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06-29-2010, 12:57 AM
The level starts out with a title sequence as your presented with the words "Puzzle World". You then die and re spawn in a black and white chamber, in which you must complete the first puzzle. The puzzle involves you coloring puzzle pieces with your sticker, pretty easy. When your done, the room floods with water allowing you to proceed upwards. The next room's puzzle requires you just to spin a wheel so it matches the picture on the wall, again pretty easy. The next room requires you to put puzzle in there matching box, and the room after that requires you to rotate some pipes into place, once again really easy. These puzzles aren't that challenging and don't require much thinking to solve. To be honest, they aren't much puzzles, and more like matching games, match this piece, rotate this to match this, etc. As you walk thru the level, you get some dialog, with the character confused about his surroundings. After you get past the "puzzles" you get to some weird techno colored section. Here some eye on the wall tells you there is no escape, and later tells you, your making a mistake. Seems like the potential for some interesting story, but it is not explored as much. After pulling some switches, and 1 shot from the paintinator you make it to another color change, as the world turns yellowish-greenish. Here you do some simple platforming, and the level ends with you jumping down, away from some eye octopus looking thing. The level is pretty short, and doesn't seem polished enough, as blobs of black matter are visible in some parts, and some parts look badly cut.

Thinks i like: the potential for an interesting story, and the color scheme at the start.

Things i dislike: The un polished look in some parts. The length fells a little too short. The puzzles can be more challenging, and innovating. To improve this level, the story should be more developed, as well as better puzzles. Also some time spent on making it look fully polished.

Overall: Lots of potential, but currently lacking in many parts.

06-29-2010, 03:20 PM
yeah, I thought that too to be honest. You are very welcome to try out the new -unfinished so far- more difficult version that has not as of yet elaborated on the story, but will very soon. That level was originally for my little sister so it's pretty easy, I was just experimenting. Your reveiw is very helpful and i thankyou, but when I finish the new level can you reveiw that too?

06-30-2010, 03:41 PM
Hey, Fudge, could you please review my level? It's a mix of eight different stages in one level.

Level name: Onion Gale

If you do review my level, I will review one of your levels in return.

07-12-2010, 01:20 AM
hey can u check my level psn artise1 my levels called jungle run i published it ages ago but since then i improved it but havent published the new version yet so its the old one still but anyway can u review it for me? i give it 3 stars prob as it was my first full level but it be great if u review it thx