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08-18-2010, 03:29 AM
There is a preview level published right now and I have to work on it alot more.(Note: Many things MAY be changed due to the awesomness of LBP2)Anyway here is the story so far.(Note:yes another note anyway the story does not match up with the level quite yet)

Ready for a good night's rest sackboy lay in his bed. Waiting for himself to fall into the wonderous dream land. BANG! Gasp! If you hear you hear a sound from a closet in the middle of the night you now its not gonna be good. Exausted but frightened sackboy sits up staring at the closet waiting for something to burst out of the closet and eat him up...No? (sackboys thoughts) Hmm... maybe i could just take a tiny peek through the door and...WWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!(gets sucked in) (narrating)Thonk! What could this place possibly be? Hmm...lets have a look around...(goes through all this stuff)
well looky here! ITS A BRIDGE!! (walks onto bridge)Uh...What are those noises.(rock falls down to the right) A lake...No not a lake...er..what do you call this...nevermind!Sackboy dives in.Well look at this peculiar looking patch of seaweed!Doesnt it look fabulo-wait a minute!IT MOVED...Im just gonna keep swimming woah...WOAH...WOAH!Wha? What do 2 squid things have to do with the stor-oh wait characters...RIGHT! A squid starts babbling about how the other is a bafoon while sackboy tries swimming by hoping not to be noticed...NOPE!! THe other squid just creeps sackboy out by saying HELLO!!!!! I know how sackboy feels...GO AWAY!!!!anyway...sackboy tries escaping from the othere squid thing and somehow runs into him again...apparently mr.blabber mouth and lil' creepiness over there are brothers.sackboy is stuck to listen to their convorsation. (Creepy squid)Big brother!Why do we need a hero?(blabber mouth squid)Well...you see our world is well...falling to peices...(creepy squid's reactions)WHHAAAATTTT!!! But it cant fall apart!I know! Ill take up sewing!( grabs a straw and tries to sew????)No maybe tape will help...(blabber mouth squid)Im glad you did that on a model!Ah...hero.My brother and i are devastated about what is happening to our world...as you can see...so i want you to find the creator (the person who created all of this) and tell them about the world.I shall build you a rocket so you can travel the other worlds to find them...GO!!!(sackboy goes in the newly(and poorly) made ship.

This is where the preview ends. The next part i dont want to say because im afraid it will be stolen..and plus i nees to find out if i can do it.This will be pretty big so hopefully that darn thermometer doesnt kill it.I really want to do this all in one thing. I also need some help.With the preview and the actual thing(but you have to wait for ME to get LBP2).So you can private message me about helping.I only need help with the preview now so dont ask if you can help with the real thing just yet or ill forget( because im not pre-ordering :( ) All of my levels are currently being fixed so dont rely on them for the rating of how good i am.

08-18-2010, 03:31 AM
Wait, what?

08-18-2010, 03:40 AM
Wait, what?

Yeah i sort of over-did it...:blush: