking up without producing a sound. I folow him to the top of the building and I see him and a Green Lanten, trading the gold for a GL ring. As GL enters, I take off my cloak. Spidey sees me but then I knock him out. I run out of the building and see a /green Lantern. He says "Ha, try and stop me!". Then as I run toward him he points his arm toward me and notices the ring's gone he says "Crap" and then I knock him out also. I already took the ring back there and have the gold too.......and I'm on Comic planet o_0

12-29-2010, 04:50 AM
Whilst cruising in my uber-colossal star destroyer manned by killer ninja gnomes, I saw the cosmic planet and thought it would be a nice place to stop for a picnic break with all my ninja gnomes. We landed to be confronted by a guy with a gold bar and a ring. We invite him to our picnic and then we push him down a hill. We quickly run to the ship to get some more food and to peg it before the angry guy returns to the top of the hill. I then saw the gold bar and I thought "I can haz?" so I assembled my toy boat and my rubber ducky and had a bath. Whilst I was having a bath, my killer ninja gnomes were assaulting the grand castle that was 5 times bigger than the one in Lord of the Rings and had a gold bar perched on top of it. By now I had finished having my bath and in my bath robe I guided the star cruiser to the top and picked up the gold bar with a pooper scooper and then told my ninja gnomes to retreat.

We then flew off and lived happily until someone else posted a comment about how they were planning on getting mah gold!

12-30-2010, 03:56 AM
Ha! i have a private gold myself! >:3

12-30-2010, 11:55 AM
After a tip off about ultracario's private gold I set coordinates for his dimension and then warped there in lightning speed. I landed on his home planet and told my killer ninja gnomes that they will be honoured in battle with an afterlife in the garden of Eden. They quickly waddled off to find the gold while I booted up LBP to continue a level that I probably would never complete (:blush:) my gnomes had sneaked into ultracario's underground super evil rubber ducky shaped hideout and found out that he was sleeping and had left his gold on the table. So they sneaked in on the ceiling and then grabbed the gold. Also they took his flatscreen tv and his ps slim and changed his order for lbp2 to a years supply of dog food. Good ol killer ninja gnomes. They arrived back at my ship and put the bar of gold next to the other and I set out on my voyage to get everyone's gold and copies of lbp2! Mhwhahaahaha!

That is all.

12-30-2010, 12:23 PM
NOOO! MY DUCK BASE! NOO! MY FLATSCREEN! NOO! MY, wait, i havent ordered lbp2 yet (didnt have enough money, but now i have enough for collectors edition, so i might order that) or a slim.

good thing i probed a tracking device on one of your killer ninja thingies and snuck into your secret base, phew, that was alot of lasers ._., anyways, i found the gold and was lucky enough to guess the password correctly at the door. and then i teleported with the gold..... right after i nuked the base

12-30-2010, 01:32 PM
but ultralucario was in a lot of rush when he used his teleport device, so heended up coming into my kitchen, while i was eating spaghetti. i noticed the gold he was carring so i took my fork and i cuted his... hair (dont ask me how, it requires years of practice). when he noticed he went like "OMG, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ASWOME MOEHAWK" and he left my house crying, but he forgot his gold :)
so now it is MINE!

12-30-2010, 03:36 PM
I dont have a mohawk....

maybe it was someone else.


12-30-2010, 06:36 PM
Whilst Ultralucario was sneaking round Nosemomkey's base, I followed him and managed to track his teleport coordinates. As he stops teleporting, he arrives in a clearing in a forest, not in Nosemomkey's kitchen, 'cause that was a diversion that I teleported in to keep him busy :devious: Hihihihi.... Anyway, Ultralucario doesn't notice me behind him until I kick him in the small of the back. He falls to the floor, but turns over and sees me. He jumps up and lashes out with an absolutely stunning ariel kick, which smashes me into the ground up to my waist. He picks up a hammer that happens to be lying around on the floor, and prepares to smash me to a pulp... BUT! I use my awesome magic powers (yes, I has dem ^^) to give the trees around us life! The now-conscience trees rise up from the ground, and grab Ultralucario with their writhing roots. The life is squeezed out of him, but I stop the trees just before his crushed rips puncture his lungs. The trees drop him, breathless, unconscious, broken, onto the ground, and then return to their original places. I pick up the gold, and then summon a cloud to take me to my secret cave in the outer regions of inner Cheddar.

12-30-2010, 07:54 PM
While wandering around in the dank regions of inner Cheddar I happened upon a strange cloaked fellow, riding on a cloud, with an oddly suspicious smile. I noticed a shimmer of light coming from his pocket and decided to investigate. As we approached what seemed to be his lair, I decided it was time to act, I quickly whipped out my Solar-Powered Hydro De-Atomizer 5000 (only 4 easy payments of 59.99, *wink, wink*) and dissipate the cloud he is riding on, I figure I have the job done, when he is caught by a tree, literally caught, almost as if the tree were alive... I turn around and to my horror, an angry forest full of Cheddar flavored forest friends are ready to take me out! At this awful sight, I played a righteous harmonica solo, hypnotizing the animals, causing them to turn on there controller! To the cloak-oned's surprise, he was overrun by a hoard of angry little animals, where I captured the gold, and enjoyed a nice cheesy snack.

12-30-2010, 08:25 PM
Music soothes the savage beasts!

So. As I lay on the ground, been savaged by small furry beasts and large, not very furry, trees, I manage to look up and notice Jayhawk_er is greedily gazing at the large lump of gold, and nibbling on my cheesy comestibles! Enraged by this, I burst up from my enraged attackers throwing roots, bunnies, shrubberies and a plethora of small animals in all directions. The one who made a false claim on MY gold looks up at me, and startled by the whole general anger blazing from me, leaps up and grabs his Solar-Powered Hydro De-Atomizer 5000, which promptly turns into a large lump of Camembert. I then summon a portal, a swirling void in the matter of reality, and grab him, hurl him into it, and then follow him through. After mere seconds of hurtling through a tunnel of dark darkness and twinkling lights, we emerge into the LBP create mode. I open my popit, rummage through my goodie bag, and pull out my logically optimised 'Beast', a mass of prickling fur, sharp horns, jutting tusks and comical ears. I place it, and then let it wreck havoc on Jayhawk_er's spine. As I glance around, rather smug with myself, I notice that my cloak is in tatters, so, glaring angrily at the pummelled imposter, I repair it. I let out a shrill whistle, much like an owls, and the 'Beast' approaches me, with a lump of gold in it's hands. It hands me the gold, and then returns to it's pummelling. Still smug with my success, I put the gold in my pocket, and prepare to leave create mode. I try to open a portal, but nothing happens...

I have the gold, but I'm stuck in create mode!
And what're you gonna do about it?! =D

12-31-2010, 11:35 AM
And what're you gonna do about it?! =D
just watch and learn ;)
so, i enter LBP and i take a look at my enemies list (i dont have friends, just like chuck norris) and i notice that malyatrax has been in create mode for 14 hours, and it makes me wonder "what is he doing?" so i click in his name and, in the speed of a jayhawk_er eating cheese, im in create mode, where malyatrax has been AFK for loads of time, so i create a big chunk of dark matter 1 feet upon him, lethalized it with fire, and then i changed its material to basic wood, making the big chunk of fire fall and smashing malyatrax...
while he was being smashed to death i aproached him and i slowly took his... besides MY gold, then becouse "nosemomkey has mercy" i deleted the chunk of fire (of course i created a big box around him so he couldnt quit so easily)
then i went to "my objects" and took out a 20 foot tall machine, i inserted my gold and out of the sudden, in the room of the real world i was playing LBP, a big piece of gold falls from the sky
(if you didnt noticed, that machine was just my "teleportron-super-awsome-teleports-gold-and-stuff-2500")
now the gold is mine, and i didnt even left my confortable home :D

12-31-2010, 04:15 PM
Your first mistake: Leaving me alive.
Your second mistake: Not saying something about my nice about my cloak.
Your third mistake: Taking my gold.

I only let my subjects make 3 mistakes, and now you must die, and you will. But patience, I will come for you.

Now. How to escape from the confines of this charming but tedious cardboard box that Nosemomkey confined me in?...
AHAHA! I'll just boot up that handy COPY-FREE BOMMB SURVIVAL that I made ages back. I boot it up, and the level starts. Bombs rain down from the sky ans start blowing holes in the box and the not very well corner edited landscape. Unfortunately, I don't survive.

"If I die in create mode, do I die in the real world too?"
"The body cannot live without the sack."
"NO! Not really! I'm just trying to sound wise and stuff! You'll be fine!"
"Oh right. No worries then!"

I wake up in the real world.
Now, Death shall arrive on swift wings, Nosemomkey...

I invoke a cloud beast, a beast of massive size with a hide of ice crystals and wings of dark slate. I clamber up the side of the creature, and with a snap of my fingers, it wooshes off to track down the gold usurper, with me on it's back.

See, told you there would be swift wings :p

Many days and nights pass, but at last we arrive at the 'room' of Nosemomkey. I say 'room' because that's what he called it, but to the mortal eye it is a towering fortress of dark granite and shady characters, with hyper-crossbows and dragon-cannons adorning every nook and cranny of the very spiky sanctuary. To the trained eye of a magic user however, the outer walls are adorned with chained and tortured souls of victims and enemies past of Nosemomkey. Such fiendishness shall not be unpunished!

I dismount from my cloud beast, and walk up to the front door. 13 feet high, dark black spikes, chained skulls, and a pink, fluffy doorbell. I ignore the doorbell and run straight up the door, thanks to my freerunning skills. I grab the window ledge above me, and pull myself up through the empty panes. Nosemomkey lies on floor, on a rather tasteful multicoloured rug, with MY gold resting beside him. He's asleep, so I sneak towards him, and stomp on his face. Blood spurts from his broken nose, and his eyes dart open looking for his attacker. He sees me and trashes wildly underfoot, but is unable to get up. I take my foot off his face, and cup his head in my hands. I move my head closer to him, and then in hardly more than a whisper, tell him:

"I has gold."

I then gouge his eyes out with my thumbs, a his screams of pain echo across the room. I then chain his hands together and throw him through the window, where he hangs with the other tortured souls. Blind and screaming for eternity...

My gold now.

((Sorry Nosemomkey, it's nothing personal, it's just all for fun.. And the gold.))

01-06-2011, 03:01 AM

*takes gold and runs through the mountains*

01-07-2011, 10:42 PM
funny thing that my "humble" home is in the mountains :p

so, returning to my epic fail way over my home, that ended up with me falling from my window...
you guys think im dead...

you guys are wrong...

so, as i was falling i had 6 seconds to think what to do, in less than 10 seconds my body whould be soulless and my legacy whould end... thats right, i said "WHOULD"!
so as i fell, i noticed that my two loyal knifes of... well, i dont actually remember the name, i bought them 3 years before, and i have way too many stuff to think (like MAH gold :p), but lets just call 'em knifes, so i remember my extra sharped knifes were still in my hands, altough they were tied (well, now that i think of it... it was kind of a dumb mistake dont you think, malyatrax), so, with the speed of the ninja kitty, i cutted in a half the chains that tied my hands, and then i crave them in the wall of the tower of my "home"...
i recall that second that i swiftly slided through them, the wind was going crazy tryin' to push me up, making me drop the knifes and throwing me into a long and painfull death, but my will to get my gold back won that battle and i landed like a gentle...bird...

and now both my gold and my vengeance against malyatrax, that made me get through a big humiliation :devious:

so, after i realised i was still alive and with ebough health to defeat a lion with my bare hands, i whistled loud, and a bit after a big dark horse, with a blood-stained tail met me...
-good boy, rudolf!
i jumped to his saddle, and i went to the eastern mountains with both my knifes and a great courage!
when i arrived to the swamp in the upper part of the mountains, i started to see footprints in the snow, but for my surprise,there were 2 different types of footprints: ones that were large and big, and were already starting to be buried in the snow, and ones that were really small... actually they werent full footprints, becouse the person who marked them went running in fullspeed...
"malyatrax!" i thoke...
so i followed the footprints, and i arrived to a glade with both a yeallow dressed man with MY gold throwing lightning bolts at malyatrax, while he was gently avoiding them with an ironic grin :
-you cant keep it for too long, you will get tired soon!- malyatrax said
-so will you mal, im going to destroy you!-the yeallow guy said
i noticed that both of them were already very weakened, so i stayed in the back of a tree "enjoying the show"...
10 minutes later, the magic metter of the unknown guy was out, but luckily for him malyatrax was too tired to strike back too, so i called upon my earthy powers and out of the sudden, big roots emerged from the ground and they like "hugged" my dear enemies, making them unnable to move, then... when i realised i won, i went to meet them (malyatrax's face was like "OMG HOW IN THE HELL IS IT POSSIBLE!?!?!?!?"), i slowly picked my gold nd i smelt it:
-aaaaaaah, the smell of fresh gold in the morning..."- i said, just to make fun of them
i was going to return to my horse and go to a secret hideout i had in... oh, it is secret, i cant say sorry, and then i realised i didnt talk about malyatrax's awsome cloak, so i returned to his tired body, cutted 1/10 of his cloak, and then i cleaned my forehead with it (it was sweaty)

so long, sackers :p

01-11-2011, 02:35 AM
So, i decided to take a stroll in this beautiful snowland, but i suddenly realized there was a hideout. Look! a hideout? maybe my friend Dragonvarsity is there! Letīs go say hello!-I thougth, so I got in and i saw nosemomkey with a particular piece of gold...
OMG! That is MY GOLD!-I thought. I knocked the door for him to come out. When he came out i said, Hello! arent you interested in buying a vacum? then I punched him in the face and took the gold away! (Back to Tijuana, My home!).

02-15-2011, 03:51 PM
While I was in my room, tide up the place, my vacuum just stopped with it.
I said: Darn you *****.
Then I saw ALEXhatena outside with a vacuum and a piece of GOLD!!!
I ran to him, tickled him till he drops the gold on his feet and shouts!
While he is shouting I put the vacuum in his mouth and putt it on "blow"
As ALEXhatena flies away I run away with the gold and an evil laugh!

03-21-2011, 03:58 AM
So, I went to the hospital after my foot broke.
I had to use a pair of crutches, and upgraded them with rockets and used the Gold Searcher 5000 to find MY GOLD.
While you were sleeping I took the gold (using a pair of sneakers (to sneak(duh))), got enough far for you not to hear the rockets and go home (after a few weeks my foot went better).

03-22-2011, 11:02 PM
after i woke up from my little (2 and a half months... yeah) nap, i found out that my gold wasnt with me, i was like "AWW, COME ON!" :mad:
so i started thinking, that "alex...something" guy was the last person who saw me, so i went straight to MCdonald's, becouse after 2 months of nothing to eat... you get a stomachache :p
so, i while i was going to get my mcflurry, after i ate my 8'th CBO (i was hungry) i found out that TERMINATOR-5050 was in mcdrive, (handing a pair of mcnugget boxes to a 50 year old woman in one of those motored bycicles), i reconised him becouse he was alex's cousin, so i left the building, with a great will to get my gold and the waiter wondering why i didnt want my mcflurry.
When i asked terminator where was alex, he said something like "i wish i knew, when he stole my (actually it is mine, not yours) gold, i broke his feet so he couldnt go far away", i thanked him and i left...
after that i left the fast food restaurant i saw a sharp dressed man crossing the crosswalk (i didnt want to go through that crosswalk becouse some dog left his poop in that crosswalk), so when i finally met that guy up i noticed that he had vacuum material in his hands (i was like "what the sack!?!") so i grabbed his shoulder and i pushed him so i could face him and then i shouted:
he stared away and i gave him a quick soundless punch, he was taking his "afternoon nap" now :p
so i looked around his pockets and i found my gold, i took one of the coins and i went back to mcdonalds and bought another mcflurry ;)

how will you beat me now!?

04-06-2011, 06:37 PM
I wake from my sleep, in the night.
The gold is gone! It's out of sight.

I get on my coat, my rainboots too.
I pick up my shotgun, which is rather new.

Outside I go, then into the truck.
I'll need all my strength, speed and luck.

But there's something about this game you must learn.
Everyone loses their gold, no matter the kind of turn.

You can try making your turn seem strong and cunning.
But the others will come driving, flying or running.

They can use rtmz' logic skillz or the power of Chuck Norris.
They can use futuristic jet planes or even a Tyrannosaurus.

So I begin my turn, even though it is useless.
I go up to nosemomkey, who is now greedy and ruthless.

I take his gold and mcflurry with oreos on top.
But I turn to my left, and see a curious cop.

He comes up to me, wondering what's the deal.
I explain that the gold and mcflurry, he was going to steal.

The cop asks for identification, so I show it to him.
I get out a blank paper, holding it by the rim.

Thankfully it worked, and he apologized for what he thought.
Yes, that was a Dr. Who reference, that through watching I was taught.

It's part of the game, you can do anything here.
You can create a monster, then make it dissapear.

With these possibilities, I clap a hand.
I dissapear, turning to sand.

I am really teleported, with my gold and icecream
to a large forest, where I see a small team

Mutated creatures, still not fairly known.
I recognize them, for they were once shown.

They're smarter than before, when we last met.
I made a deal with them, no needing to fret.

We were allies for now, to help one another
Like a friend, like a partner, or even a brother.

And thus I have gotten the gold, just for now,
ending my turn, so who shall get the gold next, and how?

Sorry for the annoying rhyming, just bored :p

07-25-2011, 05:45 PM
alright buddys, my hunger for gold has risen once again, so, lets revive this thing :devious:

so, like drago explained, once again i was out of gold, and i will explain in detail how, since, drago's poem, though funny and catchy and odd, wasnt as much detailed as my awesome texts :p
so, if you want to know how i lost it see this spoiler right here :)

so, it was friday morning and i was at a bus stop waiting for the next bus that came by so i could return home, then out of the sudden this brown haired girl that was there too ("-she's just waiting for the bus to go to school, ofc" i thoke), starts to sing
as a car of kids who are too young to drive a car stops by while i was like o.0
anyway, those creepy peeps got away, and i waited for the bus, still wondering why was she in the bus stop if the friends picked her up, when this huge guy comes to close to me and just starts searching my pockets for my gold (yeah, it was still there, since i am describing how i lost it), and i was like "-WTF, is everybody crazy today?!", so i said
"-just knock it off, alright, if you do i can give you a little bit of this delicious mcflurry with oreo on top",
and he said :
"-hum, alright..."
as i handed him the mcflurry, feeling like "OMG, im like the best person EVAR!, i even give ice cream to those who dont have it :') ", he morphs into this... "gigantique" beast( that was pretty much a normal greeny dragon, but prefer the way "beast" sounds), and grabs it with such a strength i just couldnt handle so i fainted (yeah, yeah, i know im pretty much a chicken when it comes to dragons, you dont have to say it), when i woke up both my ice cream and my gold were gone...
thats it :(

so after i woke up (did you notice that all my adventures end up with me sleeping :p), i noticed i lost the bus, but it didnt really matter, since there arent buses in ashenlog forest, oh wait, you guys dont know it... alright, i'll explain it in this spoiler, i you can skip it, it isnt necessary for the story :)

every drago-human has the power to teleport to a chosen place, there are four, every single one represents one of the 4 elements of life (sorry if this thing is starting to look like the last airbander, but im running out of ideas :hatsack: ) you can tell wich one is the drago-humans places by the colour of its scales (ya know:
light blue =air = netherfall peaks
red = fire = blastedfire valley
deep blue = water = waterstorm lake
green = nature = ashenlog forest
anyway, thats how it works, arent you just happy you know now? :)

so, as he belonged to netherfall peaks i headed to there, calling forth my loyal rudolph (remember him? no? whatever, im not doing another spoiler! :mad: )
afteri got there these strange creatures that looked like little plants with loads of thorns kidnapped me and took me to that drago-human that stole my gold and i thoke:
"-well, this was easier than i though :)"
so he asked me if i was there for the gold, and i said:
"-no, im here becouse i need the icecream package, since mcdonalds was now doing this monopoly-like game that needed the package's codes"
guess what, he believed (xD), so he took me to the package and asked me to stay for dinner, since i probably was very tired from the jet-lag, i agreed to stay, so i could get the gold during the night... :devious:
after the dinner everybody started this strange party where everybody danced with random plants, i said i had to go to sleep, and after i left the the dinnerroom, (actually dinnercave, it was just a cave :p) found this really bright glade, where two big trees with arms and legs and a moody face where guarding a bag of gold (MY BAG OF GOLD! :moody: ), so i went there and said
"-your boss is calling, he said its your turn to dance with the plants..."

as the trees dont have a brain, they hurried up to the glade where the party's at, and i took my gold and left, hoping to go to my castle and finally get some rest :)

07-27-2011, 02:24 AM
Nosemonkey, Drago, a little too long posts there o_o

I take the gold with my hands and I pelvic thrust to celebrate the revival of this thread.

07-31-2011, 05:05 AM
Terminator relly beated me up, and I got into coma until the revival of this thread. When I woke up, I felt weak for so much time of not eating. So I went to buy some chips, a sandwich and a coffe. After recovering, I saw JspOt crossing the street, and I walked to him to say hello, but I recognized a golden piece of something... my precious! I got to him slowly, and scared JspOt and he dropped my gold. I ran to Canada and hid in a cave where I became friends with a bear family.

08-02-2011, 01:17 AM
The Russians nuke Canada and they find the gold in the ruins. I locate it with a GPS tracking device that I installed in it when I made my first post in this thread and then I summon a giant indestructable pencil to kill anyone in my way.

08-27-2011, 02:38 AM
So, I have already died 3 times in this game. After I die from the nukeing, I wake up in form of a ghost. TIME TO HAUNT EVERYONE! >: D

JspOt gave the gold to GLaDOS, and I wanted to go to Aperture Labs, and I asked GLaDOS to revive me with the powerful ASGR.
Then I get to the storage and try to get the gold.

08-27-2011, 01:53 PM
Not sure how it went from me having the gold and clapping my hands turning to sand to some ugly green dragon having one but...uh-huh......

When Alex entered aperture Laboratories, a robot went up to him saying "How did you get in here? Identification please." He said Ale- and then was knocked out due to the robot's impatience and knowing noone there had a name starting with Ale. He woke up in the first testing area, getting a message from the same robot, not GLaDOS, saying. "Welcome to Aperture Laboratories. You can come in but you cannot come out." A few tests later he's introduced to the portal gun and once grabbing one, he says "YUS!!!!" and started dancing. "The robot said, please refrain from grooving to the beat where we provide no music, except sometimes a relaxing elevator-style music, to soothe the brain for the mentally unstable category of testers."

-Meanwhile, where the real gold was...-

DV: "Here's a piece of mcflurry for you, and you, and of course you too."

To keep the pack in order, we had done things for eachother, making sure the other weren't betraying or anything like that. Knowing the glold wasn't safe, we recreated almost perfect looking replicas of the gold, for each of us to hold. There were eight mutant creatures tat would go, the rest would protect their home. Plus me, that would be nine. I decided to give them all English names, Derek, Natalie, Isaac, Sarah, Nathan, Robert, Bob and Jessica. Due to me, gdn, Zim and some other people taking their jet planes way back, which I made sure to apologize for,we had to take their portal flux imulator, for teleportation, it was their only one, so if we wanted to get back, we'd have to get back some other way. (And the reason I didn't have us all do a sand clap teleportation, well, I had won a special one-time only prize in a cereal box, not in most cereal boxes x])

Due to feeling a bit nice plus as funny as it would be, it wouldn't be too great if Alex had to go through all these tests only to roast in an oven, so on the third to last test, Isaac rigged it to where the whole floor opened for a second, letting Alex fall into a cavern, filled with troll creatures. We let him go from that but he'd still need to hack and slash some of those dudes then of course, find a way out.

09-05-2011, 08:39 PM
*runs away with gold in mouth* XD

09-05-2011, 08:59 PM
Uses grabinator to grab gold cause as everyone here knows lbp things are obviously far more advanced then anything else in existance

09-08-2011, 09:36 PM
Pawnches you for trying to be so smart with a full on Falcon Punch to the jugular, tearing your head from your throat. As everyone else is awfully put off by what they just saw and is too distracted to possibly notice me take the gold, I sneakily put it into my pocket and run off somewhere secret.

Would write more, but I'm too shocked that both of the games I set up are still active

09-08-2011, 09:55 PM
I summon a storm to shock you to oblivion and the gold comes flying from your pocket into my hands.
I then spend the gold on a long sword, and run off into fairy forest. :)

09-09-2011, 04:28 PM
I use my AC brotherhood skills and rip your arms off and slap you with your own hands. I steal his sword and trade it for a bigger piece of gold. I bury it and place a nuke on the bottom. Ha Ha!

09-09-2011, 10:06 PM
I dig a hole to the gold, grab it, then teleport all the way to mars. The nuke activates, blowing up the whole planet. I start mankind all over again, with me as the'ye ruler! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! >:D

09-09-2011, 10:22 PM
I was aslept while you blew up Earth... 2nd time I get to space trough Earth destruction. I survived breathing trough a paper bag, like last time. After I got to mars I crashed in a pile of pillows. And I walked to figtherwindplus's castle, I used my hand as a gun and started screaming BANG! BANG! BANG! But it was just a distraction while anetahXELA (My shadow clone) took the gold. We would meet at the Cannon and Materials stuff where we would take a cannon to the place where Earth was, so we could rebuild it with the materials we got.

BTW, teleporting by yourself is unvalid in this game.

09-10-2011, 12:06 AM
[sorry, thanks for the tip, I'll edit post.]

09-15-2011, 02:17 AM
I'm still at earth, guarding MY gold with my clone and my reliable dinosaur... and portal guns.

09-21-2011, 04:28 AM
I come charging in, guns a-blazin', throwing you and your dinosaur into a frantic scramble. Portals are shot all over the place, accidentally catching your dinosaur and sending him through an endless drop. Using this opportunity, I shove you into the portals along with your dinosaur, thus continuing the drop.

By the time you regain your senses and finally stop the cycle, I'm long gone, with the gold tucked securely under my hat, heading up to Vancouver.

09-22-2011, 02:00 AM
A person dressed as a gigantic penguin mascot sees you, plucks his mouth around you and starts trying to eat you. I see you struggling for the pistol or whatever gun that's supposed to be manly that happens to be in your back pocket but I take off your hat, snatch the gold and put your hat bac on. I run off and neatly wrap it in a box and tie a bow on it. I then put it at the bottom of a giant pit of those weird, colorful balls in that huge cage thing for children. Start digging, folks ;)

09-22-2011, 02:35 AM
I went to the ball pit (don't ask why) to... umm... you know, playing with colorful balls. I threw a ball in air, it hit me in my head, and I noticed it was the gold...
(BTW, who said the gold was round?)
I go to my smelting machine and turn the gold into cube shape, which i like the most!
Then keep it safe... with portal plates.
http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Portal+Plates+You+know+you+want+one+P+credit_8180f 6_2504138.jpg

09-22-2011, 12:09 PM
1. I never said I turned it into a sphere shape, I sai I wrapped it in a present and then had it hidden at the very bottom of the pit, beneath all the toys and stuff, sorry if there was some confusion there though.

2. Your image is broken, at least for me that is, but I'll just assume it's some sort of...plate thingy....to store something under it. ( No, I still haven't played Portal or Portal 2, along many other games, I'll get to them one day..)

Anyway, back to the game.

I unscrew the plate and take the gold out. Then I see a man fiddling with buttons in a control room at the top of the building and thelights start going on and off. I try to get out of sight and start looking for a way out of here.

09-28-2011, 04:52 AM
While snooping around, I notice varsity in front of me. I sneak up on him, knock him out, then t8ke the gold. I then kick whoever was playing with the lights and start AN AWESOME PARTY OF FLASHING LIGHTS... AND STUFF... AND MIRACLES...


09-28-2011, 03:05 PM
While Jsp0t is controlling the AWESOME PARTY OF FLASHING LIGHTS, I sneak up to him and then scare him with my shadow puppets, and snatch the gold he happened to drop as he ran away, into some other corridor of this building.

09-30-2011, 10:19 PM
As varsity looks around, he places the gold on a nearby pad.
I run into some corridor and crash into a button, and the gold appearifies right next to me (the pad was for teleportation)
I don't take notice of the gold, set the station with bombs triggered to blow up in 10 min, and leave the station.

09-30-2011, 11:32 PM
I run into the corridor, snatch the gold and run to Jsp0t before he leaves. I then say "Why good sir, it seems you forgot your bar of gold, it was sitting just over at the teleportation device." He thanks me kindly, but then I knock him out with the gold, lift him onto the back of a truck with some hay as it's about to drive off, and the destination being back where he lives.. Then I wake up everyone else who's asleep in the building, I alert them of the bomb, and they go running off, not caring about the gold. Finally, I flush it down one of the building's "Mighty Toilet Flushing System", which is able to flush something like a bar of gold, and wait out the remaining 3 minutes in a cozy room next door.

10-03-2011, 10:52 PM
I just so happened to fall down a Manhole without a ladder, so I was trapped in the sewers for a bit, so while swimming to an exit, I notice the gold, I then grab it and hide inside an invisible mango on top of my secret lair which is on Skullcrusher Mountain(Which is covered with Wolves, by the way), and just so happens to be under another invisible mango(With special technology to make the mango able to support as much stuff under it as I like), also, in every room in my lair, there's an evil Elephant with a laser gun on it's head, they're all also evil, but will obey my every command!:devious:... Isn't anyone gonna smash me with a/an [insert object here]?

10-06-2011, 03:49 AM
Wish granted.
You are smashed by one of your invisible mangos, which contains the gold.
I find the mango with my mango sensing abilities, and eat it.
The gold is now in my stomach, being digested.

10-06-2011, 03:54 AM
However, I am still inside the Mango, so I shrink myself, then swallow the gold, then climb up to your heart, I then tear a reasonable hole in it, then I tear some holes in your lungs, then I climb up to your mouth, to find that you've died already, so I climb out and regrow back to full-size. I then pick up a mace which was conveniently on the floor, and smash your face until there's nothing left of it. I then climb inside a dog while holding a chicken in the air. The chicken then mutates and becomes the ultimate warrior, and it learns dark magic, and it then makes me, the dog, and itself immortal, and it guards me and the dog.

10-06-2011, 03:57 AM
I come back with another one of my bodies (I have a closet full of clones), which finds the chicken and fries it. I proceed to eat you and the chicken (not the dog) and I pull the gold out of my ear (magic!).

You and the chicken are dissolved by stomach acids.

10-06-2011, 04:02 AM
A-ha! Gotcha! Look at my username: Robo4900, I am a Cyborg-Sack, so I can't be dissolved... Not completely. I then fire flaming Nyan Cats all over the place, causing you to explode in a fiery ball of death, but I come out unharmed, holding the gold, I then put on a new layer of protective Sackboy Knitting, and hide in my Top Secret Location in a Robotic Cactus in the middle of a Retro Games Shop(Redundancy FTW!).

10-06-2011, 01:06 PM
I hear the yelling from far away. I check the timer, sitting on the couch, aa, it's about time...



Nothing happens.

Curious, I look around, then outside, only for a glimpse second to see wires connected from here all the way through a mountain, somehow. I then hear and see the explosion on the gigantic Mountain and see some Robo dude falling down the mountain, only to land in the Forest. I see nyan cats firing in the wrong direction, punt them with a soccer ball, and lift Jsp0t off the ground. I ask him if he can help me get the gold from Robo, and he kindly agrees. We go into the forest,he puts his shoe against Robo's head as he's banged up on the ground. I take the gold from his hand, even though he struggles at first. I cut the piece of gold in half with a gold saw blade Jsp0t had happened to carry around. I then put a helmet on Robo's hand that sends him in the same place at a different time, in which he will meet a nice Blacksmith named Bob.

Once he's teleported there, the helmet turns to coal and can never be used again, it's like a one-shot deal. I insert the time and send him there. With half a piece of gold in my backpack and half in Jsp0t's, we both walk away, in opposite directions.

10-06-2011, 05:37 PM
However, I -- being a high-tech, Robot-thing with artificial intelligence -- time travel back to just as you're walking away, I then fire a laser at you which turns you into a cardboard box. Then, I look at Jsp0t, I shrug, and fire a laser at him which knocks him out, when he wakes up, he's in the middle of a forest in the middle of no-where with no gold. Meanwhile, I have both halves of the gold, I then put them inside my head, and -- with the help of my Robotic Clone -- become the ultimate Ninja, I then train my Robot Clone to be a Ninja, and then we both train under Chuck Norris, and then we both lived on The Moon, with no need for air, eating Moon Cheese as a Fuel Source, making us both almost as strong as Chuck Norris, but we vowed to not become as strong as him, but to instead gain his protection. That's right, Chuck Norris stands there, guarding us, while we guard the gold in my head. :devious:

10-06-2011, 06:20 PM
We hadyou travel back in time, so for you to

time travel back

would make you go further, but I'll pretended you travelled in the future for you, past for us. But since you OBVIOUSLY got the time travel equipment from a wizard to travel beforehand for us, future for you in that timing, but really the past in chain of events, but across the history line......you make it to where before we latch on the time teleportation device after grabbing gold you wouldnt have gone bakc in time, and you being there when your robot self isnt makes no sense, so you would then have to travel in the same mind location since you dwell as a spirit inside a robot body, thus causing past self but really future self in the chain of events, but not in the history timeline, to destroy as one fragment is split onto another of the same kind, then making it to where your particles collapse making it where you never travelled in the future because we couldn't find you. We end up not being turned into cardboard, whether or not that would've happeneed, Chuck Norris has no time to train robots. We continue walking, after a slight shock, must have been time re-writing itself... oh well.

Does that make any sense?

10-06-2011, 07:23 PM
Then a Wormhole appears above you two, and I come back. All my particles and spirit and all that stuff had been sucked into it, and blown out in the right order(Although, Wormholes cause damage, so I'm in slight need of repair), so I appear, with the energy from the Wormhole inside me, then...

I fire a laser at you which turns you into a cardboard box. Then, I look at Jsp0t, I shrug, and fire a laser at him which knocks him out, when he wakes up, he's in the middle of a forest in the middle of no-where with no gold. Meanwhile, I have both halves of the gold, I then put them inside my head, and -- with the help of my Robotic Clone -- become the ultimate Ninja, I then train my Robot Clone to be a Ninja, and then we both train under Chuck Norris, and then we both lived on The Moon, with no need for air, eating Moon Cheese as a Fuel Source, making us both almost as strong as Chuck Norris, but we vowed to not become as strong as him, but to instead gain his protection. That's right, Chuck Norris stands there, guarding us, while we guard the gold in my head. :devious:
Oh yeah, and the Moon Cheese repairs me. :D

10-06-2011, 10:38 PM
Well, when you were falling down the mountain, you managed to keep your laser gun in your pocket but it when it hit a rock, the dial switched to "Emit", instead of "Change formation". So instead of zapping me into a box, you had merely emitted a box over me. So, pretending to be a cardboard box, I sat there in the box, being silent, Snake style. You, not bothering to check, looks in the sky because you thought you heard something, must've been you re-appearing through the wormhole, time re-re-writing itself. You change it to "Pass Out", but you were doing it, looking away, not knowing it had been on "Emit". Jsp0t is zapped and passes out. But your logic didn't fully work as a full particle formation transfer zap would've made the gold, (which was in my pocket) also part cardboard, so you only have one half. Your laser gun doesn't have a undo button so you can't change it back to gold, so you shrug and decide to just go back up to your mountain, even though the gold is still in my pocket.

Not sure why you would train your robot clone moves he trains you, but I'm sure it's just one of your weird customs. It, being a low-technological and slow learning robot, who was shipped by Prank Industries, only knew how to fight one way, like an idiot. He, teaching you it, and you, teaching it back to him, grew a bigger legion of idiot fighting. You try to get Chuck Norris to train you both, but he's so sickened by your moves, he kicks you to the moon, hence why you're there. You tried making the story sound better with him joining you. The Moon cheese was, partially, right. You did use it as a fuel source. Turns out it was the only thing you could find, little bits left in pockets of the giant rock. One day though, common logic hit you in the head. What you needed was oil. All the Moon Cheese had got caught up in your system, making you malfunction some. You resorted to one final choice. You swallowed the gold, which would shove the moon cheese down, but it wouldn't be fun.

The gold passed through your system, but then Wall-E took it, then put you in him and turned you into a cube. I flew over, through my rocket ship with Jsp0t, still knocked out. I let him sleep in the rocket while I go over in my space suit, grab the half piece of gold, and then put 15 dollars in Wall-E's hand. He then puts that into him and out comes a shouldn't-be-that-large-cube of money. Again, odd customs, but I'll go with it! I go back into the rocket, fly back and enjoy life.

10-06-2011, 11:53 PM
Excuse me, can you stop pulling what I do to pieces? I don't really think that's how this is supposed to be played(No, seriously, it's making this almost not fun).
I -- thinking I was dead -- decided to use my built in, special, wireless, secret system that no-one understands except me, to transmit my personality to your ship, leaving my body as just scrap metal with a power source. Everything came with me except my physical form. And then, I hid in your ship, taking about 0.1% of the power away every second, no-one noticed, then, once I'd charged up to full power(Because, apparently, you were just cruising around with no real purpose), there was still 80% of the power left, so I started doing things in the background, slowly, I was building a new version of my body inside a special room in your ship that you didn't know existed, no-one ever went in there except me. Anyway, once I'd built this new me, I made a wireless link to it, masked it so nothing could detect it, then used it to create a cloning machine. Once I was done, I used it to duplicate the Robot Body, this clone was then cloned, until there were exactly 6,789,345 Robots, but they were all -- except one -- in a special mode where they compress into a small cube about the size of your average dice. The Robots who weren't in this form were the original and the first clone. The first clone then disguised as a Robot Butler who the engineer of the ship had built, the original Butler was then teleported to "The Planet of Extremely Bossy and Rich People", anyway, the clone then went into the control room, where you were sitting, he then put a bunch of the cubes in the room, all in random places, he then walked off, then all the Robots activated and fired Lasers at you, causing you to be stunned, but that's if one hit you, hundreds hit you, so you were nearly dead, the Robots stole the gold of you, then they teleported you to "The Planet of Extremely Annoying and Immature Trolls", then they teleported Jsp0t back to his POD. Now, I travel around the Universe, teleporting Robot Cubes onto different planets, every time I do this, I clone a new one, causing me to be -- effectively -- immortal, also, no-one even suspects that I am in charge of the ship. Oh, and the original Robot(Which is now in Cube-Form) has been teleported to a super-secret location, inside an invisible mango. :devious:

10-07-2011, 02:17 PM
Not trying to "pull it to pieces", just trying to think of a creative story to get the gold. People have done it a lot before, adding little details to make it work, and you can do it right back, just like you did with Wall-E being of use turning your friends to cubes to sneak right in, but I'm not trying to mainly do it to you, it's just that we're the only ones playing right now.

I crashland onto this weird planet. Seeing a bunch of nasty trolls heading for a poor waddle dee, I use my remaining energy to open the glove compartment and freeze them temporarily with of course, a freeze gun on of the bots left behind. Waddle Dee thanks me kindly and gives me some star powerups, restoring my health. Now that I'm restored, I get my hammer and chop them into pieces. I then roast them on an open fire, and I offer Waddle Dee a slice. Owning a Tool Store that noone goes to, he said he has plenty of tools. We go in and get what we need to repair the ship. He asks to go with me, trying to get off this awful planet. So we both go off, both helping the other out. We land properly on the rich planet Robo described and see Invisible Mango goggles lying around.

I pick it up, look straight ahead with them on, and see an invisible mango up ahead. Continuing to wear those goggles, which also looks at traps, I walk around with them, Waddle Dee close behind me until I get to the mago, open it up and find both halves of gold inside. I pick them up, putsome cheese in the mango, step back around the traps, and let the planet live in peace. Waddle Dee and I go back into the ship, but before blasting off, I put a check, enough to buy both halves of gold, just 'cause. So then we fly off into space...........

10-07-2011, 04:43 PM
I didn't use Wall-E to turn them into cubes, and didn't mention Wall-E in my post at all.

I notice that you've left me the money, and go to Jsp0t, and teleport him to his Pod. Then, I teleport my Pod into my ship, saw it had some stowaways, teleported them into space, then attached it to an empty Escape Pod Slot. After which, I fly over to your ship, and teleport 100 of those cubes into your ship. Then, you decide to play Monopoly, so you play without realising that the dice are actually my special Robot Cubes, so you roll them, then all 100 of them jump out, and and aim their guns at you, then your Ship Computer is taken over by them, and before you can do anything to stop the Robots, you lose control of your body and collapse, but you're still conscious, so I give you the money back, and take the gold, I then give you the money to fix all and any damage done to your ship, then my Robots read your mind, and find the location of the gold, they take it, then they teleport away with it, and -- using special teleport stuff -- I fuse the two parts of gold together. I then turn the robots back into cubes, and hide the gold in an invisible mango somewhere in a field of invisible mangoes with pyrite under them. :devious:

10-07-2011, 08:27 PM
...I open it up and find both halves of gold inside. I pick them up,...

Care to explain how I ended up not picking up the gold?

10-07-2011, 08:30 PM
I'll edit my post to fix that...

EDIT: Done.

10-07-2011, 10:59 PM
Thank you for editing, and this is probably the first post in Grab the Gold tpo use a photo, but Skeggers never said you couldn't.

Me, and Waddle Dee, infuriated, do the mature thing, we hire this guy for a case against you, for theft, assault, and making a puffball cry.


You get sent off to prison, and we both get a half of the gold as the police had found the gold that was hidden in the invisible mango. The mango was invisible but that didn't shield the gold, thus, the gold was in plain sight. :rolleyes:

We also mentioned a guy who was knockedout by him, told them the whereabouts as he might have a concussion. Jsp0t was taken to the hospital, and Waddle Dee and I got extra money to repair the ship, and kept the check to buy a vacation island. ^^

10-07-2011, 11:12 PM
Then everyone who's posted here -- except Skeggers -- was arrested for various crimes -- mainly theft -- and Skeggers was given the gold and some money for the troubles. Also, my Robots teamed up, and they put together a complicated story and string of events and one of them became a lawyer, and I was allowed out of jail, and Kirby was arrested instead for nearly killing the Waddle Dee, and then I made one of my Robots -- disguised as some creepy Hobo who robs people for stuff -- steal the gold of Skeggers, then my Robot modified Skeggers' memory so he thinks he dropped it down a Manhole. Now, my Robot sneaks the gold onto my ship, and puts a bunch of my Robots on board, then my ship flies off, leaving the original Robot on LittleBigPlanet or Earth, or wherever the whole court case thing took place. Anyway, now no-one suspects that I have the gold, the only person who knows that Skeggers doesn't have the gold is Skeggers, who thinks he dropped it down a manhole.

10-08-2011, 01:25 AM
As I was put in jail myself along with other members, a hooded figure approached, darkness covering his face, here to bail me out. Before I could say a word, he siad "Look there!". I looked, looked back and he was GONE. Who would've guessed it? I went outside, knowing what happened as Skeggers was suspicious of Robo's acts, sent it to a friend who was a movie writer, but because he was too afraid to intervene even though he knew Skegger's memory was wiped, he decided to make it into screenplay for a movie. I threatened him to tell me what happened, and he told me. Waddle Dee said he would try explaining to Skeggers, and that I should continue my quest, and wished me good luck, and that we would part ways again.

I found the original Robot who I thought was Robo, in jail. Because it wasn't the smartest of the group of robots, another robot test that didn't work out, but it was due to privacy issues. It openly revealed their location, via a hologram map. I jot a drawing of it down, even if they had passed it by the time I got off the ground, I would know the path they had taken. I launched my ship back up, and flew high in the sky. I asked Kind Mr. Sun, who told me they were going to an Icy Moon off the coast of Craftworld, for hiding purposes. Iflew there, seeing all the robot clones, and Robo, there with my microscopic device. There were no cubes, robots lasers, and whatnot on my ship, and I had maximum security restoration shielded.

For breaking the law by Mind Wiping and Prison Escaping, taking over a moon cared for by some nice folk, I and some other friends in Bounty High Level Ships, put a blue ray field around the entire moon, quaranting the hideout, and moving it over to an airtight Prison Palace. We have other carrier ships keeping watch at all angles, and you will serve for 20 years. Oh, and the gaurds take the gold off your hands, and I get both halves, but I make sure to return the favor to the others to helped in certain ways.

10-08-2011, 02:17 AM
Nice story, but that whole post revolves around the original Robot being faulty, none of the Robots are faulty. At least... None that exist any more... :devious:... Anyway, please edit your post, as -- again -- it takes my post to pieces and modifies certain aspects as if I said things I didn't. Granted, I didn't say much about why the was original was left behind. Here's why: I want my main, original body to be left to walk around like the real me. Sometimes, I leave it alone to be itself(Another version of me, basically the same, just a bit new to the world), most of the time I become it. I have a feeling that you think of all my Robots to be a bit like GIR, actually, they are all just like the original Robot, they just get a bit more excited about exploring the world. So, please, modify your post to not be based on a misconception(I once made a Comic about the backstory behind my Sackboy being a Robot, maybe I should upload that and show it to you). Oh, and -- also -- my Sackboy is a Robot with a Silver Quilt Skin on top, with a Paperboy Skin on top of that(That's how I make my Sackboy in LBP2, I put on a Paperboy with a Silver Quilt under it). Just so you know what it looks like. :D

10-08-2011, 10:35 PM
Gavin looked over his gold-map. It now looked more like a spider's web.
"...I mean...what?" he pondered. "How am I meant to...wha-....."
"Why not use Bistromathics!?" said a voice that may or may not have been schizophrenia.
And so it was. Using Bistromathics, Gavin zipped around the universe on a breadstick and retrieved all the gold, hiding it inside a combustible toaster and retreating to beneath a table nearby to keep guard....

10-10-2011, 04:17 AM
Ah, but then my main Robot threw a Combustible Lemon at your house or whatever you're keeping the gold in, then it burned it down(Cave Johnson-style... You have played Portal 2, right? If you haven't, imagine a Lemon that catches fire. Yeah. Randomly. Now, imagine hundreds of them, all catching fire on top of your house, they'd burn it down to ash.), and retrieved the gold from the ashes.

10-11-2011, 05:42 AM
I call in a RED heavy who introduces Robo to Bullet (who none has yet outsmarted)
I give heavy a sandvich.

10-11-2011, 05:45 AM
Big mistake, a part of my Robot touches the Sandvich, causing the personality of the Robot to transfer to it, then the Heavy ate it, causing the Heavy to become under my influence, then he introduced Jsp0t to Bullet. Oh, by the way, you never took the gold, so it was lying on the floor, so the Robot-Heavy picked it up, and hid it in his Sandvich pouch, taking care to make sure that he never eats the gold.

10-11-2011, 05:48 AM
I snipe the heavy and you, take the gold, and smash it. SMASH IT TO BITS.
I tip my hat in respect of your deaths.

10-11-2011, 05:54 AM
However, just as you tilt your hat, you just so happen to move a shard of glass which just so happened to be on your head, and there was the one in over NINE THOUSAND!!! million chance that something bad would happen, and it did, a Sattelite fell on your head, causing you to be smashed. SMASHED TO BITS! (Evil laugh) Then, I go back in time to ten minutes before Skeggers originally found the gold, I then replaced it with specially made Pyrite, it looked real, so real that you'd have to smash it to bits to see that it's actually hollow Pyrite. I then took the real gold, and went back to the normal time, and teleported it to earth inside a house made of tiny cubes that can morph into one of my Robots that have my personality, and they are guarding the gold. If anything moves towards the gold, a few jump out and shoot at the movement, then some more hold the gold in place. :devious: Hehe.

10-11-2011, 05:59 AM
A paradox happens. We are all destroyed.

10-11-2011, 06:01 AM
How exactly? I don't see any problems with what I did.

10-11-2011, 06:05 AM
Actually, come to think of it, nothing would happen from what you did due to the fact that the pyrite was reincarnated back into gold many times.
So you did nothing :D
I take the gold. Don't ask me how. I just did.

10-11-2011, 06:07 AM
Okay, you take the gold, then my Robots kill you and now I have the gold. XD

10-11-2011, 03:28 PM
I fire a herd of rocket cheetahs at you. I steal the gold.
Your robots try to stop me.
I use the Material Changing tool to make them into gold and steal them too.

10-11-2011, 04:07 PM
I alert you that the gold in the golden robots are fake. You thank me kindy, and I change them to sponge, and drop it on Robo. I then reveal it infact was real gold. You look up to the sky and yell out, crying. While you are doing that, I steal the bar of gold and skip off to Fairyland Palace.

10-11-2011, 05:26 PM
The Robots then all wake up, and freeze GavinLBP(OMG! REAL ICE!!!), then they all teleport to the gold, and they inform you that the gold is fake, you laugh, and walk off, holding the gold, the Robots then shrug and fly off because they were telling the truth. They then create a house out of the most realistic fake-gold(Pyrite, I think) ever, and put the stuff all over the place, only hiding the real gold in the last place you'd look. (Evil laugh)

10-11-2011, 05:42 PM
Because Cartoons has made a stereotype of the whole "last place you'd look", the place place you loo is really the first place to look, because you shouldn't doubt what may seem as fiction, but that bumps up the last place to the first, and the first to the second, or third, bumping the second to the fifth, fifth to the 4th, 4th to the third, changing the thought, reordering things, first to the fifth, last to the 2nd, 3rd to the th, thus, a wormhole appears due to the confusion.

I stick my hand in the tiny black hole, and get the gold. My friend Tom the Dragon confirms that it is infact real gold, and then sent me an e-vite to his party on Page 85. I tell him I'll try to remember, shakes his hand and then I fly off.

10-11-2011, 07:02 PM
Melting free of ice eventually, I use a shrink ray to first shrink Dragon before snatching him with a net and taking him and I to a lair made of improbability where the gold is sliced into two pieces, one slightly larger. I give the smaller piece to Dragon for his efforts before reinforcing the walls of the improbability lair with obsidian and anti-robot missiles that can detect stealth, a hundred loaded rocket cheetahs, a satellite and fleet of spaceships manned by an army of cyborg butlers with radar that's amplified and spreads the galaxy. Giant space carnivorous whale sharks perimeter the lair aswell as an anti-bistromathic field built inside. Huge las0r movement detectors line the insides and in the centre of it all in an another improbability number scheme entirely I hide my gold, and for good measure, I whisk Dragon with his gold into a portal which is promptly destroyed.
This is all encased within the core of a moon made of Writer's Block.
Good luck.

10-11-2011, 07:28 PM
Gavin might've shrunk me, but as he gave my a piece of the gold, I squealed. Not only out of semi-excitement, but also because I wanted to see if being tiny really did make your voice high pitch. When I squealed, I kinda did it in a deep voice, which made things a bit akward. He then threw me in a portal with my chunk of gold, which I had carved into a home. He destroyed the portal, but it's not like it lead to nowhere, it's just that I couldn't go back directly as I did to this new place.

I'm whisked onto some other planet, but wiht oxygen. I hide behind a large rock to see a lazor firing dinosaur roaming aorund. The rider notices a pure piece of gold and picks it up. I hear a voice mapping device on the dinosaur say "Heading to Abandoned, Top Secret Military Base". Something here is wrong..

10-11-2011, 10:26 PM
Impressed by the link back to the first few posts, I remain momentarily stunned until realising that I haven't had the gold in sometime. Somewhat emotionally traumatised by this sudden realisation, I break into a max security insane asylum and release all of the prisoners upon you. However due to the time traversal that has taken place back to the very beginning of the thread, the previous 77 pages become furious and a large full scale battle begins between the patients and the pages.

During the chaos, you lose sight of me and my dinosaur, and we again fly off to one of the rings of Saturn, gold in hand, hoping to avoid a potentially deadly paradox.

10-11-2011, 10:31 PM
As worlds are colliding, and pieces suddenly exploding and vanishing, transmitting into dark matter and othe weird complexities, I manage to find a base of yous, which includes a Lazor Tyrannosaurus. I go inside the Bot Creature, which also can keep stable while flyingthrough Saturn's Rings. I catch up with you, and we both are able to re-enter where we were, things at peace. Some dudes come up and start whining they miss another great moment. We high-five, although I take half of the gold, leaving the other behind with you.

10-11-2011, 10:36 PM
As a newly formed double-team, we must come up with a strategy to keep the gold safe from anyone who dares attempt to steal it.
After much deliberation, disagreement and uncertainty, we eventually both decide it is best to put the gold where no man dare go. Inside Susan Boyle's underwear.
Hoping the problem is solved, we prance off into the distance, hand in hand.

10-12-2011, 12:14 AM
Suddenly, a rift in the Universe appears right next to Susan Boyle, causing all gold to fly into it, and then it disappeared, causing the gold to appear on Skeggers' head, then, I(Still a Space Ship) appear out of a Wormhole(The spitting-out end), and then the Wormhole disappears, and I fire deadly lazorz at you, then I take the gold, and time travel to the next post, and kick the next poster in the shin(With a foot attachment, causing their shin to break), then I blast them to pieces and go back in time to just before I went through the Wormhole to Skeggers, and watch myself go through it, then I wait.

10-12-2011, 07:18 AM
You kick the Writer's Block and die.
You are also banned simultaneously by my newly installed Ban-Field for unoriginality. I go outside to find (not) Dragon's gold- and seeing the slightly on fire bodies of Skeggers and Dragon I usher them inside my moonbase to get some safety and come up with a plan. We dash down to the basement where we consult in the Lair of the Council of Awesome. Dragon applies the rules of obviousness and expectancy, and I and Skeggers do that cool thinking pose and suddenly grow epic moustaches. We decide that the best thing to do is to hide the gold in a massive abandoned institute called Focal Science, guarded by a robot that was once human and hidden past a whole wadge of test chambers. I also unshrink Dragon because I'm nice like that. And then I go straight to the Galactic Court and have time travel BANNED in this thread because it's UNORIGINAL.

10-12-2011, 07:25 AM
Ah, but then I kicked you in the shin, causing you to get angry, so you came after me, causing the Time Hole to tear your skin off painfully and slowly, I notice this and realise your innocence, so I teleport your brain into one of my Robots, then cut off all links from that Robot to me, then I send that Robot to where you previously were, then the Robot morphs to look like you. So, basically, the gold was lost in time, and where it materialized was in the middle of a pool of lava, while your brain appeared in a desert next to the lava, so you're lucky. And so, I then continue waiting for someone to try to stop me from innocently guarding the gold from those who want to use it for evil purposes. Oh, and also, I use my time travel so that the next person to post is sent into medival times in the middle of a dungeon, where I see if they are innocent or not. If they want the gold for evil, I leave them to die. If they didn't do anything wrong, I teleport them to "The Planet of Extremely Comfortable Mattresses". :D Oh, and if it's Skeggers, he gets given a free gold bar.
However, something I forgot to mention in my previous post is that I went back in time and stopped you from existing, causing a time paradox, making monkeys rule the world. No big deal. I'm told I act like a monkey anyway.

10-12-2011, 07:47 AM
No, you didn't, you're outside the Writer's Block, so if you're trying to kick me you'll kick the Writer's Block.
You can't do anything to get past Writer's Block.
Sorry bro.
That gold is still ours.
And since time travel was just banned....

10-12-2011, 07:52 AM
I've now edited my post to fit better to your rules. Technically, I didn't use Time Travel, I instead mentioned Time Travel I've already done. Also, you don't exist anymore, and on top of that, the world is ruled by monkeys, so basically, by trolling me, you've stopped yourself from existing, and made the world become Planet of the Apes.

10-13-2011, 03:56 AM
Who cares? I travel into your alternate timeline and take the gold and bring it to the min timeline.


10-13-2011, 03:59 AM
Np. Not problem solved. You still have the gold... :devious:

So I deck you in the face, snatch the gold and high-tail to Siberia.

10-13-2011, 10:59 AM
I throw multiple koopas at you yet you keep jumping. I kick you in the face, take your gun in your my little pony holester, and dash off.

10-13-2011, 11:57 PM
I leap out the shadows and smite you with my B0SS hammah! while accidently destroying the gold. I then break into a safe and make off with a bag full of new gold :D

10-15-2011, 09:21 AM
Having been destroyed in the alternate timeline, when I'm zipped back into JSPOT's one I'm suddenly alive again. I look around for my half gold bar- it's gone! FFFFF-
I pick up the smashed gold, look at it before glancing towards a dust cloud in the distance. Jumping on the back of a convenient ostrich I begin to give chase....

10-16-2011, 02:21 AM
I take the body of Saxton Hale and kill your ostrage. Then I use his chest-hair powers and glue the gold into one bar and run away into minecraft.

10-21-2011, 07:58 AM
I walk over to Notch(The creator of Minecraft) and tell him all the evil you've done, so he bans you from Minecraft, therefore you are dead since you jumped inside Minecraft. Never underestimate the power of Hipnos-- err... Politeness... then, I tell Notch that I want to return the gold to its original owner, so he gives it to me, and then I smelt that gold into a gigantic Hammer. Then, I use Wormholes to teleport myself to Fighterwindplus, I then mash him with it, no not smash, MASH. He then becomes a fine paste, which I use to put together bricks which form a house, which I sell for loads of money, then I sell my Hammer and your gold for an Island made of gold, I go onto the Island, it's the perfect size, so I enlarge it a bit, then use Wormholes to teleport it to my true self(The Space Ship which I became a few pages ago), then I dismantle the Island and instead make another ship out of PURE GOLD! I then put tonnes of Robots in there and another link(Where that ship becomes me), now I am in every part of the Universe at once, and in one part, I'm made of gold! :devious: My gold ship then goes into the most feared place in the Universe: Simon Cowell's face. I hide inside his nose, because his face is inflated like a balloon, no holes or ditches to hide in, then I wait, and if anyone tries to touch me, I fire the Ultimate Laser at them, causing them to turn inside-out, move backwards, and then implode, but if I'm overwhealmed, then I create a Black Hole. I am in other places in the Universe after all.

10-21-2011, 06:57 PM
I hid in your bag as you were doing all this.
I then pop out as you go to your Destination. of "secretness"
I then run off to create mode and pause so that no objects can hit me.
So all your golden objects were made out of Fool's gold, everyone wants a refund and you are chased for eternity.

10-21-2011, 07:36 PM
Impossible, because I never went through a Black Hole, if you pay attention, it says that I will if someone overpowers me. No-one did. You lose.

10-23-2011, 12:38 AM
Edited, i win! ^^

10-28-2011, 05:57 AM
I make all of you look directly at the operational end of the device. I take the gold.

12-07-2011, 03:07 AM
So, I do something very dangerous, I first send 3 of my Robots to a small pocket of the Universe that exists just outside of reality, then I steal the Ghostbusters' Backpack things, and cross the beams, causing every single atom of the Universe to explode at the speed of light, then my 3 Robots drift back into Existence just as the chaos ends, and they then use special technology, luck, and a bit of nature to rebuild the Universe, then the wait and wait, and the events of all the previous posts are played out, until Valeview was about to hide, then they grab him, and dissect him for research, they then put him back together wrong, and decide to do something awesome, so they send him outside Existence, in a place where nothing could exist, causing you to disappear. Forever! Then, my 3 Robots make their way back to me, and I put a decoy right where I was just, and teleport off into a place that no-one knows exists, apart from me and Valeview, who no longer exists. Also, now no-one knows that I ever left that previous spot. Oh, and whoever posts next will be unfortunate, because Chuck Norris will appear in front of them and do a Roundhouse Kick. Twice.

EDIT: I win this game as I am the last person to possess the Gold.

12-25-2011, 07:18 PM
An excentric scientist discovers accidentally your dimension and reports it to me. He also develope an interdimensional gate really huge. I call Captain Price, and a little squad to come with me. We bring also an Hi-Tec UAV with videodirected AGM Hellfire missiles and stealth technology like the B2 plane.

We proceed with extreme caution and stealth while we notice it seems to be 3 dangerous robots commanded by a leader... "wait a second!... isn't he Robo4900? ****! We must find the gold! But we need to gather some more intel to know where is it, steal it and get the **** out of here! But, how? They are powerful, and they probably won't talk..."

Then Solid Snake came to the safe place from where we were watching through the UAV using a laptop. He said: "I could desactivate one bot stealthly. Thanks to Otacon who hacked their communications, they didn't noticed. We could found intel in it's Hard Drive about where's the gold! I also got intel about a prisoner called Valeview"

"**** Robo4900... what did Valeview do to you?" I thought. "We must rescue him", I said.

"But we must proceed with caution, efficience and quickly! Let's go! Snake, keep Robo4900's attention busy. Two men with him. Sebas and the rest with me! Sebas, keep the Predator 2.0 laptop and be ready to use it! Everyone remember to use silenced weapons! Let's go!"

We could enter the prison. Noone was there to defend it, except the bot hacked by Otacon. "He he! Nice I called Snake :D!" I said. We took Valeview then Snake called: "Price, Sebas! We got serious trouble! Bullets doesn't affect them! They can track us calculating the bullet's impact force and direction! All my men are dead! I can damage them some with Grenade Launchers, but they have some kind of auto-repair system! I don't know if I will survive this time..."

"****! Sebas, use the Predator to kill Robo4900, quickly! This could be our last chance!"

I shot the Predator and accelerated it as fast as I could to hit him fast! I directed it and could headshot Robo4900 successfully. After that, Predator UAV was spotted and desintegrated by one of the bots.

"Too soon for celebrate it, Sebas!" said Price. "We must help Snake! Bring that AT cannon and let's go! Squad, use your M203! Move out!!!"

When we arrived, I could headshot a bot just before he beamed snake. "Ha haaaa!! Take that!", I screamed. "Let's get the **** out of here before they regenerate!!!" replied Snake.

"****! I wanted the Gold..." I said... "Do you mean this?" Said Valeview. "Cool! ^^ would you give it to me, please?", I asked. "Yes, just have it! I don't want to be beaten up by Chuck Norris."

We got out from that go******** dimension and destroyed the gate. So horrible experiments inside, fruit from a ****ing insane mind...

I kept the Gold safe in a place that only I know, in one of the most powerful Spanish Army Bases. Noone in the army knows about the existence of that gold.

After that, I came to home, and tell my epic adventure. ****!!! Chuck Norris!!!! O_O "Throw!!!!" Yay! Killed with throwable knife! ^^

12-27-2011, 09:21 PM
That wouldn't work as I am a Space Ship, not a humanoid Robot. But, I'll just assume to aimed at the Cockpit...

I charge in with an army of Robots that have now been altered to be un-hackable, I blow up the Spanish army, but accidentally destroying the gold. So, long story short, I am on an unknown planet that kills anyone who arrives on it, I am in possession of 1000 Bazooka-armed Goat-fish(It's an underwater planet), and 13371337133713371337133713371337133713371337133713 37133713371337133713371337133713371337133713371337 1337133713371337 Robots, all armed with lasers and bazookas, and indestructable armour. Also, I am coated with indestructable metal. WITH the gold. :) Try to spot a weakness in that. Oh, and I also teleport an exact copy of the gold to Skeggers, the original owner of the gold. :) But, if anyone steals the copy gold, it teleports back to Skeggers.

12-31-2011, 11:33 AM
Still retaining my skills from my glorious campaigning in Team Fortress 2, I reappear behind Robo4900 dressed as a Red Spy and backstab him, killing (or stunning) him indefinitely. Satisfied with my assassination (or stun), I disguise myself as Robo4900 and manage to sneak off of the planet.

Onto Skeggers.

I deploy my clever disguise on Skeggers, who doesn't suspect a thing. We sip Earl Grey and have light conversation over scones and other palatable pastries, until it comes to a point where we discuss about the gold and how easy it was for me (Robo4900) to take it away from SebasSBM. We briefly discuss our arrangements, at which he reveals the location of the gold (hidden in a gun safe at the top of his luxurious veranda). Jackpot. Wasting no time, I casually give him a pat on the back and resume to backstab him as well. With my recently obtained information, I sneak up the stairs into his master bedroom, where I find the gun safe. Picking the lock (courtesy of my Spy loadout), I look around inside and obtain the gold. Only... wait a second... it's only a copy! Then what happened to...

Ugggh. Someone destroyed the gold.

... AGAIN.

Nodding my head in disapproval, I hear a slight shifting sound in my hat. Realizing my earlier endeavors, I remember the stash of gold I've always kept hidden in my hat! The chase is on once more! ^_^...

Oh crap. O_o

*runs far, far away to an undisclosed location*

01-04-2012, 04:57 AM
I follow Outlaw with my trusty cardboard box to this undisclosed planet he is hiding in (Naboo). I throw my Rubiks Cube at him, knocking him it, and then I take the gold. I transform his revolvers into forks. I equip my deadly spoon weapons and rush to the nearest Skyrim, where I anger many villagers.

01-04-2012, 09:50 AM
I create a parodox universe were Outlaw Jack still has the gold and than I transform him into a Chicken from fable and Kick him over the top of the castle into space. I take the Gold and Reset the paradox whilst holding onto the Gold so that I keep it.

:D confusing Much!

01-09-2012, 06:19 AM
I manage to go to your paralel universe and just kick your butt and you fall to the ground (how ironic LOL). Then, while you are still wondering what's going on, I've got the gold and dissapeared.

So, I hide the gold in an special safe box, totally undestructible, made with the same metal that was injected in Wolverine's bones. It has got an special defense system against forcing: if ANY KIND of anomaly is detected, the safe will be automatically teleported to a random point of space-time. The only way to open it is to introduce the decimal equivalence of the binary number stamped over the safe's gate: 1101000100001. I know the equivalence, so don't try to cheat, or Vegetto will appear ipsofacto near you, and will blow you up with a Big Bang Kamehameha ^^. Don't matter what you try, he will finish you and keep the gold safe in the box if needed.

So, the only way is to introduce the correct password ŽŽ.

01-11-2012, 07:33 AM
But I let you steal what you thought was the Gold, the one you have is a cheap copy that only someone who's REALLY in the know can tell is fake. Anyway, I recover, and kill you using lasers, and seal off this parralel dimension, so no-one can come in or out unless I want them to. Using this time I have on my hands(Infinite time), I learn Interdimensional Teleportation, and I teleport back to the normal demension regularly to steal all Gold in existance, and now Gold is the most valuable substance ever. With it like this, I sell it all for loads of money, then steal it again, and I become a multi-trillionair within one day, and now I stay in that other dimension, but I've used various things to make the dimension small, and so, if anyone else tries to come in, they will appear outside time and space, and no longer exist in any form whatsoever.

01-11-2012, 08:14 AM
Already being in the alternate dimension before you sealed it or made it smaller i appear from what you though was no where, i happen to have an invisibility cloak.
(being the reason you didnt see me) I make my way toward you and notice you are plotting your next big scheme, being very happy that you believe you are safe, i use my Quick freeze carbon device to turn you into little more than a rock like statue(you didn't even notice and did nothing to stop me or deter me or to set up some kind of anti carbon freeze later, you my friend are toast) i steal all of your gadgets that are of little use to me seeing as how i have much more advanced gear, you however i use a mater reassembling ray to shrink you to pocket size, after i have all of your gold and money i reverse the effects of your dimension altering devices and make my way back to our own universe, i make my way to Europa where i drill a 5 mile hole through the icy crust, i make sure your smaller yet still carbon version of you goes all 5 miles to the icy waters below, within a matter of minutes the hole is filled with cold water that freezes solid in second, you by the way are in an ocean the size of the entire moon, this makes it 100% impossible to find you, assuring my victory, also i continuously go to alternate dimensions in a pursuit of the perfect world, of which i will never find so it is also 100% impossible to find me, and i have no space ship just a body that can withstand the harshness of space, radiation, and any natural or unnatural force, i am essentially lightweight and unfindable

01-11-2012, 02:27 PM
Robo4900 deceived me, so Vegetto is upset! ^^

Using the Shunkanido, Vegetto teleports itself to the place where are Robo4900 and Tyranny68, and takes Tyranny68 away from that spot. Then, he came back to Robo4900. "This is what happens for deceiving SebasSBM ^^" he blows up Robo4900, dematerializing everyone of his molecules.

If you tried to resolve the puzzle instead of deceiving me with your space-time tricks, you'd be still alive, Robo4900. By the way, the password of the safe was 6689...

Now, I've got all the Robo4900's army, thanks to Otacon who found a way to hack your supposed "unhackable bots". In addition, I've got all his gold and money. I've got COD4 and MW2 Veteran Mad Skillz, all kind of weapons, an army under my orders, Vegetto by my side, a Raygun and a Zeus Cannon (the Thunder Weapon upgraded with 115). I'm ready to die for defending the gold if necessary.

01-14-2012, 10:40 PM
There goes everything except the gold, which I take.

03-08-2012, 01:42 AM
Sadly for JspOt, I pickpocket him and take the gold. I then bury it in 2Fort, where all people seeking the gold must first pass the 7 trials of nope.avi.

03-13-2012, 12:59 AM
Which I then proceed to take the gold, eat it, then eat myself, bringing me to THE PLACE THAT NO ONE KNOWS OF BUT MEEEEEEEE!

05-19-2012, 01:09 AM
I have no idea what happened earlier, but i transform into "MEEEEEEEE!" and steal......

a potato. Made out of gold. I smelt it and then turn it back into a gold bar.

05-19-2012, 07:04 AM
I punch Xtrahuman in the stomach causing the golden bar to arch into the air, I dive after it and grab it before it hits the floor, however gold bullion is quite heavy so I end up sinking through the floor to China.

05-23-2012, 10:52 PM
I move to China and see you popping out out the ground, stuck. I steal the gold and walk away, happy. I use the restroom, and when I walk out, it's gone. I see a gold blur in the toilet.

05-23-2012, 11:02 PM
I kick your feet from under you and active the porta-potty the gold was in, It whirs like a TARDIS and i materialize on the moon

05-24-2012, 12:03 AM
The man on the moon steals your gold and eats the moon, made of cheese, and the gold conveniently goes flying into my hands. I then put it in a safe. And put that in a safe. I put that in a turtle in a safe. Then I lock in in a chest.

05-26-2012, 07:33 PM
You mistook me for that (mine)turtle and now I'm in the safe with your gold. :>

05-26-2012, 08:50 PM
...but you're stuck in locked safes and-

..oh crap.

UNLOCK TIME!!! SANDWICH POWERS, GO! I replace the gold with a sandwich and run away. I send a Nyan Cat to sic you.

06-05-2012, 10:03 AM
I AM THAT NYAN CAT! I rebel and take the gold from you

06-06-2012, 08:03 PM
My army turns on Vegetto(They noticed that someone was trying to hack them, so they pretended it was a success until now), they dig me up, and together, we eliminate all gold in every Dimension ever, except one dimension where if any matter enters it that isn't pure gold, it will be instantly vapourised, because if I tried to eliminate the gold, my laser would go away, so I morphed the gold inside the dimension in some strange way to destroy that dimension. Basically, gold no longer exists. I then set up a litterally INDESTRUCTABLE NO MATTER WHAT devide which will destroy any gold in any dimension that ever appears. I embed this device within myself, and use my other robots to cause me to become indestructable. All my technology that was stolen by Tyranny68 teleports to me, and all my technology advances and adapts(Being near advanced technology causes it to upgrade itself to be more advanced than that technology, now this feature has been updated, so my technology is always the most advanced in the Universe). Then, everything else that was stolen from me appears in front of me, and I split my treasures between various charities(Causing those charities to all become $100,000,000,000 richer), and spend my spare time getting more money for similar purposes, I also patent my technology and share it with scientists working on things like cancer research, and give them exclusive rights to use my technology, I also personally help them. I win.

06-09-2012, 08:14 PM
Luckily, I'm not in any dimensions, and I still haz gold in ma stomach. I will now laugh at your goldlessness. Ha, Haha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

06-11-2012, 05:20 PM
You laugh so hard you throw up the gold and it falls into my dimension into my hands. Yay!

06-11-2012, 09:17 PM
I kick down the door to your dimension, sic Cerberus on you, take the gold, and fly away back to the nega-dimension on a burrito.

06-12-2012, 12:35 PM
I stealthly take the gold from your nega-dimension. Also, I ate the burrito.

06-13-2012, 08:42 PM
My...my...my......BURRITO! Take the gold, fine, but eat my burrito and you suffer. SUFFER! Super Epic Homing Laser Mk. OVER 9000 Gooooooooo! Then I take the gold from your unconscious body, throw you into another dimention and go to get another burrito.

09-11-2012, 08:37 PM
It is a shame that I infiltrate the Dimension-opener's hard drive and re-open it to proportional scales from a safe distance, sucking you and the gold into the rift, conveniently opening into my huge metal cage. I grab the gold out while you wail in despair and start talking to Patofan's corpse as a result of draining sanity. The gold is then stored in my vault with brightly coloured weakspots.

09-20-2012, 03:06 PM
Then I create a device that sucks everyone who's posted in this thread(Except me) into the void. When you are in the void, you no longer exist.
Then, all life in all Universes dies apart from me, all because of the greed of all you guys(Then again, this game is all about greed, so really, I am equally to blame for it).
So, I create a Void Ship(Which allows me to enter the Void without ceasing to exist), and enter the void with the only gold that exists in any Universe ever, and stay within the confines of my Void Ship, where it is impossible for anything to even come close to me.
100,000,000,000 years later, I come out of the Void, and enter a new Universe where it is the year 2010.
I then fly into the middle of space and bury the last remaining gold in an asteroid, where someone called Skeggers finds it, and locks it up in an abandoned, top secret millitary base, where he and his Dinosaur guard it.
I then teleport inside, place some fake gold inside, take the real gold, and and teleport out, I then proceed to hide it aswell as myself inside an indestructable fortress on the planet Earth(Specifically on an uncharted island that is only just big enough to contain this fortress), which is much like Earth was before all the events of this thread took place.
In this fortress is my army of robots all guarding everything. In the center of the Fortress(Where nothing could manage to ever get to) is me, guarding the gold.
Then, much time passes, many people steal the gold of each-other, but eventually, on the 20th of September 2012(Today), it ends up in my fortress again, with the defenses upgraded to be far superior to the previous ones over the course of 2 years. Also, a family of Krakkens now live outside the Fortress and kill almost everything that attempts to get near.
Coincidentally, these Krakkens used to life in the Bermuda Triangle before all the tasty planes stopped flying over it.

That turned out longer than I thought.

Okay, basically, the Earth exists again, and I've hidden the gold in a fortress on Earth(Specifically, on an uncharted island guarded by a family of Krakkens who eat anything at all that is not on the island), the fortress is guarded by an army of Robots(Which are impossible to hack/crack into), and many rooms filled with lasers.

Okay, from now on, I'm going to try to avoid long posts in this thread. :)

09-23-2012, 04:07 AM
While typing your incredibly long post, thus attracting the adoring attention of your Robots and Krakken family, I sneak into the fortress unnoticed. Using a box made of highly-reflective mirrors, I run through your many rooms filled with lazorz via Metal Gear-style, reflecting the deadly beams into your compound's walls and thus causing unstable structural integrity. As the lazorz make sweeping cuts into the compound, your guardians take notice of the destruction and make a b-line to the room where you keep the gold. Upon arrival into the room, they find out that I've already stolen the gold and escaped through a nearby window facing the sea... and to find the gold replaced with a uranium-powered I.E.D.

With the gold safely stashed beneath my hat once more, I set out to sea in a nuclear-capable, Typhoon-class submarine on-loan from the Russian Navy, diving to depths well beyond 1,000 feet.

09-26-2012, 04:06 PM
I then dive into the water and use my robotic enhancements(100% water-proof) to swim all the way down to Outlaw-Jack's submarine and not only survive, but have the strength to break the submarine open, I then rip the whole thing apart and find Outlaw-Jack on the floor, seemingly unconcious. Regardless, I charge into him at maximum speed, smashing him into a conveniantly placed other Submarine owned by the Russian Navy. I take the gold, and leave Outlaw in the custody of the Russian Navy(Submarines are expensive, so having one destroyed by someone who rented it would make the owner a bit annoyed). I then use one of my robotic enhancements to hide the gold inside one of my lungs(Both of which are lead-lined), and then I hide myself inside the Sun, where nothing can survive exept me(I have a one-of-a-kind robotic enhancement to accomplish this).

09-30-2012, 10:57 AM
I hack into your robotic enchantments and make you sneeze the gold out, then I go with a rocket and take it before it melts. Then I leave you without your robotic enchantments to die on the sun MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then I hide into a bunker whose position is not known and that can't be reached by any means.

10-02-2012, 04:33 PM
I enter your bunker from that secret exit hidden at the end of the universe, avoid all the traps and get the gold.

Also, I steal all your food. Just because.

10-02-2012, 10:24 PM
A dimensional portal opens, and I jump out in rage, take the gold from Patofan, swallow it, then chop Patofan's head off and use it to kill Frenzie(My Robotic enhancements are impossible to hack, although I did genuinely sneeze back then, and that is a flaw I have accounted for).
I then spit the gold out, and hide it in a little pocket next to my Lungs.
I then hide in the center of The Moon.

10-03-2012, 12:34 PM
I call the 4 Giants to stop the moon, beat Majora and get the gold as a prize for beating the game.


10-08-2012, 06:45 AM
I shoot you in the head and take the gold from your cringing body. I then use the gold to pay off my debts to the Russian government and we all lived happily ever after.


... okay, I still have a teeny bit of gold in my hat, so I grab a tunnel-boring machine and drill a couple of miles deep into the Andes.

10-08-2012, 01:21 PM
While you weren't looking I grabbed a Phoenix Tail, so I came back to life.

I grab a drill and enter into your secret base to grab the gold, and I open a portal to the moon, where I hide.

10-27-2012, 02:25 AM
Unfortunately, I was working on a death ray there, so you land on me! I threw you into the sun, grabbed the gold, finished my death ray, and revived this thread.:D

10-27-2012, 08:30 AM
You just triggered my kill-me-come-back-stronger contract, so now I came back as an Eldritch Abomination.

Just from seeing me you desintegrate in fear.

I catch the gold and sit on it.

10-27-2012, 06:46 PM
However, you sit on my sackbot, hulk, who kills you. He then somehow revives me and we fly to Jupiter.

04-23-2013, 11:26 AM
I use the aforementioned Phoenix Tail to revive this Thread, and then I fly to Jupiter, tear Maniacmastr into microscopic pieces(Which I teleport to different parts of the Multiverse), take the gold, and fly back to Earth, where I use the gold to pay various, high-up crime gangs to protect me in a giant Fortress that I had recently acquired(Of course, like Outlaw-Jack, I keep a bit of the gold).

04-23-2013, 08:31 PM
Fortunately, I rig up some Mashy-Spike-Plates and splatter you. Then I use an Excursion Funnel to retrieve the gold, and go back to hide in Aperture Science.

04-24-2013, 12:32 AM
I'm GLaDOS, and I'm in Aperture at the moment. I use neurotoxin on Chell (you probably shouldn't of trusted her in carrying your gold) and snatch the goal, and then go to the moon. I spray neurotoxin into the atmosphere, so anybody who comes here will die​.

04-24-2013, 05:59 AM
Fortunately, as a robot I don't need to breathe...so I enlist Orange and Blue to sneak in and steal the gold using portals. Then they give it back to me and I fly off to Mars using portalz

04-24-2013, 10:58 AM
I use mashy-spike-plates on you, Orange, and Blue, deactivating everyones rebuilder. I use the parts that were going to go into recreating them to give me legs. I use neurotoxin on everyone at NASA, steal a prototype ship designed to fly to mars, and I fly to mars and grab that gold.

04-24-2013, 07:23 PM
Luckily, I did what I did when you crushed me back in Chapter 1...something involving a bird. Then, I place a portal underneath you and trap you back in Aperture. At which point I go through the portal and steal back the gold. Then I fly to Craftworld and hide there, with my gold

04-24-2013, 09:49 PM
The sackpeople are angry that you got them involved with this. They portal you back to Aperture, where I use Science to kill you, and portal the gold to me.

04-25-2013, 06:40 AM
And then I woke up and discovered your last post was just a dream...I'm still in possession of the gold.

06-16-2013, 12:41 AM
Unfortunately for you, it turns out that you were in the matrix the whole time. You wake up and find standing there with the gold, after which I ran to Jurassic Park to hide it under the T-Rex exhibit.

06-16-2013, 05:47 AM
I blew up the exhibit using the power of noodle lasers and cut a hole in the gold vault. I took it out and tranformed it into a golden golf ball. I grabbed my Driver and swinged it to Hawaii. It landed on a coconut.

06-16-2013, 08:11 PM
*in a parallel dimension*
"Sir, we have created it!"

"It's......done? it's finally been created!?"

"Yes, sir. Please be prepared for liftoff."


"well, whenever you wish, sir."

"Okay, now! :D"

*Mysteryperson mashes red button and is sucked in a dark vortex*

"Be careful! And remember, find a mineral to keep you inside! Find a-"






"S...ir...? A.re.. You...o..Kay?"

"Yeah...i'm fine...."

It worked! I'm in a parallel universe! I did it! I-

A mineral! Sitting on that three-holed rock!

*I, xtrahuman, take the gold and store it inside my bag.

06-06-2016, 02:13 AM
As a robotic lifeform, death is a mild inconvenience at worst for me, and while I am repairing, my CPU goes into overdrive, so while only seconds have passed in your time, I have had the equivalent of just under 3 years to consider this from every angle, and so using my superior knowledge and wisdom gained in my hibernation period, I put the ultimate strategy into play -- I kick you in the groin, grab the gold, and run off in a quasi-random direction.

03-28-2017, 12:45 AM
I walk to your grave, dig you up with my shovel, take the gold from your dirty pocket and walk away into the sunset.

Sir monacle
03-30-2017, 06:34 AM
I punch in you face repeatedly until you're either unconscious, or give me the gold.

Was that too brutal?

03-30-2017, 09:17 AM
I break your arms for doing that, grab the gold and run away into my castle and lock the door.

Sir monacle
03-30-2017, 06:54 PM
I ask nicely for the gold. By my surprise, you actually give it to me.

03-31-2017, 11:21 AM
I find out that you controlled my mind. I throw a fireball at you, grab the gold from your hands and run back into my castle.

Sir monacle
03-31-2017, 07:05 PM
I wished for the gold, and now it's in my possession!

03-31-2017, 08:47 PM
I throw the letter A and the letter u into the vending machine, and the gold comes out from it!

Sir monacle
04-03-2017, 06:12 AM
I grab the gold from the vending machine and run off with it.

04-03-2017, 10:30 AM
My minions stops you with baseball bats. As they keep beating you in an alley, I grab the gold and fly away with my invisible jet pack.

Sir monacle
04-03-2017, 04:51 PM
None of that actually happened, and all you did was stare at me while I ran off with the gold.

04-03-2017, 06:45 PM
I take a barrel, put you inside the barrel, take the gold which you dropped, kick the barrel downhill and run away with mah gold.

Sir monacle
04-03-2017, 07:02 PM
I steer the barrel directly into one of your house's windows, then upon your arrival, I pop out of the barrel, leaving you to have a seizure due to my completely awesome glasses that constantly flash hearts. During your moment of weakness, I steal the gold directly from your pockets, then I run off to my planet known as Mars.

04-03-2017, 09:18 PM
I use the shards of glass to reflect sunshine, and I grab a sunshine and travel in the speed of light into Mars with my space suit. Then I use a special magnet which attracts the gold bar into my possession. Then I teleport into non-monacle dimension with my gold.

Sir monacle
04-04-2017, 05:34 AM
I destroy the dimension with my Super Dimension Destroying Ray Of Doom (S.D.D.R.O.D.), forcing you to escape the dimension.

I then steal the gold when you're not looking.

04-04-2017, 09:05 AM
I chase you with a giant wolf as my steed. When I get near you, I throw a flask of holy water at you. When you are burning, I grab the gold from your hands. The gold was also burning, so it melds around my arm. My arm is now gold and I ride away with it!

Sir monacle
04-04-2017, 02:20 PM
After I've finished burning, I headed to your location, and used some sleeping gas to knock you out. I then amputated your arm (I accidently cut off your leg first, sorry about that) and ran off with the gold that was stuck to it.

04-04-2017, 07:09 PM
I got a wooden leg and a wooden arm and I became a pirate captain of a giant good old wooden ship. I sail through space into your home in Mars, bomb it with cannons, then order my pirates to steal your gold, feed you to alien sharks and then sail away into the outer space.

Sir monacle
04-04-2017, 07:13 PM
That is completely unrealistic.

I hire a bunch of ghosts to haunt you until you sign a contract, that simply states that you'll be fed to an interdimensional box named kulbarg if you refuse to marry a chicken's pet rat named Louie and give me the gold during a 7 hour meeting about blocks of cheese.

04-04-2017, 07:29 PM
I am the hero of my story. I defeat the ghosts by trapping them into a geist trapper's vacuum, destroy the box named kulbarg with fireball and cut off Louie's head with the hidden blade which was inside my wooden arm. I grab the gold and escape into my spaceship and sail away with my loyal pirates.