View Full Version : The Adventures of Captain Muffins {part 2 added}

11-19-2010, 12:50 AM
This is a project I've been working on lately, and I thought I would to share it, bit by bit, as I have more than enough written now ^^ Read & review, and stuff :D thankies! :3

Meet Captain Muffins and his sweet young owner Kelly. Captain Muffins is a shorthair cat, and his fur is pure white like snow, with a little patch of black over one of his eyes, which is why Kelly named him Captain Muffins. He has sharp emerald green eyes, and a little pink nose. Now, Kelly is eleven years old, has light mocha brown hair, and crystal clear blue eyes, like a lake. Kelly and Captain Muffins live in Forget-Me-Not Valley, and they live on a farm with a man named Karon, who was a friend of Kelly's parents. You see, Kelly' parents died in a car crash when Kelly was only three, and the family didn't have many friends or relatives, so Karon invited Kelly to live with him on his farm. The town of Forget-Me-Not-Valley is a rustic little town, not known to many outsiders, and not too many new villagers come to the town very often. Actually, the only person that comes and goes thru the town is Carl, the traveling salesman. Carl comes only three times a month to sell his wares, and the other days, Kelly sells the milk from her cow Choco, and her crops that she grows, to save money for luxuries in her house. Yes, but when Kelly left to sell her milk one day, something went wrong...

Captain Muffins was asleep, and he heard a loud crash coming from the chimmeny in the living room. He slowly crept across the room and poked his head out of the door into the living room to see what went wrong. When Captain Muffins looked in, nothing seemed disturbed, so he let his guard down. “HEY!” mewed a voice from behind Capt' Muffins. The voice shocked Capt' Muffins so much that he jumped 3 feet in the air. He turned around a looked at the cat. The cat was a breed Captain Muffins had never seen before, with all white fur, like Captain Muffins, but no sight of black fur anywhere. The mysterious cat had yellow eyes, which had a mischievous glint to them. “What was that about?! Who are you and how'd you get in my house?” asked Capt' Muffins. “I'm Excalibur! I was looking for a cat named Captain Muffins.” Said Excalibur. “Capt' Muffins, at your service.” “Wait, you're captain muffins?” Excalibut broke out laughing. “Yes, what's wrong with it?” asked Capt' Muffins. “Nothing... but I thought a cat named Captain Muffins would be, you know, young.” said Excalibur. “Hey! My owner named me that when she was only 5, it's not my fault!” shouted Capt' Muffins. “Okay, sorry. Jeez... Anyways, Captain, you need to come with me.” mewed Excalibur abruptly. “but I-” “No need to worry, I'll explain everything on the way there” “But where are we-” “Stop asking questions, Captain!” Excalibur grabbed Captain and dragged him out of the house.