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07-25-2010, 07:19 PM
Well after looking at MANY videos on the upcoming LBP 2 I have had my ideas all set on a strategy game. I LOVE strategy games. I own many but none that include my style of charecters or ennnemies or even themes. I know there is a LBP 2 strategy game already made, i am not making it ANYTHING like that. The main idea will be that you have unit creations and different units(this is a 1 player game). You can have up to 7 units in total. You chose your units to go to battle or complete a mission. When in range of an enemy or objective, you will jump into a first person view of your main unit, witch you select in the beggining of the game. In the battle you will fight the enemy or complete the objectives using the items, weapons and or Vehicles you can use in each lvl. Each battle ranging from 3rd person tank fights to 3rd person Shooters. In each "battle" you can turn on mini pause with your D-pad And select units to do different things. For example, you need to get across a gap inbetween two mountains there is a natural pulley formation with a boulder attached to the trunk of a tree. To get past u must select your strongest unit to grab and pull the boulder, then you will use the trunk as a bridge. The controls for the main part of the game where you can go through worlds and battles will be just a controlinator on each unit, depending on what main unit you use that is the controlinator you will pop into. Then you have a cursor that you use to either control your main unit or other units. to battle. The controls for in those missions or battles will be simple and will be explained before every mission.

Stealth: Somewhat like the Main sniper unit, fast agile and With a one shot kill move for close range. Also a long range "sniper" like weapon.

Attack: Medium health and high attack. Weapons include, a melee weapon, medium range weapon, and a rocket launcher.

Defence: Has a heavy machine gun that wil over heat over time, this is your buffest unit, has the highest health but is the slowest. Also has a shield that can protect up to 2 units at a time.(though only if selected as main)

Speed: Very light and fast but low health and low defence, very good at melee and close range. Only has knives, but the knives can be thrown or can quickly stab ennemies.usefull for timed minigames in the lvls.

I cant think of any more units to add, any feedback would be appreciated, And i cant even think of a name, the theme will be sci-fi with some modern and midevil thrown in there. Im very excited about how this game will turn out, hopefully people will enjoy it aswell!

07-26-2010, 04:25 PM
Hmm... sounds awesome. I hope that the environments will be riveting too.

07-28-2010, 12:50 PM
Sounds like fun. I don't quite understand what you mean by "you will jump into a first person view of your main unit". How will that work? will that part of the level take place in a 2D environment or will it be top down. It sounds like a good idea though and I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

08-11-2010, 12:18 AM
I know this is a late post but ive been thinking alot about the tools that we get when lbp2 comes out, and i have a basic idea of what the lvls logic will be like. And scifiguy the main part of the game will be a top down rts game, you will fight most battles and mini-challenges this way with unit selection and creation. in the beggining of the game you will spawn in a DCS and select your main unit.After selection you will transfer to the dc you selected.While on that dc you can select your own units, a unit creator and other units created to do what you wish. When in certain parts of the game, like boss battles or difficult puzzles, you will be transported to what looks like a close up, more detailed version of the game. So starting from top down, it will always stay top down but those important areas can be whole worlds, universes. One idea is that slowly as you progress in the game you become included in a war between different galxies witch has started for political and relegious reasons. The last level will be in space, and leave you under control of IMMENCE number of troops, ships and other new units. You will learn how to use them while you play these levels. So to go in more detail about the "you will jump into a first person view of your main unit" The game has main units, and secondary units, witch you dont get attached to within the game. BUT, your charecter will gain a liking to the other main units. In some of the battles your troops are all destroyed other then you, and the other mains. Instead of moving a cursor, you move your main charecter while your other "main" freinds help without you telling them what to do while you battle. These can also be more like a close up perspective of the world you are introduced to where you can really "play" with the rest of the environment. This will be in the beginig of the series when you are less interfered with the batle of galaxies. I will help clarify any questions that you pose, as i am VERY excited with the outcome of this series!