View Full Version : Hello! PLay my Levels Pliss!=)

06-24-2010, 03:55 PM
:) I'm Laet96 and my new levels are Islands Dojo, Chihiro Lost Castle and Thewedding!

Thanks for play my levels!=)

Captain Rule
06-24-2010, 10:20 PM
Hey there Toxic (I'm guessing you are new here).

What you should do is move to the "level and object showcase" for the PSP and post an individual thread for each level. Also, if you want more people to play your levels select yes for "F4F". F4F or feedback for feedback is a wonderful system. Here is the explanation for F4F: www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?22700-Feedback-for-Feedback.

Good luck, and I will happily test out your levels.

06-25-2010, 02:35 AM
Hidy Ho Toxic! Captain Rule is spot on with what he said. I can tell that you really want feedback/plays, because you are making a huge push for it on here as well as LBW (you PM'd me over there asking for feedback). You are certainly looking in the right place for feedback by using the forums such as LBW and LBPC, but your approach is a bit off.

I am almost always willing to leave feedback for someone who requests it. It may take me a few days, but I try to check out any request and leave honest detailed feedback. However, one instance that I will almost never reply to is when someone PM's me or makes a random post naming off all of their levels. I used to reply to these types of things, but almost 100% of the time I would never hear back from the person and then I just waisted half an hour to an hour playing through the level multiple times and writing up detailed feedback. It just isn't worth it.

The way to really get feedback is to go play other people's levels and give real feedback (not just one sentance. Rather, actually talk about what you thought about the level in a paragraph or two. Or if you are like Taffey and Jeffcu, you could write a short novel and make their day.

After giving the feedback, finish off the post by saying, Could you please check out my level called '----'." I wouldn't advise saying "Could you please check out all of my levels" or anything like that, because that is asking a bit much, and it makes it seem like you just rushed out a bunch of levels and want feedback on all of them.

My best advice would be to focus on what you think your best level is, make a thread for it (I would advise using the F4F system), and then go around leaving feedback for other people. If you go posting on other people's F4F threads, then you are basically guaranteed to be pulling in feedback of your own in no time! But you need to hold up your end of the deal and leave feedback for them!

Once people get to know you and realize that you will give feedback and reply to their feedback for you, they will be much more willing to check out your levels and support you. I have never made an F4F thread in my life, and I don't go searching out F4F threads, but since I try to leave as much feedback as I can for people when I have the chance, I think that it is generally understood that I will return the favor when people leave feedback.

So, there you have it :-) That is my advice. I'd wager a guess that the time I spent on this was waisted and you won't actually check this thread again and I just repeated the same mistake that I make by leaving feedback for this sort of thread (like I mentioned earlier in the post), but at least I gave it my best shot :-)

Good luck toxic!

06-25-2010, 07:05 AM
HI, ToxicLaet! I already gave you feedback on your level on workshopforum, so I will just repeat it here:

Great levels. Some parts are too hardcore, but you have very good style and nice materials choose.
So I gave you 5 stars for all your levels and I gave your creator heart!
I will look for you next levels!
My advice for you is adding some story for you level and then you will create briliant worlds!
Good Luck!

And I am very glad to see you on lbpcentral. Here yoo can find many good creators and use their advices (you already got one from Poo :) ).

BTW, I recomends your levels few days ago in this post - http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?19509-The-Recommendations-Thread/page3&p=505585#post505585