View Full Version : majormel84 VS highschool REAL update part 2

08-19-2010, 08:30 AM
in this lbp game.you must fight against high schoolers who want majormels dream of passing school to fail.
right now ill enlight you to show you the world of majormel84 vs high school.

MAJORMEL84-a teenager who dreams of passing high school and making out with his dream girl sora.majormel84s move set is based on all-around moves.

LULZ64- majormels best friend.also his voice of reason.lulz's move set is mostly defensive.

KNIGHT- a assassin that majormel keeps bothering. his moves are devestating for a sackboy.

SORA-a nerdy girl who works at the library.shes kinda hot for a nerd,shes also the love interest of majormel84.her skill is being nimble.great for first time fighters.

more info and maybe pictures are coming up next update.:love: