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11-19-2010, 10:37 PM
I was wondering if some of little big planets best creators could make a tutorial on how to make a boss creatures like the dragon in crisis in camelot made by SalieriAAX...... Any volunteers?

11-20-2010, 03:04 AM
a boss must kill and have a weak spot - there you have it! a boss tutorial!

11-20-2010, 03:23 AM
Wow, there is no boss tutorial. It's just a lot of switches used in varieties of ways. Such as Crisis in Camelot compared to Shallow Springs, I guarantee thier mechanics are not the same at all. To build a boss, you need to be have a grasp for a variety of switches. There should not be a tutorial for bosses because there is no exact blueprint of building a boss.

Sure someone enough can build a boss tutorial, but my point is that you shouldn't rely on just one mechanism for creating a boss battle because the you would have the same boss everytime. (I do not mean "same" precisely, but following same set up.) There is no exact set up for building a boss in other words. Though, I can say that most bosses probably have a Life switch, which gives it the certain amount of health that needs to be taken down to end the boss. Although, when it comes to tactics and attacks, that's when the mechanics will never be the same as each author's boss fight.

If you want a good grasp on creating boss battles, then you should recognize many switches and maybe even practice building your own switches. Let me tell you, Boss battle creating is not as easy as it looks.

11-21-2010, 08:37 PM
That is a tricky one... I could give you the logic which is required for a certain boss type.

I call this one the gunn'd down boss:
Okay, so you want to make a boss! This type of boss doesn't use gunning down the creature brains! That's simple! This can be simple and difficult at the same time. The first thing you want to establish is whether you want to use a gun or a sackboy to kill it, here, I'll use a gun.

Making the Gun
The gun is essential for the boss, without it, you can't kill the boss. First off, you will need to make a bullet! Make sure the bullet is the shape and size you want, you could range it from a cannon ball size to a peanut size, or maybe even a beach ball. On the bullet, you will need a coloured key, preferably one you don't use that often, prehaps red. Make sure it is invisible, and at the front of the bullet, i.e. the part which will hit the boss. Capture it!

Now you need to make the gun. Ok, make the shape of the stand you want it to be on. Make sure it cannot move, unless you have decided it will be attached to a piston to make things difficult for the player. On this stand, make it 1 fat layer thick and out of a grabbale material. Now get a thin layer and make it a gun shape. Get a wobble bolt and hook it up to the sponge by using a grab switch. Make sure the grab switch and the wobble bolt are invisible. Now add an emmitor at the end of the gun, and set it to a high velocity, and also a high recharge time. Don't make it one-shot, unless you want it to be mega easy. Hook up the emmitor to the sponge.

You now have a gun which wobbles about a bit, an example of what it should be like is the cannon you shot from the back of a Rickshaw while being chased down a volcano in the middle of China. If it works as well as that, you are doing well!

Making the boss
Now, use your awesome skills to make a realistic looking boss, just make sure it is dissolvable! Get a magnetic switch and put it on each of the areas of the boss you want the player to shoot. Make sure it is the same colour as the magnetic key on the bullet. Make the trigger radius large enough that you know the key can get in the area, but not too big, otherwise it will be too easy. Use the analogue stick to go left and right to make it more precise. Put one of the keys on teh boss, a sweet spot you may call it, the normal on/off variety is fine. Make it invisible. You could decide to make only parts of the boss dissolvable, make it dynamic and do some gluing, so that the boss falls apart as you shoot it! Sweet!

The Logic
Now, here is the trickier bit. Logic can be a right pain in the... Nevermind. To start, you will need to make a hollow rectangle, about 3 high and 20 across, enough to fit another 1X1 square inside it. Leave the far right side open, so you have an elongated C. Make it static. Now, at the end which is open, add a 1X1 square, just to close the gap, so now you should have a nice large, hollow rectangle.
Make this static as well. Now, in the middle of this rectangle, make a 1X1 square. Make it dynamic.

Now, using this helpful diagram, I will now make a basic logic setup. Move the little central block to the end and attach a piston from one end to another. Make it quite slow, and the minium length, ley's say 2. Now, connect the magnetic switch from the boss, and connect it to the piston brick. So, if the boss is shot, then the piston will slowly move towards the final magnetic switch.
Now, you see the magnetic swithes along the top, they will be activated when the key moves past. A lot of bosses have a system that, the more damage you inflict on them, the more angry and dangerous they become. Just add the magnetic switches in the way I have done in the diagram, and make sure that they are able to detect the switch.


Now, here is a boss attack diagram, just copy this, make sure the metal (The only metal) is dynamic, as well as the wheel, and the rest cannot move. The green FYI is dissolve. Hook up one of the switches from the first logic device to the dissolve, and below the dissolve, hook up the switch to the motor bolt. The red switch will activate every so often once the spinner has begun. (IMPORTANT NOTE: MAKE SURE THE RED SWITCH CANNOT BE DETECTED UNTIL THE MECHANISM STARTS!)
Now link the red magnetic switch to anything you want the boss to do every so often, i.e. an attack phrase or a piston.
You can connect the switches on the central logic to anything, as long as the last one kills the boss!

Lovely annoying orange! Legs, evilness and Iron fist included!

That is just one of the ways you could make a boss! By experimenting and playing around with logic, you can make anything! ( OK, almost anything :D)

Hope this helps!

11-21-2010, 09:30 PM
Sorry ace, but I don't think a tutorial can be made for boss battles. I attempted to make one, but it got corrupted. :(

The real reason it's challenging to make a tutorial for boss battles is because boss battles are unique. They really don't have much planning to them; they more than likely just happen.

Sorry. Hope you can figure it out.

11-22-2010, 01:38 PM
Eh? I'm just giving an idea!

What you see, you can make better. What you don't, you create!
I think that was a quote from a famous inventor, can't remember who though.
Just use my idea and "customise it"

12-05-2010, 11:08 PM
Thanks for the help guys.

12-05-2010, 11:57 PM
Sorry ace of thorns if I knew you wanted help I would of tried to help but it looks like I am to late.