View Full Version : Level Showcase posting form should have a LBP.me URL field

12-21-2010, 09:24 AM
As the title says. The posting form in the Level Showcase forum already has input fields for your level's name and your PSN ID. Now, with the public launch of LBP.me (http://lbp.me), it has become incredibly easy for people browsing these forums to head over to there and add a level to their queue for later, when they are back at playing again (who browses this forum and plays LBP at the same time anyway?).

IMO, hinting level authors who post on these forums to add the LBP.me URL (http://lbp.me/v/0t73y) of their level benefits them with more exposure and more plays. If there are already pictures on the LBP.me page, one can link to them in ones post (or just tell people to watch the gallery on LBP.me, but don't embed images from the LBP.me site here). Of course, authors should still put effort into writing an attractive post if they want to get noticed.

Just having to click a link that takes us to LBP.me will make it easier for us other folks to review the level and queue it in advance so we won't forget about it. It also saves us the hassle of doing a search for the level in the game.

Once MM takes LBP.me to the next step and develops an API for it that the friendly folks running LBPC can talk to, having a ton of LBP.me URLs will be a very valuable stack of data. I can already imagine some very nice applications with this. Once you have a reliable LBP.me URL of a level, you can probably soon extract meta data like number of plays, rating, tags, comments and the like from LBP.me and use that here on LBPC.

Lastly, this does not have to be limited to the Level Showcase forum. I can see this happening in the other review forums as well.

Where is your mind on this? Tell me.

12-25-2010, 08:36 PM
I'd love to see this, along with the level patch sitting to the left of the thread title- that'd be awesome.