View Full Version : The Flying Donkey Airfield

11-02-2008, 05:25 PM
Sup everyone? I'm new here and i figured id show off my first fully functional level known as "The Flying Donkey Airfield"

This level starts you out on a flying airship's hanger, there are three balloons you can choose.

The White Donkey
(this balloon drops timebombs.
Weakness: it's a bit unruly when handling.
Strength: no prep-time for firing.)

The Black Donkey
(this balloon drops straight and plain impact bombs.
Weakness: 1 second windup time, as well as a recoil
Strength: the simplest weapons are the easiest to attack with)

The Itchy Donkey
(This Balloon Drops Custom-made "flea bombs" which are zero-gravity timebombs that float in midair.
Weakness: bombs can be hard to effectively use or direct.
Strength: no recoil from shots.)

All three balloons are made for single-sackperson use. they move left and right if you make your sackboy move in that direction. and while flying, using R1 will activate your weapons.

the goal is a small cargo ship at the far west of the map. (starting point is the northeast corner.)

In Total FOUR balloons can be obtained. each gotten from finishing the level with that said balloon.

(yes FOUR. explore the level and you'll find out)

This level can be as easy or hard as you want to make it. if you're just after the balloons. go ahead. if you're after points. it'll be a little harder. and if you want to get everything. it'll be hard.

Just Search for my LBP handle (Jynxieboy) or the level's name (The Flying Donkey Airfield).

Have fun! my next level i'm thinking about will be some sort of aerial sackboy vs sackboy dogfight level. till then. peaceout!