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Hey, here's chapter 5. Sorry I'm late. Expect them around 1:00 now. Well, 1:00 where I live. Expect them in the afternoon, I should say.
-Chapter 5: 5,4,3,2,1... Educate!-

-Daddio’s Point of View-

I jumped though the woods, tree to tree. This level was crazy. Who throws a sackboy into a forest using a catapult?
But that wasn’t what was on my mind. It was Rekon, the non-believer. True, if I didn’t believe in LittleBigFoot, I wouldn’t have fallen. But this was a matter of principle. There was nothing wrong with being a Bigfoot believer!

Then, the sign popped up. The entire screen darkened, and a message appeared. Reading it backwards, it said:

Currently, LittleBigPlanet is under maintenance. You will be signed off until maintenance is finished.

This was the part where I get a miniature search bar.

Let me explain. Itastelikechickin had been elected president. His first act would be to supply for the people with a disorder, so he added a little section to the educational system, where two sackboys could be linked so they always remain in the same level. The educational system had been told to the Soviet Union, which was in charge of it, to the LittleBigChristians, so they could prey to Spaff in order to get maintenance time to launch it, and finally to the rest of us who caouldn't be educated could BE educated. Like Rekon

During this maintenance time, the sackboys would get a search bar, so they could meet with friend, get even with their enemies, and play their favorite level. The only exception was the treasure levels, because that would make a sackboy rich.

I grabbed the keyboard. I reached out my hand, and hit the “R” Key

“E” was next, followed by “K”

“O” followed, and I finished the search term with “N”


There was one result.

“Rekon. Location: Hospital.”

Oh god.

He was hurt.

-The Destroyer’s Point of View-

80% complete.

Chief Duty walked up to me.

“Sir, there are no bugs, and it’s flawless.” He said.

“Excellent,” I replied, “Take this USB. Stick it in the scoreboard. Leave as soon as possible. Let no one in the level for about two weeks. The Virus needs to install itself into the scoreboard.”

“Yes sir.”

“You are excused.”

I sighed. Two weeks, and a day. That would be it. Patience would kick in.

And my brother avenged.

-Popsiclegod123’s Point of View –

I pulled the switch.

The yell rang out, “Education down! Install the alternate system!”

The company bustled with action. Meanwhile, my desk was taken out. The next one came through the second door.

There it was. A new chart, to track those with SRLs. This was a second chance at the red mark situation. The system was cleared, and the permanent record was gone.

I jumped into the chair. It spun around, and I looked over the charts. Everything would be running smoothly. Every single one of us had prepared for this in the last 24 hours. Everything would be perfectly executed. It would be very precise.

And that silly Rekon wouldn’t mess this up ever again.

And if he did, there would be no mercy.

Nonetheless, everything ran smoothly. All that was left was for the program to install.

The supercomputer showed the percent bar.

0% finished. It estimated 1% a minute.

100 minutes.

Let the countdown begin.


OoOoOoOohh... Chills

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yay!!!! i <3 it!!! u should get someone professional 2 look at it!! its great!!! :D soooo intense! more more! :)

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woo carry on its so good and draws you in