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11-24-2010, 04:26 PM
I just had a slight idea or suggestion that LBPC could make a level featuring every level spotlighted at LBPC

Format as in, when you enter the level, there's a huge room of teleporters with numbers on (number of spotlight), then you go to a room where you can fly around and grab something to read the description of the spotlighted level, and there's cutouts of the critics who quote under the level in the actual spotlight, like where Morgana25 and Asbestos101 and people like that judge the spotlighted level, and the cutouts are grabbable so you can see what they say#

Although, this would be very thermo unfriendly and would need lots of thermo glitching. But I think, if done correctly, could be very effective in LBP1, not just 2. Plus people without access to the site would be able to check out the spotlighted levels.

Feedback appreciated

EDIT: Started! Help appreciated

Need some logic help aswell, apply good logicians ;)