View Full Version : Bonhee1's level production

08-03-2010, 08:06 AM
i am bonhee1 ( in psp :P) i plan to MAKE : a war against zombies with usable robots and guns that can only be used if you are in a tower ! also, my previouse game : live your life , will be EVEN MORE larger and i am mixing it with a zombie war if you get tired :P :P :P total fun. next i will be making a bomb survival that takes place in ********* NEW YORK ******** awesome huh? i will also make the building seperatable so, when a bomb hits, the peices go flying ! fun XDXD lastly, i, bonhee1, will be making an rpg , (LOL) i think my previouse levels ( * the sword in the stone * and the text episode of that) have only got 1 star for both of them (though i worked SO hard on them) i will make this one more FUN and dificult. also gonna add creativity XP . oh! and i am curently fixing my level, * from room to journey * (super super fun... yet predictable and short... *** :( *** plz just text search " bonhee1 * and you will get all my gamez :P rust meh !