View Full Version : Co-Sack Mansion (2 Players)

07-13-2010, 04:40 PM
This is a level that requires 2 sackpeople or more in order to work.
There will be 2 floors, one on top of the other, and 1 sackperson on each floor.
It will have edited gravity in order for some of the obstacles to work.
Using my super 2-minute artist skills, I've roughly sketched some obstacles, but you'll get the gist.
This is a plank obstacle. Depending on the direction of the indents on the plank, one person on either the top or bottom must push it so the plank is clear out of their way.
One of the most complicated to explain, so Ill cut it down. The sackperson on top will emit the 2-sponged connectors, the bottom sponge will be grab-able from below. The sackperson below must swing across them, and pull the lever in order for the next doors to open.
A teeter-totter obstacle. The player on top must jump onto the plank below, catapulting the other sackperson to the top, who then will pull the lever, opening the door for both sides.

Questions? Comments? Logic suggestions?