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12-14-2010, 11:04 PM
The Naughty of the Nice

Everywhere you would look, lights would twinkle and shimmer in the deep night. The air smelled of warm food, the sound of beautiful voices singing merry songs blossomed in your ears, and the ground was blanketed with white fluffs of snow. It was that season again. Where temperatures would dwindle below 30 degrees and merry faces were glued upon every face. One little girl, sitting in front of the Christmas tree with gleaming eyes, did not wear the same happiness upon her face. No, indeed. A devilish glare with a seeming hope did not move from the tree. A poorly hidden want was seen on her smirking face, causing her cheeks to puff up in the corners. A dark shadow lay in the dark spying on this little girl. Suddenly a voice was heard beyond the Christmas lights. “ Well, well. It seems little Olivia the spoiled is taking a look upon my many, many gifts,” declared a firm voice with an evil presence. The girl whirled her head around and the shadow stepped out of mystery. “Mummy and Daddy love me so much they forgot you existed. So they told me.” Olivia snapped at him. “ I am the favorite child! They love me more!”, she said with a hint of jealousy. She knew it was a true fact. True as can be. Why, when she was two she started to throw her food all over the wall. Who was the one to clean it up? It was the maid's job. But If you had seen her after she was done, you would say that she just came back from an intense hurricane. She quit after she had slipped on unpeeled bananas laying on the staircase. Everything bad that happened in the house was assumed to be Olivia. Why does Olivia deserve this? I mean, she WAS only a child back then. Thats what everyone says. But would they even think about saying that when they would hear what she had done to ruin Christmas last year? It was too terrible to talk about. SO many silent dinners and car trips lay ahead of it.

I just posted this because I got bored. I don't think I'll continue this story anyway.

12-16-2010, 04:35 AM
Nice story so far!! I feel sad for Olivia.. I hope Xmas turns out nice for her :)