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06-30-2010, 06:36 PM
Hey there again. Just wanted to share with you the project I'm going to be building in LBP2. It's called "Germ", and obviously, like the name suggests, its about Germs, well, bacteria, parasites, bad germs and stuff to be exact ;), here's the story line:

STORY: As part of a new project of Sack Technologies, the company begins to build a special type of atomizing machine which in terms vaporizes enemy's, it didn't work according to plan. Instead it caused the item which was being tested, to shrink, the scientist were baffled by the spectacle. But somewhere around the world, another scientific experiment was taking place, which would be soon the worst breakout of "Germs" ever recorded in LittleBigPlanet's history.

The experiment was testing special bacteria cells, that, originally, were going to be trained to kill other type's of bacteria, parasites, and cancer cells, or really anything that was going to harm a Sack person's body. The experiment failed, and the bacteria was mutated to grow extremely fast, and the organism spread across the world rapidly, exchanging cells with other organisms. Now the two team's of scientist are planning to create a special fleet of "Germ" killing machines, to save LittleBigPlanet from total annihilation. (Oh, by the way, the mutated bacteria is a bad thing, just in case you didn't get that.:))

So basically, the two technologies are being used to kill the "Germs". Gameplay? Well, I got a few theory's on that, but anyway, I hope you like the idea.

I'll be adding on to this post for more details later on.