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09-12-2010, 02:52 AM
(ballistic.overkilling.imitation) the metal b.o.i is a robot i built using the autobrain (see autobrain rocklogic) with some of the directional switches being wired to weapons (yes it is a metal sonic ripoff but its a good one) and the features so far are as follows
.plasma slap 1 with emitters 1 using plasmafication (see plasmafy)
.left and right rocket boosters two per side
.dair spike rockets (when standing below)
.led eyes (red)
.gecko skin armor
.gecko armor plating
.red glass feet (for added speed)

for suggestions post below

;edit; i now have more versions built for different situations

triggerblaze FULL GUNS BLAZING
.twin arm cannons
.red visor (red grid hexagon with chunk cut out of it)
.flying ability

.low armor
.weak to its own bullets

neo B.O.I bringing new meaning to the word rocketpunch and combobreaker
.spring loaded rocket punch
.blue visor (see triggerblaze for desc)
.glass foot (see metal B.O.I)
.sword combo (uses the rotary saw from monster pack)

.is weak against everything a sackperson is(fire, gas ect)
.rocket punch can be broken
.not very smart (would run through a gas field to get you ect)

melee C.B.M (collision based mech)
.high durability
.high speed
.overall strength
.hard to tip

.unable to fly

sigma B.O.E

THIS WAS VERY HARD TO MAKE AND VERY LAGGY but i will tell you anyway

20 micro auto brains using the emmiter glitch i made a robot that is like water (see auto brain)
or very close i will test more with this robot and update again l8er

;edit; sigma boe is now classified as a failed experement
there will be no more updates about it
however there are new versions avalable

outlaw jak (get the reference?)

.twin sword attack
.high armor
.incredible speed i mean like one second you are walking, then the next you make a death animation

super form:
.higher armor
.light weight design
.near invincible


09-13-2010, 12:50 AM
Pictures Please.

09-13-2010, 12:58 AM
i would be lucky to get my ps3 to a computer and bsides i fail at image links to quote some troll

09-20-2010, 12:17 AM
Sounds neat, I think Incinerator22 has a tutorial on how to get pics on the web from the PS3 to the computer. Check it out, it's useful! :)