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10-19-2008, 05:41 PM
How well do you know this site and its members?
Maltay got an idea a few days ago, he told me it'd be a cool idea to make a forum quiz for you guys, and XP prizes would be handed out depending on how well you do. So we came up with 25 questions.

The forum quiz will be about your general knowledge about the site, it's members and their history. None of the questions will be impossible to figure out.
While some do require a bit of research, others don't and can easily be answered.
So, I advise everyone to do a bit of research first.
If you think the questions are hard, just try your best, and take your time on it.

Round 2 is Over~

I've locked this thread thread for now, so nobody posts in it. I haven't forgotten about it though.

The score will be on 12 points, for 12 questions. You get 1 point for each question, but if you so happen answer wrong, you lose a point.
And now, a Bonus Question.
You can leave a blank space for a question if you're unsure of you're answer, you won't lose a point for that.

The XP Prizes are:
0-2 points: 0 XP
3-5 points: 50 XP
6-8 points: 100 XP
9-11 points: 125 XP
12 points: 150 XP
13 Points: 200 XP
14 Points: 225 XP
15 Points: 300 XP.

To get 13, 14 or 15 points, check the "Bonus Question" part.

(As getting a perfect score will be quite hard)

And now, the questions:

1-Who's the youngest Staff member?
2-In order, who got promoted to modship?(Who was first, second....etc)
3-Who has the 4th most reputation points?
4-Who suggested the implementation of the reputation system?
5-True or false, Asterisks (*) are allowed on lbpc to censor cuss words?
6-Why was bbroman demoted?(State 2 reasons)
7-What is the SackCast?
8-Who was voted Biggest Spammer?
9-In the time of the beta, SamProtagonist (The Sony Dev), handed some beta codes to ConfusedCartman. How many did he give him?
10-Name 4 well known members from the UK:
11-What's the current flaw in the LittleBigExperience Ranking system?
12-Who made the suggestion for any member to be able to edit Thread Titles?

Bonus Question:

Every week, our Elite Member Rabid-Coot changes his avatar. Each of his avatars has a picture of an animal.
Here's a mixed list of all the animals he's had as an avatar:

Ring-tailed Lemur
Yellow Mongoose
Fennec Fox
Northern White-faced Scopes Owl
King Penguin
Oriental Short-Clawed Otter

What you have to do is, put them in the right order.

Example: (This is not the right order; And is totally wrong. This example helps you out a bit)
1-Ring-tailed Lemur
2-Yellow Mongoose
4-Fennec Fox
5-Northern White-faced Scopes Owl
8-King Penguin
9-Oriental Short-Clawed Otter

You must put them in order like that, by numbering them.

You get 4 animals in the right spot, you get 1 point.
You get 8 right, you get 2 points.
You get all 9 right and you get 3 points.

Don't bother asking Rabid-Coot for help. You ask him, and he'll send you to the Hall of Shame.
You don't lose any points if you get the bonus question wrong.


Do NOT post your answers here, or you will be disqualified. You must PM the answers to Me.
Anyone can enter the forum quiz.
Prizes will be handed out every 2 weeks.
You can only enter once. You can't try again, unless we come up with some new questions.
Once you send out a PM, it's final. There are no "Do-Overs"


XP Has been officially boosted, just so you guys don't get too discouraged about this =P
The Prizes will be handed out every 2 weeks, not 1. And I'll come up with new questions every 2 weeks.

Good luck to all of you.

Questions and comments will go here.

11-02-2008, 08:02 PM
Alright, Round 1 is OVER.
I counted the points. I can't say I was impressed by most of you; You all did it pretty fast. But then again, I finally noticed that the questions were in fact hard lol.
For the next questions, there will be 10 or 15. I'll post them tomorrow.
I also decided that I won't release the answers, so I get to use the tricky/hard ones again.
And I won't release the points, unless you guys want me to.

vhalt: 125 XP
RedPanda: 45 XP
Code: 45 XP
RockSauron: 0 XP
ea9492: 0 XP
DrunkMiffy: 0 XP

I was very impressed with vhalt. He did very well. I believe he only missed one question, and left the ones he didn't know as blank. Nice job man ^^

Sorry for those who got 0 XP, can't do anything about that. But I follow the rules I made. Things will be easier next time.

By the way, If anyone sent the answers to Maltay, please send them to me :| I can't get in contact with him anymore.

Edit: And if you think I miscounted or something; Please tell me. I'm only human, with all my mistakes :3

11-18-2008, 01:57 PM
The round did end yesterday, but I didn't get to finish counting the points yesterday, due to me being too tired. Sorry about that.

Anyway, here they are.

dorien: 9 points ; 125 XP
RockSauron: 9 Points ; 125 XP
sack_Boyfanatic135: 8 points ; 100 XP
Code: 8 points; 100 XP
Red Panda: 6 points; 100 XP
DrunkMiffy: 5 points; 50 XP
Flakmagnet: 5 points; 50 XP
TheArmedReaper: 2 points; 0 XP
Night Angel: 2 points; 0 XP
Chaz'oSulls: 1 point; 0 XP

Yeah, I released the points this time, just because anyone can practically guess how well a person did >_> lol

The round was generally a lot better this time around, and I'm satisfied (I sound like a teacher). But come on, this round a lot easier.(Except for the Bonus Question; Which only Dorien got a 1 point on that lol)

@ Night Angel: It's too bad you didn't do that well; But you're still fairly new. And even by searching the forum, you wouldn't have done that well. But you did very good for a member who just joined. I hope you enter again.

@ Chaz'oSulls: You didn't do that bad, but you got a lot of stuff mixed up man.

I'll post the new questions tomorrow or thursday. I'm have some undone stuff to finish.

11-25-2008, 10:07 PM
Blatantly I didn't see this post last week and just remembered to check the quiz

Go me in getting the joint top score:)

11-25-2008, 10:13 PM
Still accepting entries for Round 2?

11-25-2008, 10:19 PM
Still accepting entries for Round 2?

No, I think not, considering it's over.

Although hopefully a new one will come soon... as with a new Courtroom Justice chapter.

11-25-2008, 10:24 PM
How do you know it's over?

Oh. Well, he didn't specify it too well! And it doesn't even say that Round 2 is over in the original post!

*runs away crying*