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05-08-2010, 01:42 PM
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All Dressed Up by iGotFancyPants

Great Visuals - As I played throught the level I noticed that the creator payed a lot of attention to level details.

Empty - Not much to do through the level. Most of the time I was left walking around with an occasional jump.
Story? - It looked like the creator was trying to put in a story, but either forgot or gave up on it.
Static - Not many moving parts. The few things that did move felt stiff.

How the level can be improved:
Emptiness - Add extra platforms and puzzles. Make more interactive objects.
Story? - Make the story progress throughout all of the level rather than leaving the player wondering 'What happened to the story?' This may involve placing characters throughout multiple parts of the level.
Static - Add more motor bolts, wobble bolts, etc. Use these to make platforms harder and more fun. Also background might need some moving parts too.

Reviewer's Notes - A mediocre level with great detail. If you care more about detail then level mechanics or platforming then this would be a great level to play. If improvements are made to the platforming and puzzle-solving parts of the level it can be really good!

Overall Rating - 6.5/10

Hearted - Sorry iGotFancyPants, but no.

05-08-2010, 02:08 PM
Jump Survival Challenge 2 by tjb0607

Original Version

Good Visuals - This level has pretty good visuals although it can be improved.
Not too easy - This level was, being a survival challenge starts off easier than it gets.

2 Platforms - Only 2 platforms made it really hard to jump from one to the next. This may not be good for people who are playing this level for their first time.
Timing - The text ran by like a cheetah! I didn't have time to read it. Also the difficulty change also goes too fast.

How the level can be improved:
2 platforms - Add one platform to the middle rather than have only the 2 throughout the whole time you can make the platform get destroyed later as long as there is a warning.
Timing - Slow down the switches used to make the difficulty/text go from one to the next. Some players are slower reader than others and may find it difficult to finish reading.

Reviewer's Notes - Being a survival challenge difficulty must be not too easy not too hard at the beginning but increase difficulty as it goes. This level did have increasing difficulty but it went by too fast. The instructions went too fast and I could not read it all so I mainly had to guess what to do, this was easy due to the simplicity.

Overall Rating - 5.5/10

Hearted - Sorry tjb0607, but no.

Jump Survival Challenge 2 by tjb0607

Update# 1

Good Visuals - This level has pretty good visuals although it can be improved.
Not too easy - This level was, being a survival challenge starts off easier than it gets.
Improved - It was improved from the original version fixing all the cons.

Feels Like its missing something - I don't know what but something seemed to be missing

How the level can be improved:
Feels Like its missing something - I cannot pinpoint the exact flaw but I think it has to do with the visual effect once the mini-game has started. The beginning looked a lot nicer than the challenge part itself.

Reviewer's Notes - It was fun to play it and the fact that everything went at a good speed so that all players can read the texts and play the challenge without failing early. It truly did become harder as the game went on and it was this time no trouble about the platforms being too far even if there are only 2.

Overall Rating - 7/10
Rating improved by 1.5

Hearted - Sorry tjb0607, but no. Close though!

05-08-2010, 05:12 PM
Color Gardens by Shabbazz

Outstanding Visuals - Greatly detailed throughout whole level.
Lots of Platforms - A great variety of different platforms.

Too Easy - All the puzzles and platforms were easily passed with few or no deaths.
Lack of Puzzles - Few puzzles gave the level a bit less
Story? - No story introduction until the end of the level. This is especially bad for a beginning to a series.
Characters? - Being a story level it needs a few more characters.
Checkpoint Placement - Some checkpoints are hard to reach and/or move.

How the level can be improved:
Too easy - Add speed to most moving platforms and make sure puzzles are more difficult.
Lack of puzzles - Make doors that only open if you finish a puzzle, in front of the door add a puzzle.
Story? - Add characters to the beginning and add spaces where sackboy talks to itself.
Characters? - Make more character, like one or two that will talk to you as you progress. (Need extra help see story levels.)
Checkpoint placement - Use Sensor Switches that turn on nearby checkpoints

Reviewer's Notes - As I walked through the level I found myself paying more attention to the detail because there was no need to look at anything else when the platforming was that easy. I had no idea if anything was connected to a story until the end of the level. This being the first in a trilogy I would expect more to do with the story. How did I get to the Color Gardens? Why was I there? all questions I wanted to have answered. I can't wait until the rest of the series is published to see if there are any improvements.

Overall Rating - 7/10

Hearted - Sorry Shhabbazz, but no.

05-09-2010, 07:38 PM
Onion Gale by NiKfY

Cool Characters - Characters were nicely detailed.
Choices - You get to choose if you want to end the level after every challenge.

Slow - The level was very slow. You are greatly punished for any mistakes.
Repetitive - Many parts of a challenge were the same.

How the level can be improved:
Slow - Speed up the movement of motor/wobble bolts. Make wobble bolts spin less.
Repetitive - Shorten some of the parts of a challenge.

Reviewer's Notes - I felt like a snail during these speed challenges. Everything went by so slowly, and felt even slower with the parts of the challenge lasting so long. In general, I am sorry to say to NiKfY, but I found it boring. The only good side is that after every race you can end the level.

Overall Rating - 5/10

Hearted - Sorry NiKfYz, but no.

05-09-2010, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the review, although I think that you didn't get the point of my level.

My level isn't a race level. You're not supposed to go fast. It is a platformer, and you simply get rewarded according to how long you take to finish each of the sections. If you do it fast it means you're good, and you get rewarded with a lot of points. If you're slow it means you're lousy, and you're rewarded with little points.

Oh well. Just curious, how far did you manage to get?

05-09-2010, 09:56 PM
Minotaur. I made one simple and small mistake and I had to go right back to the beginning (Im talking about the carts part) At that point, since this was the last cart that led to the end I was just standing, staring at the key in horror. I got frustrated because it was so close to the end and I was already losing my patience. (lol just remembered Minotaur said: Patience is key) Next time please do not post on the Review forum. If you have any questions please post a visitor message on my account.

Sorry it just seemed like a race at the beginning I'll change review.