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05-09-2010, 11:45 AM
Detective SackNatty_Boi
Detective Sack has to solve the mysterys of Old Mikes house who died years ago but strange activities have been going on there...
This is a level that I have been working on. hopefully it is longer than my sackboy short :p and shorter than a level that goes on too long :)

There will be a sequel were you find out old mikes identy and his purpose:boo:

05-09-2010, 12:20 PM
Hidy Ho crazy! Well, I just gave your level a few plays since you were nice enough to send me a PM about it, so here I am to give some feedback.

I think that this is your best level yet. I saw some great ideas used in it, and I thought that the level was just an all around better experience. As I mentioned in the Demo, I like the story for the level, and I am excited to hear more in the sequel!

I noticed a few fixed from the beta, the main one that stuck out is when you press one of the buttons and a door opens. Now you can see the door thanks to a well placed camera :)

I did have a few issues with the level that made me either have to restart or kill myself:

1) On the part with the 2 winches that have sponge on them, it can be a bit difficult to go from one sponge to another. Not only that, though, but on my first try I tried to get to the other sponge, and I ended up pushing the second sponge up on top of the platform where the button is and it got stuck :( This led to me needing to restart the level.

2) There is a part where you grab a chunk of sponge that is blocking your way. You are supposed to jump and grab the sponge, which makes some disappearing material dissolve and the chunk falls down so that you can use it to get up higher. I really liked the way this was set up and it felt very unique and fun. The problem is that the dissolve material is in the way, so it is easy to jump up and accidentally grab the dissolve instead of the sponge, and that can be a bit confusing since the dissolve is a little hard to see.

3) On the part just after the part that I mentioned, there are a series of sponges with electrified material beneath them. If you jump down and to the left, you can go around the electrified material and get out of the level. This is never good :( It would be good to extend that material out to the left if you can :)

4) Right after the part that I just mentioned, there is a button that you push which I believe is used to detonate some explosives in order to blow up some dissolve material. I just played the level for the 3rd time (once I had to restart, and the other two times I got all the way to this point), and I still can't finish so I think that something is actually wrong with the level rather than something being wrong with how my game loaded the level.

When I fell down out of the level like I mentioned earlier, I walked to the right and saw the "To Be Continued" sign, so I know that once I fall down I will be at the end of the level, that is why I figured that I would write my feedback even though I couldn't finish.

All in all I thought that this is your best level yet. Sure, there are problems, but you are trying new things, and it is much important for you to learn new things than it is for a level to work perfectly, because this is what will make you a better author in the long run!

Great work crazy555!