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10-21-2010, 10:09 PM

LBPC: The Game

LBPC: The Game - it's a prime example of the teamwork and creativity that LittleBigPlanet Central is so good at fostering. As a whole series, we at the Community Spotlight feel it is a work of extreme commitment, cohesion and genuine merit, and have brought to you a very special review of the series, along with some opinions and memories from members of the LBPC:TG team. Enjoy!

How did you hear about The Game in the beginning and what motivated you to take a leap of faith to create levels for it?

Whale contacted me to write some long-winded speech for my RickRock_777 character that was to be used in Level 1. Shortly thereafter, there was an opening for a Level creator, and Lady and I were asked to help out. It sounded like fun, and I saw it as a way to give back to a community that I really enjoyed being a part of.
Well, way back when I think I was still a fledgling LBPC member. Everyone else seemed to be contributing to the forum and community, and I felt as if I needed to contribute too. Then I found out about LBPC: The Game, and its recruitment drive, then... things happened from there.
I was there when the thread first opened, and immediately was hooked with the idea of helping produce a team based story series. I applied (didn't get in ) and went on to work on another team project. When that one flopped, I reapplied and joined the team for real. The idea of giving back to the community I love (and possibly spend too much time at) was all I needed to motivate me.
I've been a member of the forum for a long time and i found the thread that had been started a couple of months ago. Rock was searching for somebody to hire and i applied to be a prop designer. Rock answered me that he was searching for level designers instead and I accepted. I found the overall idea very nice and making a game for the whole community was very motivating.
Well, a long time ago I was exploring the forums and found out about LBPCTG and I though that they might need help because my good friend Zwollie left LBPCTG and LBPC.

Was your time on the team favourable?

If I listen to what a few people have said, the answer would be no. But I sincerely believe this site is represented by all of it's members, from the beginning creator to the seasoned vet, which is what makes it so unique. In the sense of giving back to the community, I would say this experience has been more than favorable.
Le sigh... If I weren't so uninspired at the time, I feel that I could've done a better job - if not one or two more levels. Level 12 has the most complex logic I've had to make for anything ever, and that took a good chunk out of my leisure creating. This being said, what I have contributed is the apex of my skill; many seem to agree with me.
I'd say it was. In my opinion, each and every team member had a positive impact on the project. I don't think this project would have gotten off the ground without the effort every team member put in, particularly Rick, Lady and Takelow, who built half of the series themselves. I'm going to miss working with everyone now that this project is finished.
Hard question... I think it was. I hope it was. I created four levels of the series, three minigames and i often gave some help when asked by the other team members. I think i gave the most i could for this series and the members of the team.
Hmm well yeah I guess it was. At the beginning when I joined the team I was really enjoying creating the levels but then having to change alot of stuffs from the levels after finishing it was a little bit annoying. During the project I had a few problems I had to fix in real life and I lost motivation and I kinda left the team which made me sad but yeah my time on the team was favourable enough.

What were some breakthrough moments or some up and downs of the team?

Every beta test was a breakthrough moment--seeing how the creators on our team were improving over time.
Level 12. I have been wanting to do an abstract level like that for a while, and so much mental power went into that level that... ah, can't even describe it. It's hard to represent in words.

Definitely, though, people leaving and entering was a bit hard on me. Spooky, Zwol, and Korn up and leaving kinda made me disappointed, though Takelow really answered the call - and kudos to him, really. The backbone of LBPC: The Game. But yeah, the biggest lows for me was losing partners. It's heartbreaking.
Downs include team members leaving and delays in the project. Ups included recieving helpful feedback from the team members and testers involved, and of course the epic trailer by Sackanima. Breakthrough moments happened quite a bit. We'd throw out some ideas in the Vault, and other members would comment on them, and suggest their own. This was very helpful when there was creators block, or we wanted to find a member who fit in.
There were plenty of breakthrough moments during these long months. For me, downs are essentially related to members leaving the team, sometimes very brutally... Ups are the moments where you show your work to the team for the first time, with its fair flow of comments and suggestions. I also loved to see the reaction in the thread when a new picture or set of pictures were released.
Well a few up moments were when I first showed the team level 4 and got all that helpful feedback from the team. A few of the down moments were when a team meber left, the pressure and when my levels broke.

How was working for RockSauron?

First of all, I wouldn't call it work. For the most part it was a joy just being a part of this project, creating something from just an idea, which appeals to me on many levels. Yes...there were moments that caused setbacks, but we never dwelled very long on them, focusing instead on finishing the project so we could share it with our community.
I like to operate on a call-and-answer philosophy; if you ask it of me, I shall do it. Rock did the asking, and I did the doing. It was like synergy or something.
It was... interesting. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't all sunshine and butterflies. On more than one occation we got into arguments over the levels. He was very good at relating to the community, and his input was quite helpful throughout the creation process, but sometimes his ideas just weren't my cup of tea.
First, I never really considered working FOR Rock, but working WITH Rock.

This being said, sincerely, it was pretty tricky at first, during the two first levels (3 and 7). We didn’t share the same ideas, and Rock didn’t hesitate to make me “erase” tons of hours of work because he changed his mind or didn’t agree with my vision. But with the time, Rock vision became clearer, we learned a lot from each other and i think we shared the same vision for levels 10 and 11 and for minigames. Finally, we are planning a new series project together (after some weeks of “vacation” for me!!!) for LBP2. So, the end of the story seems to be the same as a Disney movie.
Hehe.. well.. it was fun meeting Rock and working on level 4 with him. It was nice working on this project as a team, I kinda failed at that to be honest but yeah it was pretty interesting.

What other experiences do you care to share about, please feel free to open up to us.

Looking back, I see a group of people that shared a vision and a desire to make that vision a reality. During the journey, we learned a lot about each other and ourselves. We made compromises. We reached understandings. We grew as a team. And we finished what we set out to do. I'm proud of our endeavor, and I'm humbled by the talents of everyone involved in this project from it's earliest beginnings. Each person brought something special...something unique...something that will be remembered. I hope, as you all played this Series, you found some of the hidden treasures that graced this project.
To be honest, I didn't interact with the team much, even though I love teamwork; I only ever helped build two bosses for separate levels (level 2's I built by myself, helped with level 5's boss' first stage) and maybe fixed a few things here and there - but all in all, I was rather distant.
Working on Level 5 with Lady_Luck__777 was a pretty fun experience. I really enjoyed creating with her. Also it was really nice meeting her little daughter.

What are the Community Spotlight Crew's opinions on LBPC: The Game?

After having played through LBPC: The Game, it's clear that a huge amount of time, effort, and organisation have been put in on the part of the team. The series includes some true gems of creativity, level construction and gameplay ideas; and an ongoing, consistent story that is true to LBPC down to the last forum. Definitely one of the most memorable and substantial contributions to the LBPC community, this level series is a testament to the pride and commitment of the LBPCTG team.

This series characterizes LBPC perfectly! Dozens and dozens of members show up in an ensemble cast (of a sort), and as you may imagine, the jokes that ensue are hilarious. It's hard enough to pull together a level on my own; I simply can't imagine planning and creating something so big with so many different creators. I'm such a perfectionist that I'd probably go crazy! Yet I believe teamwork and community are two of the biggest aspects of LBPC, and this was carried out by each of its creators (no matter if they sometimes think otherwise!). The Game reflects both teamwork and community beautifully, in both its origins and its content. Congratulations and thanks are in order for every one of the creators and contributors, and to RockSauron!

Planning, commitment, blood, sweat and tears are undoubtedly all vital ingredients that came together to make this beautiful, multilayered cak-err game. And it is truely a game, one of the few of it's kind. Such a varied masterpiece with an input from so many members, truely BY the community FOR the community.

LBPC: The Game is the product of countless hours of community members lives assembling the general mish-mash of LBP into an extraordinary creation! Teamwork is the name of how the project functioned! Meet some faces in The Introduction. Go bananas in General Land! Have some fun in the Forum Game Wilderness. I won't go on to save you some boredom...

There are wonderful mini-games that accompany the wonderful series. Catching peanuts or racing to meet new people, many different genres of levels all for your pleasure!

In all, it is a beautifully crafted series from the minds of the whole team. I would like to thank them for hours of fun, frustration, but mostly fun! Gadding around though the whole game is definitely worth it and make sure to be on your toes because there are some finely placed stickers to unlock those mini-games!

10-21-2010, 10:18 PM
Well that's nice. ... TBQH, I just wish that Joey's questions were a bit more... "fitting", since I didn't really understand they would come here, and they seemed aimed more at the creators then me since my role was completely different... I unno. Can I go back and answer some questions? lol. Just seems odd I'm not there... I just felt the questions didn't pertain to me... like working for myself D: lol

But yeah... um... well, I'll be honest that I had no idea this would happen (even though Joey did post questions in the forum a week or so ago >_>), so I'll assume it's just a present to us of sorts, and that's why I didn't know. Or maybe not. I unno. Can I go back and answer some questions, I didn't really understand what this was all about lol ;-;

... But yeah, thanks, I am smiling here, and have a warm feeling... Like I'm about to cry... <_< >_>

... Don't judge me. /runs

10-21-2010, 10:25 PM
wow I love LBPC the game it was magnificent I wounder will you guys create another one but LBP2 style? everyone loved the first one imagine what you guys can create with all the new tools XD

10-21-2010, 10:26 PM
Nice work guys! I always new working with Rock would be like Synergy! :p

10-22-2010, 12:02 AM
Congrats to all and specially congrats to takelow for contributing so much to this project :)

10-22-2010, 01:43 AM
Well that's nice. ... TBQH, I just wish that Joey's questions were a bit more... "fitting", since I didn't really understand they would come here, and they seemed aimed more at the creators then me since my role was completely different... I unno. Can I go back and answer some questions? lol. Just seems odd I'm not there... I just felt the questions didn't pertain to me... like working for myself D: lol

Well I actually didn't made the questions :)

Rock here are 2 questions for you.

How was your time working with the team?
How did you manage to finish this project after a year?

10-22-2010, 02:29 AM
A most sincere THANK YOU to everyone on the Spotlight Crew for your encouraging words. It sounds like you understood the context of this creation, and found some of those gems I was referring to (hopefully this will cause Lady_Luck__777 to venture out and leave a post of her own :)). Personally, I enjoyed finally being able to play the Series levels back to back from a player perspective. And even though the end result of the Series was not perfection, it was still fun, and it was enjoyable for me to be able to share a bit of myself in the process of making it. My desire was for this Series to bring the community closer together. In some regards it has, and I'm very thankful for that.

I would also like to thank Rock for the opportunity to be a part of this project, and all of the creators involved, from the Props Design Team to the Level Creators, and to everyone who helped Beta test and give helpful feedback, and to jww for his HD photos and trailer efforts. When you consider everyone involved, this Team was huge, and you are all deserving of much thanks. :)

Oh...and LBP2 is AWESOME!

10-22-2010, 10:29 AM
Cool shmig :D Congrats on finishing it!

10-22-2010, 11:32 AM
Great questions, I'm glad it finally came out and that was a nice read. :)

10-22-2010, 06:28 PM
The Props Design Team?


Awww- Love is in the air...

Congrats again!

10-22-2010, 07:24 PM
These series are magnificent. Most likely to be the BİGGEST and BEST project ever! Im not done playing though... Had a hard time in the "the new showcase" part. It was hard to figure out where to go sometimes, i mean, really hard. I hardly beat the part two too. I barely survived the war with all the explosive stuff thrown at you.

I would like to join a project like this someday... When im no longer a newbie and instead a level maker who is known for... something... i dunno... For now; the only noticable things in my levels are bugs! I might improve my visuals and gameplay. Besides im not the worst character designer either...

Anyway; awesome levels! Im glad that i still have some to complete.

For some reason, although there are many other creative and good looking levels, my favorite one was "the general land" probably because of the Boss!

10-22-2010, 08:33 PM
It really was all the user characters that really made me smile. A great job was done in particular with the speech, everyone had a familiar "gimmick" about them. The gameplay and visuals were mediocre, which I really liked actually. I think I would even prefer it. Everyone wanted it to be perfect, but is the community perfect? A slight philosophical question, one that I don't necessarily think was intended... :)

Anyway, congrats on the spotlight! :D

10-22-2010, 11:59 PM
Sorry about those questions Rock... I was stressed out (if you could see the thread you would know we all were) and completely spaced that you might want to answer questions.

Glad that everyone has enjoyed it.

10-24-2010, 08:07 PM
It WAS a very high-quality series... (;p) The first 3 levels were pretty slow moving but all based on a great concept, and I lurve peanuts. The boss battles were SUPER-AWESOME-MEGA-UBER, particularly comphermc's and CC's (CC deserves the most epic one for what he's done :) )

I think the idea to ask some of the LBPCTG crew to talk is great, you know what they think of a masterpiece.

They do say that if artists make awesome paintings they have an awesome view on it (do they?)

Good job!

10-28-2010, 09:16 PM
Looks amzing, Great job guys

10-31-2010, 05:37 PM
Locked and archived. :)