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07-05-2010, 09:22 AM
ACED! w000t yellow head here i ... err am?

I'll post a guide aswell when I do it
I've figured out the best way of taking out the 1st boss
Guide part 1: The Anti-you-slam-spikes-down-on-sackboy-and-zap-you-with-electricity boss

Brains to get: 4 - separated in lots of two

Bosses weapons: spikes, electricity

When you 1st get into the room run all the way to the boss and grab the piece of dissolve as the boss swings across to the left you will get the brain, hunker down in the far left corner as he slams down beside you, run all the way to the far right corner and hunker down there as well - pop the brain as he slams down again.

after the 1st two brains on each side 2 more will pop up in the same place and he will start shooting balls of electricity at you, wait in the far right corner as he will shoot 1st at the left corner pop the brain as he goes beside you, run back to the left corner as this time he will target the right corner, pop the brain and proceed onto the next boss

Guide part 2: The Big Boss

Brains to get:

6 on the fists 6 on the robots he emits and 5 on the 2nd form

Boss weapons: crushing, lighning waves, walls of lightning and mini robots (6)

As you come up the elevator grab the brain nearest too you about a second after the boss will lift his fists - head into the middle of the fists about now is were he will drop some more robots - kill these and make a mad dash for the far right side popping the outer brain on his right fist on the way there.
after this he will send yet another 2 robots - kill these and don't worry about them again - theres 3 waves of them in lots of 2 throughout the fight he'll begin walking towards the right corner of the arena pop the brains of the inside of his hands and continue to his 2nd form.

his 2nd form will call down waves of electricity basically lightning you'll know when he's about to do this because he will fly up to the room and slam back down - by then you should be at the far right of the arena - nothing can hurt you here his other wepon he used to guard his at the time exposed brains he'll shoot down balls of lightning at you as he moves - so either be inside the walls of lightning out outside of it - pop the two brains on the bottom and run to the far right as he jumps up.
wait for 2 - 3 waves of this and he'll drop a capsule - use this to jump up to his middle two brains - only attemps to get the one under his head if you have killed all the other brains or else he might squish you and you'll have to restart after this run after the collector - but don't try and jump around, stay in the closed plane, lane what ever - just don't die. the score board will drop.

Congratulations on acing a relatively hard level - have fun with your yellow head costume.
Yellow head Info: (this is all off the top of my head)
you cant wear any kind of costume on top of it.
it is the original "sackboy" made by media molecule from a game called craftworld - they showed this to sony or something and sony acepted it - craftworld was like a beta for lbp only not a beta (you get what i mean?, no? it came before lbp)
you can attach decorations to it.
you can't attach stickers to it.