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08-07-2010, 03:50 AM

Some of you may be familiar with the black poppit. Heck, I'm sure you guys have all seen one in real life. You know, you were doing the story, and you get out your other controller because you have no friends (jk :p) and Sackboy pops out and BAM! Black poppit. Did you ever think "Boy, I wish I could keep that black poppit forever... :boo:"

Well, now you can.

It's been almost a year now since I started looking for a tutorial on how to make it permanent. Nothing. Zip. Zata. So the other night, I sat down for a few hours, and tried to make myself get how to player/profile/save system worked with LBP. I can honestly say that I figured out how to get a permanent black poppit completely 100% by myself.

So enough with my success story, let's get to the poppit coloring.

Ok, so first of all, take a picture of you with your poppit open. Now, open photoshop, and take out the fill tool... JUST KIDDING. :gopher:

NOTE: You WILL need to start over. I will explain how to make sure you always have your original save, but your new profile with the black poppit will have to be a new save game.

1. You're going to want to back up your profile you have now, just incase you want to go back at any time. For those of you who don't know how, You MUST be in your pod. then, press the start button, then settings, then profile settings, and then back up profile. Choose a save slot or create a new one if you've never backed up your data before.

2. Once that's done, go ahead and exit LittleBigPlanet. Once you're back in the XMB (The Playstation 3 Main Menu) Go to the Game bar.

3. Go to the very top. There should be something that's called "Game Data Utility". Click it.

4. Find the LittleBigPlanet profile of the account you're in now. So let's say my PS3 User's name (NOT PSN name) is Sam. It will say "Sam LittleBigPlanet Profile". Go ahead and press the triangle button, and then delete. You might be cringing, but remember, you do have your backed up save. You didn't lose ANYTHING. :)

5. Now, you're going to need to create a new PS3 user. Head to the very left bar on the XMB (PS3 menu) and go up on that bar until you see "Create new user". Enter any random name. Even the default User1 is fine. Name isn't important. You're probably thinking that you'll need to use this profile to use the black poppit. This isn't true. I will tell you how to get it on your main profile that you use every day.

6. Once you've created that account, scroll down until you see the name you just entered in the user list. It should be under your current account. Go ahead and press X on it, and then when it asks you if you want to log in, say yes. :)

7. Once you are logged in to this new account, go straight to the game bar, and hit LittleBigPlanet on the disc icon. You DO NOT need to create a PSN ID for this new account.

8. After you go through the opening dreamer cutscene, and you agree to one or two things, you will pop out of the very first checkpoint in the "Introduction" level. Hold down the PS button, and go down one to "Controller settings".

9. Now it gets tricky: When you click controller settings, click on "Reassign the Controller" and switch it to number 2. Exit the PS menu, and when you back on the game screen, select "Guest". When you pop out of the checkpoint, press square to check your poppit color. If it's black, skip to step 11.

10. If it's NOT black, go back to the PS controller menu, and Reassign the controller to 3, and then check as a guest to see if it's black. Keep reassigning the controller a different number (it goes up to 7) until your "Guest" has a black poppit. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE GUEST. In the rare case that NONE of the seven controller reassignments have the black poppit, hold the PS button and quit the game. When you get back to the XMB, just go straight back in to LittleBigPlanet. There should be a whole new set of seven colors. If you are an extremely unlucky happy gadder, and none of the now 14 controller reassignments have the black poppit, just keep exiting and re-entering the game until one does.

11. Alright, you have the the black poppit on a GUEST sackboy, on a different profile. Whoop de sacking doo. Now we have to take that black poppit and get it on your main account. Whatever controller reassignment number had the black poppit on it, MEMORIZE IT. So, let's say, for me, controller 5 guest had the black poppit. Now, what we're gonna do is switch it to a random controller number that DOESN'T have the black poppit. So, like I said, my magic controller number was 5. I'm going to change it to controller 2. Now, once the random number controller sackboy spawns from the checkpoint, go back, and change it back to the number controller that has a black poppit. Again, I would now change it back to controller number 5. (Yes, it was necessary to do this. Here's why) Now, Don't choose guest this time! Choose the profile name that you normally use. So, we're on user1 now, but I usually use Sam. So instead of guest, I would select Sam for controller 5, which has the black poppit.

12. This is what just happened: For me, the User "Sam" didn't have LittleBigPlanet profile data anymore. Remember? We deleted your main account's data. So, the new account we're on noticed that. It basically said "Oh, Sam doesn't have any data. We'll create it for him." And so it did. Your main account now has profile data. Better yet, your new account also made your main profile save with the black poppit.

13. So now, you can go back to your main account. Quit LittleBigPlanet, go back to the very left bar on the XMB, and press X on your main account. Once again, mine is "Sam". Log in. If you please, you can delete the new PS3 user account you just made.

14. Start LittleBigPlanet on your main account. You should pop out of the intro level with a black poppit. MAKE SURE that when you press L1, it says your name in black. (You're gonna need to go forward a bit to make sure, the beginning of the intro level is dark. :)

15. Enjoy. If it shows just your PSN in black, and you open your poppit and it's black, you did everything right. If not, go back and go through all of these steps again. If you don't believe that it's permanent, go ahead and turn off your PS3, and turn it back on. Enter LittleBigPlanet, and check. It will still be there. It will be there until you change the color.

Speaking of that, you don't want to accidentally screw it all up, so I suggest that after you finish the Intro level, you back it up. Do the same thing that I told you how to do in the beginning, but MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IT IN A DIFFERENT SLOT THAN YOUR ORIGINAL BACK UP SAVE FROM BEFORE. Now, if you are a rather mentally slow sack on a particular day, and accidentally hit the poppit change screen, you can go back to this save. Every time I play on my black poppit file, I always back it up. Simply overwrite the black poppit save with a new black poppit save every time you're done playing. Not much different than back when video games didn't autosave and you had to manually save when you were done playing. :hood:

Read this, too.
So let's say you're done with your black poppit. You want your old save back. Simply go to the same menu you used to back up your saves, and hit "Import save". Then, select your old save. Simple as that. The best part is, you ALSO have a back up of your black poppit save, so you can switch back and forth whenever you want.

Have fun impressing your friends! :p

Comments are much appreciated.



08-07-2010, 04:03 AM
prob is, i want all my stuff AND black pop-it :(
Great tutorial though :D

08-07-2010, 04:10 AM
Well, you work for it. I did the story over again on that save in about 3 hours. LBP's story mode isn't long or too difficult. :)

Night Angel
08-07-2010, 04:11 AM
Yeah, same here. I want Black Pop-It as well as my regular file. Nice tutorial, nonetheless!

08-07-2010, 04:15 AM
Cool, I forgot it effects costumes.
Hopefully they add this as a selectable colour in LBP2.

08-07-2010, 04:16 AM
Again, nothing is impossible to get back. Plus, you can look at it like training for LBP2.

Ready up your platoforming skills.

Won't it be worth it when you have everything done and a black poppit? lol. Thanks for the support though. Took a while to write that. :P

08-07-2010, 05:19 AM
Very nice. I'm seriously considering doing this, but I'm not relishing the idea of having to ace the bunker and get three friends together for all the 4x parts again.

[edit] Oh, and making all my costumes again. Yeah, I'm totally not doing it. Nice find, though.

Mr Nive
08-07-2010, 07:44 AM
Great thread, however I'm not sure I want to playthrough the story mode 100% for a third time. Corrupted files had me do it twice. Not considering it in the slightest. Good work on the find though.

08-07-2010, 07:55 AM
I thought we already knew this? I did and thought all you already knew... :p

I got the impression you were gonna tell us how to get it WITH our current profile. :(

08-07-2010, 09:41 PM
At comic-con i got to play lbp2 and you do get to choose the black poppit

08-07-2010, 09:52 PM
@ Werty- You better not be lying or else.. (fakethreat)I WILL WRING YOUR NECK!!!(/fakethreat)

08-07-2010, 10:14 PM
At comic-con i got to play lbp2 and you do get to choose the black poppit

Oh that is just another freaking cool reason of why i pre-ordered LBP 2
I can't wait!!!

08-08-2010, 03:17 AM
it didnt work for me =(

08-08-2010, 03:41 AM
Try the steps again.

Good luck!

08-08-2010, 09:36 AM
Black poppit = Black paintballs??

08-08-2010, 09:36 PM
The paintballs are multicolored, and really cool colors at that.

08-18-2010, 10:19 PM
Is this patched? I've tried 50+ times and it never works. Not only that, but the colours always go in the same order...

08-19-2010, 11:03 PM
No, It's not patched.

Try turning off your PS3, and booting it up again.

Not only that, but are you exiting the game after reassigning it 7 unsuccessful times? The game assigns all 7 assignments a color. You have to get one of them to be black.

08-20-2010, 08:59 PM
This somehow doesn't work for me. I've gotten up to step 11, and I have successfully gotten the black poppit (Controller 7). Then, I would switch the controller to a random number say, 4. When I try to switch back to controller 7 with the black poppit and sign in under my main account, but it'll stay on, 'James's Best Fwiend' and it won't let me switch. Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT : Nevermind! I surrender... The poppit has beaten me..

08-20-2010, 10:25 PM
Cool, I forgot it effects costumes.
Hopefully they add this as a selectable colour in LBP2.

i couldnt see why they wouldnt ;)
anyway i wish you didnt have to restart but a good tutorial none the less :)

The age of LOLZ
08-21-2010, 11:09 AM
No black popit= multicolour paintballs which change colour everytime you fire!

08-26-2010, 12:22 AM
Not bad. And plus you get to change your name! :D