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08-23-2010, 06:43 PM
Hey guys, well we all know what we want to with LBP2's music editor, I thought I'd post want I'd like to do with it, and maybe you would like to do so as well.

I'd like to try and create some movie soundtracks to go with my levels, at first I want to try and push the boundaries with diverse textures. I'd also like to see how far this can go, and how close LBP2 can get to programs like "pro tools" (which was used to create the sound tracks to James Cameron's Avatar) and Logic Pro, plus the other advanced music programs out there.

I doubt that that LBP2 will have a huge selection of Timbre but their selection should be enough Midi samples to create a accurate composition.

Before we can go out and create these accurately and get the score (sheet music) :) or even tab or video tutorial :( (still useful) or if you are really good, by ear, but chances are slim to create a composition which is 100% accurate.

I want to look at composers like.

James Horner
Hans Zimmer
etc... etc...

Or even put my own soundtracks into LBP2 :)

Later I might try all the other genres of music out there, but who wants to start easy? :)

Post your ideas below.

(I might even share the creations with the community so everyone can benefit.)

08-23-2010, 07:35 PM
Supermassive Black Hole would be awesome to hear in LBP2