View Full Version : Airship and Scooter

10-11-2010, 12:07 AM
Hello, I've made a ship that sails in the water and flies in the air, plus a land to water scooter. The two actually work together. I am working on a series, Sky Pirate Fantasy. Ch. 1 is a training mission where you are shown how to drive both vehicles, and Ch. 2 is more open gameplay. Up to 2 players.

I need to know if my instructions on how to fly the airship are good, and if it's too difficult to fly. I am able to fly the airship quite well, but I made it, and I'd like to know how it's working out for first timers.
Thanks, and I can do 20 F4F in the next couple days.

10-11-2010, 04:13 AM
What you should do is make a little test level, showing all of the properties and special things this thing can do, and publish it and see what people think. I'd play it, cus this ship looks awesome, and definitely needs to be put to use.

10-11-2010, 04:18 AM
There is a 1 min cinematic just to show the ship, and Sky Pirate Fantasy ch 1 lets you drive with step by step instructions. Thanks for the input!