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10-10-2008, 11:20 PM

I just wanted to drop a quick introduction to note that i'll be dropping in to contribute when I can. This looks like a good place to hang out if one wants to talk about LBP so, I guess i'll stick around.

Boring about me stuff:
Age: 23
Location: Oregon, USA
Occupation: Telemarketer
Interests/Hobbies: Videogames. The usual stuff having to do with entertainment.
Who am I?: Introverted. Self-critical. Intelligent (or so they tell me.) I enjoy using the internet to talk about things that I enjoy. I like to use proper punctuation and grammatical rules when it comes to constructing my posts so, when I do actually post something, it's usually well-said and semi-intelligent. I realize the irony in the fact that I take great care when posting things on the internet as the majority of the users of internet message boards are almost caveman-like with their online etiquette.

Videogame stuff:
Gamer since the dying days of the Atari 2600. I didn't start sinking a lot of my time into games until the Nintendo was released. I was raised on games like Zelda and Mario. I graduated to the SNES and thus, started my obsession with RPGs. Chrono Trigger is still my most fond memory from childhood. The amazing world of the Playstation graced my life with classics such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Destruction Derby and that was the end of my hopes for a social life. There was brief one-year stand with the Dreamcast and I got very intimate with a little character named Seaman. Of course, like many, I enjoyed the experience of Playstation 2 and it's vast library of amazing games. I went through a long period of being addicted to all things Halo but I never bought into the fanboy scene as I loved my Xbox and PS2, equally. Racism is bad, m'kay? Then came the current generation and i'm still walking through it, jaded. I've had my life ruined by World of Warcraft but I won't get into my PC gaming issues...

LittleBigPlanet stuff:
I've been a part of a site called LittleBigFan.com and that was my one-stop shop for all things LBP but it collapsed one day and the successor to my once favorite LBP fansite is now just a shell of it's former self. Thusly, I have stepped down from being a moderator of that site and joined all the fansites that I have stayed away from because of my former status.
I have a level that I have created in the LBP beta that I may talk about more later in the appropriate section but for now, I think my explanation on why I haven't been here on this fansite since the beginning will suffice.

From what i've seen, you have some intelligent people around here and I like that. I look forward to lurking/posting around here and I hope you look forward to me doing so, as well.


P.S. Feel free to add me on PSN if you're a) not a moron, b) want to play LBP, and c) have a mic. =P

Whalio Cappuccino
10-10-2008, 11:31 PM
Haha, nice intro. Well, I'd like to be the first to welcome you soooo.

Welcome. :)

10-10-2008, 11:31 PM
Seems as if you're not a total n00b. lol :p JK. Nobosy uses that term here. Love the avatar and sig. :)

Welcome! :p

Edit: ****** Whaaaaale!

Tip: Whales are faster than they look...

10-10-2008, 11:34 PM
Great intro lol and welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself ^_^

10-10-2008, 11:38 PM
*salutes thee*

We have a very sane, normal group here. stick around. :p

10-10-2008, 11:50 PM

Shame I didn't see anything about TOMBA in there.. Tomba was the best game for the PS1 EVAR.

10-11-2008, 12:38 AM
Love the avatar and sig.Why thank you...

The avatar is simply the sackboy icon from the Official LittleBigPlanet news site... (the one from the address bar.) I just copied it over and over again until it became avatar-sized...

...my signature on the other hand is a drawing that I did a while back. It's an angel sackboy and the one in the middle is the original. I just tweaked it a bit in MSPaint and wa-lah, you got a siggy.

I might post the full size piece in the Art section later... i'd do it now but, the file is saved on my work computer.

Shame I didn't see anything about TOMBA in there.Oh, no worries, I played so many PS1 platformers... it's ridiculous. How can anyone forget that little guy with the fangs, hot pink hair, and green shorts? I seem to recall pigs being a big theme in that game...

...you got me thinking of other PS1 plats like Pandemonium and, of course, Ape Escape. I'm not even going to mention Crash Bandi-sellout, here. Crash's ***** have got to be sore after all the milking Sony did with that franchise.

Warm welcomes.I appreciate it. :o

10-11-2008, 12:43 AM
welcome welcome,

good to see a new member

so how was your day?

10-11-2008, 12:53 AM
So far, it's been pretty bland... I got off work about an hour ago and i'll be sittin' down to some pepperoni pizza in about 10 minutes.

I suppose you could say my day is going to get better, very soon.

Edit: Like your siggy, btw... i'm one of the proud owners of a "REJECTED" DVD. I like to watch it when i'm feeling fruity.

10-11-2008, 12:55 AM
if you knew how hungry i was right now and how good that pizza sounds i would kill you lol jj

but OOOOOOOOOO that pizza sounds good man it's good over here im on break from uni so im at home with family

10-11-2008, 01:39 AM

feel free to join the forum fun!!!!

( please doo!!)

10-11-2008, 05:04 AM
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.
It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity.
It is the middle ground between light and shadow,
between science and superstition,
and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.
This is the dimension of imagination.
It is an area which we call . . . LittleBigPlanetCentral.

10-13-2008, 06:04 PM
...and as I stepped into that vast world,
I witnessed a poet reciting a sonnet about time and space.
He said his name was code,
He welcomed me to the fifth dimension known as LittleBigPlanetCentral.
I quivered with fear as I saw pictures of whales, rabbits longing for carrots, hamsters jumping on kitten bellies, robots, and drunken miffies.
These images floating around were obviously the lost souls of this world, wandering around; their only solace being the creativity of their mind.
As I saw these things, I questioned my own mind and wondered to myself if my mind had become diseased. Is it normal to see things such as this?
Frightened, I looked back at the poet that welcomed me here; I saw that he had transformed into the Grim Reaper, following me, intently.

What have I gotten myself into?

Mark D. Stroyer
10-13-2008, 06:54 PM
Hehe. Believe me, you've found the right place. This forum here is surprisingly...normal. By real-world standards, in fact. In fact, this place is likely more normal than a great number of real-world positions. And I have no idea why. Feel free to offer your own hypothesis, as we like getting philosophic around here. (Some more than others.) The really thought-provoking question is how it actually stays that way, rather than changing as more people come in.

At any rate, welcome! I'm the forum's resident for very opinionated and full-bodied posts (verging towards but usually not touching rambling) with unwavering grammar standards, so I've got a feeling we'll get along fine. Welcome to the Planet.

(Note: "I" is capitalized. *Grins.*)

10-13-2008, 07:06 PM
*grimaces back*

I grew up learning that "i'd," "i'm," "i've," etc. etc. were all done with a lower case "i" and it seems only about 6 or 7 years ago, that rule has changed. Apparently it's supposed to be a capital "i," no matter what. It is one of the only grammatical laws that has plagued me for a long time.

I'd change my ways if only I weren't so stubborn.

It just looks weird... >.>

Eh, i'll work on it...

...curses! I mean, "I'll" work on it. =)

Mark D. Stroyer
10-13-2008, 07:14 PM

*Chuckles.* That was actually intended as a joke. I like to make sure that what I say is as clear as possible, (although all too often my brain muddles it up) and as well provide by example. I don't go around correcting people's grammar. If something is very unclear, however, I will make sure that gets straight, although through more subtle ways. About the only actual correcting I do is when I know someone who has problems, wants to fix it, and actually appreciates me showing them just where they go wrong.

So carry on, and don't worry about it because of me, only if it's because of you, instead.

10-13-2008, 08:05 PM
No worries, man...

As a rule, I take nothing seriously when it comes to internet forums.

I figure if there's anything serious going on, it can be taken to the Private Message system.

I try to remember to use the "/sarcasm" tags in my posts for people that don't think the same way, though.

10-13-2008, 08:19 PM
You know, I never got to see LittleBigFan alive. This is the first and only LittleBigPlanet fansite I joined, and I love it here(as you can see). I hope you enjoy it here. :)

10-13-2008, 08:31 PM
Yeah, there's 6 or 7 fansites out there. Too bad there's no way to combine them all into one big mega-fansite. If I have a level i'd like to pimp, i'm going to have to post it 6 separate times.

Thanks for the welcome wishes.