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Josh was a traveling sackboy in LittleBigPlanet. He climbed the highest mountains, defeated the meanest creatures, and collected cool artifacts as he traveled. One night, he stumbled apon tree, it had a shiny golden zipper attached to it. "How odd, why would someone put a zipper on a tree?" He exclaimed. "Maybe someone was tired of it's fly being down!" A voice called out. Shocked, Josh turned around, but no one was there! "Ehem, up here" He glanced up and saw a sackgirl sitting on a tree branch.

"Umm hi... who are you?" he asked, befuzzled at the girl. "I'm tia!" *Wink* "What are you doing up there?" he asked, with a slightly frightend look on his face. The sackgirl hopped down and grabbed the zipper. "i guard this tree, it's a sacktree" Josh touched the zipper SMACK! "No touchy the tree!" Tia yelled. "what is your name?" she asked "I'm Josh! i'm a traveler from the gardens!" Tia, still rubbing the zipper, taunting Josh "So. you really want to know what the tree does?" "Oh yeah! It looks so... mystical!"

The sackgirl spun Josh around and yanked the zipper down! An intense white light broke free! "Look! into the light Josh!" Tia shouted as she shoved him in! "Aaaaahhhhh!" Josh fell into the shining light screaming, the girl followed him laughing and flapping her arms. The light was so bright that Josh couldn't see. The vortex carried them, somewhere far, far away!

THUD! Josh hit the ground, landing flat on his face. Tia landing on top of him, crushing his head with her feet. "Get up silly! We're here!" Josh still dazed on the floor tries to get up. "H...Here? WHERE?!" Tia pulls his head up and points "THE CORE OF LITTLEBIGPLANET!" Surrounding them were trees, beutiful gardens, and a HUGE castle! Josh was stunned at the things he saw, in all his years of travel, he never saw anything like it! there were animals that had never been discovered, all inside a large rocky core, the size of the moon!
---------------Ch. 2: The candy king------------

After recovering from his daze, Josh wanted to see more of the core. But tia had some troubling advice to offer "Don't wander off, you may run into the candy king!" With a serious face. "The candy king? Why? Whta's so bad about him?" Josh asked. "Oh, you'll see :P" Tia replied with a smirk on her face.

They worked their way to a small pond, filled with tons of tiny frogs. Josh was astonished at the large amount of them. "Where do they all come from?" he asked, with his eyes fixed on them. But no response. "Tia?....Tia?!..." Josh began to panic, looking all around for her. Then suddenly "CANNONBALL!!!" Tia Jumped out of a tree and landed in the pond with a splash!

"C'mon, join me! It's fun"
Josh replied with a stern "NO!" Shaking his head. "you don't know if they're dangerous or not!"
Tia began to laugh "Hahahaha! These little guys? No way!" She pulled Josh's shirt, yanking him into the water! "aarrghhh" He screamed. *Splash* After the water had settled, Tia looked over at josh, soaked in froggy water.

"You okay?" Tia asked, trying to conceal her laughter.
Josh was silent. Face turned pale, his eyes glazed over.
"Josh? what's wrong?"

Tia tooked up and discovered that there were little green men standing in front of the pond, Weilding sharp, colorful spears.
They didn't look friendly. "Get up sackperson!" The biggest one yelled, as he poked Josh with the spear.
Tia an dJosh slowly stood up out of the water, holding their hands up.
"You, follow us!" The little man yelled.

"What are these?" Josh whispered to Tia.
"These are the candy king's soldiers, I think they're taking us to the candy mountain candy cave"
"Buh... The what?" Josh replied.
"It's a cave at the base of candy mountian, they take prisoners there to mine the rock candy for the king."
They continued twards the moutain.
----------------Ch. 3: Candy mountain-----------------
(Coming soon)

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I really enjoyed reading this, I can'r wait for chapter 2 :D

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Amazing and awesome

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Part 2 tonight! Featuring!!!!! Crazealec! as the Candy king!

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But, i'm not adding anything to it for a bit everyone... i'm still writing it out.
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