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01-06-2011, 12:56 AM
Welcome to the Project W A R



Sack-life Corp:
The Goods In W A R, The Founder is Dr. Jones, And the Hero is Jake, Mike and Edward.


The Logo is the Union Of The Sack Survivors Against the Dark ministry, The Enemy
Dark Ministery:

The Bads, The Founder is Ultimate Boss Sr. in The Alternative Universe, Year 1995, The Hero is Ultimate Boss Jr.


This project is based on an era of war between the sack-life corp. against the dark ministry

Will be divided into 3 episodes:

Episode 1: The Benning
What is this Episode: The Sackboys were enjoying the new generation, but everything went dark Minister attacked the community, the sacks were crying from fear of see how the shooting monsters or waving their swords, minus Mike, a boy, has a Girlfriend named Shannon and his son Miles

Episode 2: Battle of 2022
What is this Episode: The Protagonist (Mike) is an adult, the war's commander and his friend (Edward) has been sacrificed to try to end the tyranny of the Great Dark Lord of the minister, The Suit "Techno-Fighting" has come to Version 1.0, Edward the use, but sadly was eliminated by The Ultimate Boss.

Episode 3: The Open Rose
Dealt with in this episode: Jake, the Return of Hope, this episode is based on the year 10000, 8000 Years after Ultimate Boss That was frozen and thawed Year with total control of the universe, but that would not be so for much, Jake He discovered that Mike, the one that gave a disease Ultimate Boss, The second part of the ongoing war, now with the Ultimate Boss Improved, But with Jake as the protagonist in this last episode, Jake goes to Rakium Metro, there is faced with the Minister and comes out victorious...

Also This W A R: Battles

W A R: Battles
What is It: This is not an episode, but is a battle mode where you choose between one of the characters, choose from mike, jake, ultimate boss or enemies

The episodes are planned to make like a lbp normal game with guns...example: the pistol (You can watch the teaser in the community of LBP1 to view the pistol) or new future weapons (teach me to make it in LBP2 xD).

What do you think the Saga planned, do you like?

Well, you can expect it (4-2-11 Or Before) ;)

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