View Full Version : Ideas and Projects/Projects and Planning F4F

12-28-2010, 10:35 PM
It's nice to have Feedback for Feedback on the Level Showcase and Object Showcase forums, but what if that were to also be in the Ideas and Projects and [LBP2] Projects and Planning threads? You could have people giving eachother feedback on ideas, and the people who want attention on their thread would get it because they have been helping others out with their ideas.

This could really help people finish their projects. People who need a little morale boost with the attention would be able to get it.

This could also help people make quality levels/games. With the ideas given to each other, newer creators would be able to learn what the community likes without looking through cool pages to see tons of Bomb Survivals. Hopefully it will reduce the amount of bad levels and increase the amount of finished levels!