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10-22-2008, 05:21 PM
Hi, I thought we should start listing what items you get in each level and eventually maybe all the locations.

Each separated list represents which row and then within that list is as you read it left to right in the game menu. e.g
List one - 123456
List two - 123456

Hope that makes sense. I'll Keep trying to update it as I find anything.

10-22-2008, 05:22 PM
Spoilers added until launch. - DMiffy.

First Steps – The King

18 Items

Rainbow shoe
Elizabethan Trousers
Circle Frame
Body-outline Frame
Round blue body
Elizabethan Doublet

White Ruff
Photo Frame
Fancy Moustache
Speech Bubble Frame
Mouth Frame

Black and white photo frame
Elizabethan Dress
Red star Frame
Elizabethan Hat
Square frame
Henry Face

Level complete

Big Kiss Sackboy material
Bunny Ears

Collected All Gifts

The Gardens Concept
The Gardens Concept with frame

Get a Grip – The King

51 Items

Blue Monkey
Tudor House
Smart Hovel
Curly Cloud
English Rose
Cheering Crowd

Round Cloud
Tall Tree
Gold club bottom
Orange Flowers
Orange Flower
Grey Tweed

Victorian Man Sketch
Tea Pot
Castle Sketch
Fancy Cloud
Purple Flower
Grass Rough Doodle

Moody Cloud
Tudor View
Small Flag
Wooden Stead
Sticker & decoration Edit tool

Snail Shell
Leaf Doodle
Black Crown Outline
Nought & Crosses
Red Flowers

Pink Flower
Green Check Denim
Large Wooden Steed
Blue Moon
Green Castle Banner

Oak Tree
Golden Tea Cup
Donkey Tail
Orange Floral Fabric
Red Mushroom
Soccer Ball

Loose Cloud
Mushroom Block
Dark Green Wood
Sun Doodle
Twisty Cloud
Small Wooden Steed

Eye Spring
Green Floral Fabric

Level Complete

Happy Eyes
Pink Cat Nose

Collected All Gifts

The Fairy Tale Concept
The Fairy Tale Concept with Frame


Pirate Waist Coat
Pirate Shorts

Skate to Victory – The King

Items 63

Blue Knight
Start Text
Vince Meat Pie
Rocking Grass
Dark Brown Wood

Green Doodle
Ghost on String
Neon Kebabs
Silver Fork
Pink Floral Fabric
Blue Star Light

Pixel Fish Text
Green Finish
Cotton Wheel
Green Star Light
Thick Sketch Bricks
Green Submarine

Crazy Sign
Green Castle Flag
Cardboard Castle
Hessian Fabric
Kings Head
Big green Bird

Cloth Leaf
Water Wheel
Scary Ghost

Blank Background
Tudor House
Pink Springy Star
Wobbly tree
Light Brown Wood

Mushroom Tree
‘Skipping Syrtaki’
Birdy on String
Chips Logo
Fancy Swirl
Yellow Crest

‘Get It Together’
Take a Photo
Green Start
Funny Face Glasses
Red Star Light
Sketch Bricks

Yellow Star
Golf Logo
King Stamp
Wheel Of Fun
Pin Wheel

Blue Postcards
Yellow Danke
Wooden Struts
Brick Wall Sketch
Beige Cotton

Silver Knife
Large Flag
King Of Hearts

Level complete

Bunny tail
The Gardens

Collected All Gifts

Very Early LittleBigPlanet Concept
Very Early LittleBigPlanet Concept with Frame


Pirate Hat

10-22-2008, 05:23 PM
Swinging Safari – Zola

54 Items

Lion Nose
Submarine Launcher
Orange Foliage
Large Drum

‘Tapha Niang’ (Don’t Know what will replace it as of yet)
Giraffe and Tree
Blue and Orange Fish
Horror Face
Orange Boar Fish
Stripy Lycra

Jumping Ape
Real Green Leaf
Large Peacock Feather
Cats Eyes
Lion’s Tail
Orange African Mask

Cork Hat
Fluffy Tree
Bunny Ear
Zebra Tail
Beaded Fabric

Big Crab Claw
Peacock Feather
Stylized Antelope
Hanging Ape
Zebra Head
Zebra Skin Pattern

Cute Lion Ears
Octopus Tentacle
Lion Mask
Grey African Mask

Zig-Zag Fabric
Mean Piranha Fish
Giraffe and tree platform
Shield 2

Scary Fangs
Brown African Mask
Sea Shell
Wobbly Ape
Pink Fish
Voodoo Face

Leather and Beaded Wood
Bird Wing
Real Brown Leaf
Sharp tooth
Lion’s Mane

Level Complete

Pink Fashion Sunglasses
Green Daisy

Collected All Gifts

The Savannah Concept With Frame
Savannah Concept


Ringmaster Jacket

Burning Forest – Zola

23 Items

Shield 1
Attitude Face
Cardboard support
Orange Stripy
Coco Wood
Big Snappy Croc

Scary Ornament
Green rope
Dangly Motif
Buffalo Emitter
‘Rock the Jungle’

Tiger Nose
Pigeon House
Amazing Diamond
Croc King
Wooden Buffalo
Feathered Spiky

Large Red Vase
Zebra Fabric
Bear nose
Mahogany Wood
Crazy Eyes

Level Completed

Green Checked
Black and Pink Dress

Collected All Gifts

Big Cat Concept with Frame
Big Cat Concept



The Meerkat Kingdom - Zola

44 Items

Rubber Duck
Wooden Planks
Wooden Zebra
Snapping Claw
Cow Udders
Orange Block

Scratch Pattern
Blue Fish
Orange Weave
‘My Patch’
Brown Stripy Pattern

Growl Face
Carven Animal
Big Cute nose
Big-Belly Meerkat
Orange Bird
Brown Wood

Hanging Snapping Claw
Baby Meerkats
Red Roman Cape
Red Butterfly
Green Felt
Engraved Metal

White Butterfly
Birdy Outline
Carved Heads
Black Animal Nose
Jet Cheetah
Cow Head

Scary Fangs
Red Boy
Blue Wing Graphic
Crazed Donkey
Cat Head
Mr Beaver Says No

Blue Circles Denim
Meerkat Popup
Wooden Flamingo
Sleeping Elephant
Savannah IntMusic
Bat Wing

Red Lobster
Pink Knit

Level Completed

The Savannah
Pink Scarf

Collected All Gifts

Meerkat Mum & Scenery
Red Wolves Concept with Frame
Red Wolves Concept


Ringmaster Top Hat
Gold Monocle

10-22-2008, 05:24 PM
The Wedding Reception – Frida The Bride

63 Items

White Wedding Dress
Yellow Flower
Huge Eye
Calavera the Wrestler
Skeleton Talking Head
Green Skulls

Wavy Davy Skeleton
Screaming Skull
Purple Stuff
Medium Balloon

Half Moon
Zombie Boy
Confused Skull
Green Glass
Red Wig

Bow Tie
Plastic Ear
Skull Bungie Chord
Springy Arm
Blue Glass
Purple Skull Torso

Bowler-Hatted Skeleton
Red Coffin
Balloon Launcher
Plastic Nose
Skeleton Hat
Red Glass

Black Tuxedo
Top Hat
White Flower
Dismembered Hand
Red X
Tilting stained Glass Window

Red & Gold Cutout Wood
Fuzzy Scribble
Big Chin Skeleton
Small Balloon
Skull Lift
Farmers Cap

Little Butler
Stained Glass Bouncy Platform
Grown Glass
Wedding Veil
‘Volver a Comenzar’

Standing Skeleton
Bow Tie
Yellow Dandelions
Wobbly Leg
Psycho Bunny
Bevel Concrete

Large Balloon
Spiked screaming Skull
Top Hat
Zombie Girl
Teeter Platform
Plastic Moustache

Lower Teeth
Purple Glass

Level Complete

Fairy Dress
Rainbow dot

Collected All Gifts

Wrestling Ring Concept with frame
Wrestling Ring Concept


Wooden Sword

The Darkness – Frida The Bride

Items 38

Pinata Dog
Brown Leather
Christmas Light
Flower Frame
Deadly Bat
Sugar Bone

Skeleton Hip Bone
Cartoon Bone
Spotty Skull Leg
Purple & Orange Pinata Motif
Skeleton Hand
Torn Cloth

Skeleton Arm
‘The Appliance Of Science’
Small LED Light
Grey Ghost

Metal Skull Plate
Red Pinata Motif
Skeleton Torso
Seated Skeleton
Purple Pinata Motif
Ceramic Mosaic

Pink Pinata Motif
Pixel Skull
Cyclops Eye
Fairy Light
Skeleton Leg
Bull Skull

Purple Skull Arm
Blue Pinata Motif
Picture Frame
Pink Star Sunglasses
Red Candle
Green Pinata Motif

Sugar Skull
Purple Skull Skirt

Level Complete

Pink Fairy Wings
Pink Dot

Collected All Gifts

Themed Characters Concept With Frame
Themed Characters Concept


Roman Armor

10-25-2008, 05:24 PM
Boom Town – Uncle Jalapeno

80 Items

Mexican Vase
White Window
Red-painted wood
Angry Skull
Green Stripes Fabric

Wide Rooftop
Weathered wood
Colonial arch motif
Iron mine cart
Red ocarina
Mustard Colonial motif

Orange wood
Cactus arm
Hillside village
Luchador the wrestler
Birds in tree
Window semi circle

Red poncho
Bandit toy soldier 1
Long colonial window
Warrior swoop
Thin cactus

Yellow paint
Powered mine cart
Blue pen
Black rubber scorpion
Seniorita wig
‘Cries in the wind’

Mexican Door
Weathered green wood
Smiley sun
Large cactus
Round orange face
Border bit

Red paint
Round cactus
Sombrero Hat
White paint
Big spider
Mexican basket

Check fabric
Cat piñata
Lace trim dress
White panels
Colonial balcony

Calavera the wrestler
Green face
Wooden ruler
Patchy eye
Green ocarina
Bandit toy soldier 2

Square colonial window
Rocket cart
Dark wood
Warrior hand
Fat cactus
Impact explosive emitter

Cactus body
Pixel cactus
Sombrero hat
Mexican shutter
Bumpy cow

Mexican wrestler
Feathered head band
Yellow corner
Narrow rooftop
Square colonial motif
Brown stripy fabric

Long moustache
Colonial door
Red wood
Ringmaster trousers
Mexican rock scene

Blue paint
Jump chilli

Level complete

Red flowers
Fringed dress

Collected all gifts

Boomtown concept
Boomtown concept with frame


Cowboy boots
Leather gloves

The Mines – Uncle Jalapeno

42 Items

Leather struts
Empty mine cart
Aztec spiky
Green gecko
Jumping wrestler
Shouting moustache man

Red pattern fabric
White cotton bud
Sardine label
Powered chain platform
Big mouth teeth
Wooded basket

Cactus quench
Big platform booster
Framed carved wood
Half a tache
Red stripy fabric
Pink wrestler face

Snake stone
Plain natural
Standing man outline
Sardine can
Apple heart

Rotten teeth
Cardboard mine cart
Spikehammer block
Dungarees bottom
Red wrestler face
Mexican spice

Red motif
Double sponge rotator
Timed explosive
Red explosives
Mine cart with handles
Singe sponge rotator

Thin sardine label
‘Saregama Sun’
Standing man
Mexican symbol
Bottle logo

Level Complete

Pigtails hair wig
Brown camo

Collected all gifts

Anteater Concept
Anteater concept with frame


Jeans with a belt
Cowboy bandana

Serpent Shrine – Uncle Jalapeno

31 Items

Wooden Mask
Jade track cross
Orange motif
Canyons IntMusic
Jade track circle
Face stone

Face motifs
Bevel Aztec jade
Jade track emitter
Jade track gate
Quetzal feather
Aztec sackboy

Mexican Dollar
Jade track turn
Gold motif
Strong man logo
Aztec stone
Mexican scary mask

Aztec jade
Sheriff Zapata
Raising steps
Aztec gold
Snake bubble guardian
Jade track straight

Snake stone
Orange Mexican pattern
Jade snake
Aztec face
Zombie brain

Man stone

Level complete

Frying pan
The canyons

Collected all gifts

Sheriff zapata’s explosives machine
The mines concept with frame
The mines concept


Cowboy hat

10-25-2008, 05:30 PM
Lowrider - Mags the mechanic

Items 69

Pink donuts logo
Brown rusty metal
Wheel gear
Concrete panelling
Red skyscraper scene
Tracksuit top

Red tartan patch
Bacon slab
Toy car spoiler
Pink blaster
Scrap cars 1

Hero cape
LBP Badge
Mirror sunglasses
White sequin dress
Red lowrider

Piston lowrider
Graffiti scrawl
Scrap cars 2
Afro wig
Toy car exhaust
Bling ring

Button eyes
Hanging traffic light
American trousers
Skyline 3

Taxi metal
Y pipe
American jacket
Fruity logo
‘Rhythm tacks 07’
Skyscraper scene

Uncle jalapenos car
Tricycle wheel
Basketball vest
Red and white tartan patch
Dripping smile
Ice cream sign

Metal support
C Pipe
I heart LBP
Scrap cars 3
Big quiff wig

Cannonball helmet
Bling curtain
Scrap car lift
Bouffant hairdo wig
Mag’s car garage
Wanted poster

Electrified hazard sign
Dollar chain
Car bling
Chrome and velvet
Route 77

Statue of liberty
Toy car engine
Metropolis IntMusic
Baseball cap
Red bicycle

Tracksuit bottoms
Coffee logo
Custom sports car

Level Complete

Grey tweed
School girl dress

Collected all gifts

Early sackboy concept
Early sackboy concept with frame


Dinosaur tail

Subway – Mags the Mechanic

Items 48

Straight subway tunnel
Pink Stetson
Blue felt
Eagle wing drawing
Rollerskate wheel
Hello card

Scary mouth
Female doll torso
Quadruple airvent
White weave
Chug lite
Blue deck chair

Old guitar
Red star banner
Female doll arm
Sackboy spray paint
Powered airvent

Brown beard
Rollerskate lift
Blue arm
Ze dude’s Wheels
Blue leg

Railroad crossing
Eagle drawing
Stitched button eyes
Shiny metal

Red deck chair
Hut roof
Blue star banner
Female doll leg
Doube airvent
Blue denim

Yellow fries
Rusty metal grill
Female doll head
Blue knit
Big burger
Subway slide tunnel

Skyline 4
Cassette tape
Hairy leg
Pink hair wig
Triple airvent
Subway train

Level complete

Wellington boots
Green damask

Collected all items

Grabbing machine
Rock god concept
Rock god concept with frame


Green sock puppet

The Construction Site – Mags the mechanic

Items 44

Brown cardboard skyscraper
Half glasses
Red football hat
Polystyrene packing
Red flash
Grey concrete

Flame motif metal
Blue cardboard skyscraper
Chicken drumstick
Long conveyer
Crane hook

Red cardboard skyscraper
Two arrows warning
Wheelbarrow man
Big crane
Skyline 1
Checked concrete

Dark grey concrete
Intense blue graffiti
Power digger man
White burlap
Red stiletto

Electric guitar
Boxing glove back
Lightning outline
Boxing glove front
Front red football hat
Plane silhouette

Yellow builder Cap
Knitted fabric
Umbrella warning
Spike hammer block
Ze Dude’s private Jet
Bumpy concrete

Fragile warning
Basketball head
Dungarees Top
Skyline 2
Brown and cream concrete
Rough concrete

Disco metal
Fiery coal emitter

Level complete

The metropolis
Custom motorbike
Blonde hair wig

Collected all gifts

Boss concept
Giant concept with frame
Monster truck


Dinosaur Mask

11-04-2008, 10:22 PM
:phere is some help with your list:p

this website has a full acing levels list.


11-05-2008, 01:49 AM
can anyone help me find purple pinata motif

Dr. Chaos
11-05-2008, 02:42 AM
Can I offer a suggestion?

Can you designate which items are for example gained in 2x/4x areas and such?

That would make this just about perfect.

11-06-2008, 02:59 AM
Is there a place where i can find where all the items are at? I could care less what they are i still need to 100% everything.

11-06-2008, 10:39 PM
Is there a place where i can find where all the items are at? I could care less what they are i still need to 100% everything.

:p:mad:You join and just come out of no where and start demanding things...LOL nobody cares what you want. Sticky is doing this because he is nice, and I was nice enough to find that list. Stop complaining. You get what you get.:p:mad::kz:

11-10-2008, 06:38 PM
hello fellow littlebigplaneters, anyone how exactly you get that red roman cape? i have the rest but i just need the full deal.
Thanks guys.

11-11-2008, 04:47 AM
thanks i always wondered where my freind got his roman/spartan armor!!

11-20-2008, 07:21 PM
Is there a place where i can find where all the items are at? I could care less what they are i still need to 100% everything.

buy the book at your local game store!:idea:

11-20-2008, 08:33 PM
This looks like a decent walkthrough I came across. Hopefully it helps.


11-24-2008, 03:49 PM
where can i get this: :p dragon head?

i really need to know, i just dont have it :(

11-26-2008, 02:52 PM
Hey, I want the dragon head too. Anyone know were this :p is? PS: to get the Roman armor, just ace the wedding

11-26-2008, 09:04 PM
Dragon head is the hardest of all items to get... lol

Get it from a 4 person mini game in the last level of collector's layer. It's really tricky and you all need to makee it there alive. No small task.

12-02-2008, 01:12 AM
I got this :p it's awesome!

i luv funny bunnyzz
12-28-2008, 10:02 PM
were is the bunny nose???

02-16-2009, 08:34 PM
Where i can get those buttons to face? I dont mean those button eyes...

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