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07-03-2010, 05:42 AM
I will be needing some hoverboard minigame maps for my hoverboard demonstration so I thought a contest would be fun.

HoverBoard Minigame Contest

Reward: Minigame map will be used in level with credit given, and anyone have any other ideas?

Theme:I don't really care much but extra points for fitting into grids around it and using only materials of the grids, cardboard, dissolve, dark matter.

Things to make (Choose one or more, I will only reward you once though even if you win more than one thing) :

Hoverboard Slap-match [15 entries, 1 winner]
For this you need to build a square room (doesn't have to be completely square) where you can go around on the hoverboard and slap people either to die or just fall off. You must put a button in that will activate an emitter for me to put the hoverboards. The button must be near a flat area thats allows for 4 boards to be placed (either in different layers or one layer). This button must also be able to disappear after a certain amount of time (1-3 minutes or around there) There has to be an infinite checkpoint in the room and also a way to kill everyone after about 5 minutes or so.

Hoverboard race [15 entries, 1 winner]
This will take up a little more space but I want it so that there are obstacles but not too hard of obstacles. 3 layers for 3 people and I will put the hoverboards in and you need a checkpoint in. Also, try to keep it as compact as possible.

Hoverboard Deathmatch [30 entries, 2 winners]
This is basically the same rules as slap-fest but with paintinators. You place paintinators.

Hoverboard survival [20 entries, 1 winner]
This is where 3 players are flying around on hoverboards while one is trying to kill them all. STRONGLY RECOMMEND adding a one player mode where computer uses the trap control thing. Checkpoint needed, Paintinator allowed.

One Minigame of your choice [30 entries, 1-2 winners (depends)]
Needs to include: Checkpoint, place to put hoverboards.
Allowed: Paintinator, scuba gear, and Equipment removal thing.
NOT allowed: Any of the previous minigames, jetpack.
Needs to be compact please!

Please if you want to be a part of this comment on this thread AFTER your minigame is made. You can either add me on PSN OR publish a level of your minigame with LBPC Hover before level name. You WILL need to have found A hoverboard to publish level [note hoverboards will vary]. Enjoy making the minigames (I can give you hoverboard if you need to see what you're working with, just add me.
Oh and your map has to be better than the ones I'm creating (it won't be that hard to make them better)

Ends August 1
Level comes out with minigames probably August 5.
Results August 2, 3, 4th
Subject to change

07-03-2010, 08:45 PM
I really need some entries so that it will be much better than I could make (yes you get credit in level)

07-03-2010, 09:23 PM
Hm. I don't personally approve of the prize, because that is abusing the system. You get hearts so people can find their favourite levels, and others can find other people's favourites.

You have high and low ratings to differentiate the levels people have not spent much, or any time on at all from levels people really pour their hearts into making.

If people keep abusing this system, then LBP will be overrun with useless, annoying and "rubbish" levels, and we'll keep getting stuck with them instead of good levels.

Why don't you simply ask for someone to help you, rather than get someone to do it all for you? There are plenty of willing fools creators that would help you out!

07-03-2010, 09:49 PM
well i suppose I just assumed that this was okay because i saw a few other ones like this. I'll edit.

07-03-2010, 11:20 PM
If people keep abusing this system, then LBP will be overrun with useless, annoying and "rubbish" levels, and we'll keep getting stuck with them instead of good levels.
because thats not happened at all has it? :p

07-04-2010, 12:39 AM
Oh boy, you get to use my level for yourself?
Oh well how awesome, i'll try to put many hours into this to win then, after all, who doesn't want their level they spent effort in, published by someone else, right? -_-

Altho there IS a "Help!' section if you want someone to help you with your level m8, if that's all you wanted, which would be retty good, as i think htere are more people willing to help build a level rather than build a level for someone else. :p

Usually a contest is for the players to make levels that they're gonna keep m8, you could offer xp that will be handed out once the xp system returs to the site tho. :)

07-04-2010, 04:54 AM
yeah but thats not up right now and i dont really want to promise 500 for each person so I guess I'll just ask in help. Could this be locked?