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07-14-2010, 08:47 PM
Apparently The Year Project has already been done (though it is not mentioned who) and as I have no intentions copying I have digged up this project. It's more or less the back-up plan to The Year Project if it's already done by someone else.

The Year Project link:
If you know the project's name, please tell!

Anyway (I hope this idea has not been done)... :gopher:

I was going to make this level in LBP a long time ago, but due to lack of skills then I made a stop the whole project. I am now going to restart on this project from scratch, now with a set of skills in tip top shape! This is how I have visualized it...

In a world, quite like our own, in another dimension. People live as normal, except for one thing... They can perform magic. And that is not all. Toys has become the mayor way of utilizing magic. Turning the limp toys into living beings, they have turned into man and woman's servants. Toys are used for everything, form sending messages to make food...
The most renowned toy maker in the world goes by the name Jamming Heatfield (Metallica FTW XD) and in secrecy he has made an illegal toy. A toy that thinks. For the government has been clear on that matter. Anyone who makes a toy with a human mind are to be executed. Anything that may turn itself and others against the humans is a danger. The toys are pretty much used as slaves, and people are content with that, they don't mind. For them they are just toys...
But not for Hamming. He looks at them as friends. And he wants a real friend, that can think with him. The first version is in the form of a doll cat. His name is Call (mix between doll and cat) and he can both think and talk. At first he is content, but after a while he gets lonely, and sets out to the world. Without telling anyone. Hamming does in haste make you, sackboy, to go and get him back. You can think as well, but the power of speech is not something you have been given. And so the adventure continues...

This is what I have come up with so far I think. I would also like co-operators, (that is, if this idea is not taken, which I really hope it is not). This will at least stretch over 3 levels, I think, maybe more, probably not less. What do you think about the idea? Please leave feedback!