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01-06-2011, 04:10 PM
Hey guys just sharing something I had in mind, im not known around here so you will ask yourself who the f--k are you XD but anyway,

Im planning this well basicly by myself =/ I was in a project (wont mention to avoid problems), im sad I wont be able to be in those awesome projects but anyway, I had in mind re-creating atleast 1 level per game...

-Star Fox
-Donkey Kong
-Conkers Bad Fur Day
-Banjo Kazooie
-Banjo Tooie
-Mario Kart
-Golden Sun
-Super Mario RPG

Its similar to that other thread I made, however this one is official, Im re-thinking Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie, cause theres a project in process and I dont wanna ruin anything, But thats why Im waiting, besides I might not get LBP2 for a while =(.

Its gonna be hard but with time Im sure I can make it happen, the levels wont be made quickly so I might like...

-In 1 month make a Mario and Donkey Kong one, and as time passes I go with the rest-

So, it wont exactly be a organized project just some levels and thingys I had in mind =P and that I wanna try out, I will get into Music making for LBP2, so ill try to make that work and everything I think I can manage it. I Dont have the Beta, but if you wanna have an Idea you could maybe check out My 3 Zelda Levels I made, so you have an Idea how I want to re-create it.

Its just re-created, some of the memories of those games and best moments, fav levels etc, so its not just a full remake with story and everything and so on, just re-creating them etc, what I mean by that is for example

(In my kokiri Forest level from OoT, you dont have to Get the shield and Sword, you just go through the level, with platforming and you know just going by the original, ( I wont REMAKE anything).

So yeah, thats all just sharing ^_____^, hope you like the idea and if you have any levels from Those games i wrote up there^^^^^

Let me know Id love to try them out =)


*EDIT* About the wont remake XD I might have to, to make some things work, I did remake some of the Zelda levels a little >__< sorry but sometimes its hard to get a recreation perfect.