View Full Version : The Garden of the Teeny Tiny Electric Death Crabs

10-27-2008, 12:03 PM
The name says it all I believe. It was made in the Beta but should have carried across ok. Search 'Electric Death Crabs' and it should come up.

It was my first attempt at a level with enemies and is fairly simplistic but I have had some positive feedback from friends who don't believe it can be aced (it can I've done it).

Mainly single player but it really requires some teamwork to go through with more than 1 person. ITs pretty tough too.

And one final hint DON'T TOUCH THE FLOOR! For the love of god DON'T TOUCH THE FLOOR! Or the teeny tiny electirc death crabs will get you.

10-27-2008, 12:18 PM
Sounds awesome... I'll search for it when I get the game...

10-27-2008, 03:18 PM
Its not awesome as its a first attempt, but it is tricky (pixel perfect), the crabs are funny tho as I couldn't get their claws to stay on so they keep falling off and the crabs keep running over them :)

10-28-2008, 01:01 AM
Sounds fun ill look it up once gamestop calls me. Hopefully i will be able to look it up by this weekend.

10-28-2008, 10:49 AM
let me know if you find it as I'm interrested to know if it carried across

10-30-2008, 03:53 PM
funny level. I had a great deal of trouble with those wobbly platforms though, I couldn't get a good jump off of them and failed about 4 times, I'll try it some more tonight, I would like to see the end of the level.

10-30-2008, 05:59 PM
Yup the jumps could be adjusted, but it gave me a good laugh. Those crabs looked WAY funny just zooming from side to side.