View Full Version : The Weasels!

11-06-2010, 12:28 PM
One day, a 60 year old man was trying to eat a waffle, but weasels stole his dentures. So the old man went to an ally In a city, while taking his dog on a walk to try to find more dentures that other weasels may have threw out In the garbage. Then the weasels stole his dog, then he was trying to run chasing after the weasels, to get his dog, but he fell down, and the weasels stole his glasses. Then he had to take a bus back home. While he was riding the bus, he received a phone call, and the weasels stole his phone. He finally got back home, and he was gonna get some ice cream, so he went to the fridge and a weasel was in the freezer eating the ice cream. The weasel jumped out and started squealing and grabbed the cookie jar and ran out laughing. Then he was later washing his car, and the weasels jumped through the window, and took the car to Alaska. Then he was going to bed, but the weasels stole his wig, so he was bald. Then he went to the bathroom, and the weasels locked the door, and put a bike lock on it. Then the old man, yelled to his neighbor through the bathroom window, "Hey sonney! Come help a old man unlock his door! Because weasels locked the door" The neighbor called the people in white coats on him. Then the weasels stole the white coats and ran to Texas. The old man stayed in his home... The weasels took the men and carried them to New York. Then the old man was playing his DS In the bed, and two weasels sneaked behind him and spit on him, and stole his DS. Then the old man was watching his DVD Player, and the weasels stole his ear-phones. Then they threw a rock into the screen and broke it. Then he decided to go out to eat, so he ordered a burger with pickles on it, so when they brought the burger to him, he raised the bun up to see if they had pickles on it, and a weasel jumped out holding the pickles, and ran off squealing and took his last car. And the weasels stole his phone, so he couldn't call for help. The end. Tell me if you want a Weasels 2!