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This an lbp version of a story i actually wrote. enjoy ;) I add on more every here and there, so check back often! I may not post as often now that summer is over... so sorry for the waiting!

The beautiful jungle flowers bloomed in the mist that collected on the jungle floor. I raced under the towering pitcher plants and elephant ears. Soon, the fog was to thick for me to go forward. I turned around and went back the way i had come, where the haze was more scarce. The abuta and catuaba plants lined the small path that ran past their stems.
A troop of lemurs soon crossed my way and i quickly took hold of the fuzzy, striped tail of one of its members. It did not help that sackpeople are only 8 centimeters tall. I climbed my way up its tail until I was on it's back where i then laid back and looked up at the sky. The gentle rhythm of the lemur's steps relaxed me, and thoughts of home crept into my head. Those thoughts turned into a flashback.
Five sacklings and I sat inside the space ship as the door closed. I looked out the window and waved good bye to my friends. Our ship was designed and built by one of my closest friends, The_Ziggster. She sadly wasn't going to be accompanying us on our mission to Earth. Other known as 'The Orb of Dreamers' Earth caused the existence of LittleBigPlanet through the imagination of the human race that inhabit it. On LittleBigPlanet, many sackpeople were getting ill after running out of creativity and originality. It was our mission to harvest imagination from Earth to heal the sick ones back home.
I opened my eyes and realized i had fallen asleep, as well as the lemurs. The sky was blackened and stars had come out of hiding. A light rain trickled through the trees and formed puddles on the ground. I sat up and looked around, but i couldn't recognize my surroundings. The lemurs had traveled farther than I'd imagine they would. A cracking sound came from my right. Could it be the group searching for me? I slid down the lemur's tail quickly and walked toward were the sound had came from. As I went around a tree, a booming voice spoke,"We can set up camp here. Tomorrow we will start researching the animal population data."
I staggered back in fear and hid in a group of ferns nearby. I peeked out of my hiding spot and took a closer look at the monstrous speaker. A spark lit in my head and i realized what i had found. Humans. I had found the answer to our problems! I slowly paced closer towards them and waited by a mossy rock. The skin didn't seem to have a variety in humans, but their hair and faces did. They drove sticks into the ground and draped material over the structures. Why didn't they use their pop-it? Should I help them? I happily opened my pop-it and designed a small shelter for me to stay in. They seemed okay with the way they made themselves a place to stay. I made a fire with my tools and realized my electrify and toxic gas lethality tools were not in my pop-it supply. Had we not needed it for our mission? I put the conflict out of my mind and crawled into my tent to get a bed to use. There wasn't quite much in the shelter, and I wasn't quite in the mood to get out my pop-it at this time of night. I picked up a big,fuzzy leaf that laid on the ground and started to go through the tent opening to sleep under the stars, as usual. I hesitated, something pulled me back from what I often do. Am I sensing danger? Instead of going outside to sleep under the twinkling stars, I draped the leaf over myself and fell asleep on the tent floor.

I woke to the call of a macaw nearby, and the chorus of bugs on the ground. The rain seemed to have stopped, and the humans had left before I had awoken. Their tents seemed like monstrous caves about to swallow me whole, and their extinguished fire had embers that glowed like orange Christmas lights. The tents captured my curiosity as I came near their peculiar structures. The material had a strange texture and what was inside bewildered me.
The humans seemed more complex than sackpeople guessed they were back home. Logic was crammed into every possible space available. Gigantic tables held what looked like boxes with glowing screens. Where were the pistons, wobble bolts, and magnetic keys? I hopped and grab held of the edge of a big metal box on the right of me, and pulled one leg over until I gradually pulled the rest of me on top. From the height I was at, I was able to get a great view of the rest of the fascinating objects stored in the tent. As i scanned the area, a mesh cage caught my eyes from across the tent. I jumped onto an upturned pencil cup and onto a table. A mess of papers and cups of water littered its surface, and 3 of the boxes with screens were placed in a row. In front of each screen a platform of buttons were neatly lined in front with letters on each button.With no way around, I took a step onto the board of buttons and made my way across. As I started to make my way across platform two, I noticed how when i stepped on a button, a letter appeared on the glowing screens. A grin spread on my face and i happily spelled the words 'little big planet.' I proudly looked at my work and moved on to the last letter board. After a minute of finger tapping, thoughts, and ideas 'play create share' were across the screen of the third box. Satisfied, I went ahead and jumped down from the table and walked the rest of the length to the mesh cage on the far side of the tent. A marvelous smell came from inside. I was able to make out the fragrant of strawberries, a sweet treat available not only on earth, but on lbp as well. I poked my head into the gabbing opening, and drew back at the threatening atmosphere that lurked inside. Slowly walking backwards, I stared into the depths of the cage. Why do I feel it's ominous and sinister? I jumped as a human walked into the tent and picked up some of the papers off the tables. He whistled a tune, and gathered object into a bag with two straps and a opening at the top that could be closed up. As he slipped the straps onto his shoulders, he stopped and stared. His joyful whistle halted, and he gradually slipped a empty paper cup into his hands. His eyes were big in excitement, but what was he overwhelmed about? I backed away, and wondered what he was planning to do with the cup. Imagination started to float from his head, and new stickers and objects were formed. Many were of gold, money and awards, but one was a giant house and a dog. I smiled and clapped my hands, for there was imagination in my fingers grasp. The man stopped, lowered the cup, and a puzzled look came to his face. Didn't he see the great things he was doing? I pointed up at the top of the tent where the imagination was grouping together into a cloud. It couldn't escape through this strange material. He looked up, but resumed to his threatening stance and got closer by the second. I couldn't hide behind a box, or run outside. Why was he attempting to catch me? They created us! The only way to go was to the cage. I hesitated at the cavity of it, but I over came the fear I had and went into its shadows. I ran right into the other end and stumbled back. I couldn't see anything inside, and the opening was shut. All there was in the cage was the strawberry that I had smelled earlier.

As I stumbled and fell in the cage with my hands reaching out in front of me, A jolt brought me down and i was on the opposite side of the cage as the hatch. The mesh coat was taken off, and I squinted my eyes at the light. "What a marvelous creature! How can an organism grow a zipper? Are you sure it is real?"
"I'm pretty sure sir. It was snooping around the traps when i saw it."
English? They speak English! Sackpeople on LittleBigPlanet don't quite speak, but we do take lessons on every language there is in existence in case of emergencies. English is the most common, but i was a prodigy at Pig Latin. Instead of speaking their tongue, I got a little revenge for trapping me.
"Elloha umansha, mia a acksa ersonpa. vei omeca ereha ota atherga magininationia orfa heta llia nesoa noa Ittlea Igba lanetpa (Hello humans, I'm a sackperson I've come here to gather imagination for the ill ones on LittleBigPlanet)
I fell down and laughed while the humans were trying to figure out what I had said.
"This creature and I must go back to America immediately! There are many things we need to know. Especially where it is from. You're in charge while I'm away Jeff. Make sure to get the plant samples as well."
My anger fumed inside me as he called me 'it'. Just as I was about to give him a piece of my mind, I was dumped into another cage. I clung onto the bars of my first cell, and the war began. They shook it violently, and I was flung from side to side. I started to feel sick, but I held on. He stopped, and told Jeff,"Get the poker, this is a tough creature to handle." Dizzy and sick, I was not able to resist the slender metal stick they called a poker. I fell miserably to the bottom to the cage, where I was to weak to even try to escape.The walls were gray and a bit glossy. Little slits were on either sides, and a shiny barred door blocked the exit. A pain pierced through my leg as I tried to walk to the door, and it made me stumble down into the corner of the carrier. I moaned as the pain throbbed in my leg.
"Hush now, you'll draw attention. We wouldn't want a crowd forming!" The man bellowed. A cover was draped over the cage, and a machine started to hum.

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What do you think? Please let me know ;)

08-09-2010, 10:32 AM
Nicely written LWBear. Good descriptive ambiance leaving the reader wanting to know more. Apart from some spelling mistakes it's really rather good!


08-09-2010, 02:26 PM
thanks but were are the spelling mistakes? i can't find them

08-09-2010, 04:03 PM
Wow! I WANT MOAR! NAO! Please. I love how you mingle the two worlds.. How come on LBP, the are humans, but barely bigger than sackpeople (Mags, Sensei, Victoria, etc)? prehaps you could intigrate that thought into your next chapter :D

08-09-2010, 04:32 PM
actually, the sack people are on earth if you look at flashback paragraph, they're leaving on a mission to earth

08-09-2010, 05:14 PM
thanks but were are the spelling mistakes? i can't find them

The fog was to thick should read the fog was too thick.

That ran pass their stems should read that ran past their stems.

I climbed my way up it's tail , it's is 'it is' abbreviated. It should read its.

Creeped into my head should read crept into my head.

Stars had came out of hiding should read stars had come out of hiding.

08-09-2010, 05:35 PM
actually, the sack people are on earth if you look at flashback paragraph, they're leaving on a mission to earth

I know, I'm just saying, in the game, how come there are humans, but they are only slightly larger than a sack person?

08-09-2010, 10:06 PM
Ahh! i c now. maybe i could. ill try to interpret them into a paragraph that may explain more

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wow cool story man I love it I think are around 3 spelling errors but thats ok I love it :p

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Cute :) very creative

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Awesome story, I can't wait for more.

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This is brilliant LW! I had no idea you were such a great writer :P Its almost exactly what i always imagined it would be like if sackpeople ever encountered humans. Can't wait for more ^^

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I'm having writers block! D: sumbody help! lol jk i am having writers block though...
somethings preventing me from getting ideas lol