View Full Version : Combat Racing! A dangerous game of vehicular death!

01-07-2011, 12:03 PM
Combat Racing is a level I tried to build but just didn't have the right tools.
Now with the ability to build racing games, it's finally time that this level comes out.

The main level will ship out with 20 Mini vehicles to choose from with weapons ranging from Roof-Mounted Gattling guns, Lasers, And a Turbo and Battering Ram combo (thats being equipped on the Humvee)

12 Tracks will also be included for selection. All ranging from a standard Figure-8 Course, to a more technical dirt course.
Eventually, the level will be updated with a sort of DLC that i want you the community to make. Come up with ideas and post them.

Types of vehicles will matter as well. Including:
Sports Cars-The AllArounder class
Exotics-The Speed class
Heavy-The strong but slower class
Helicopters-Only available in the Ring-Race Mode

Once the full level is done, I will be working on an update to bring: Bandit Race
10 Cars.
5 Copcars
5 Bandit Cars
There will be power ups in this mode including a bomb strip, The Police Helicopter, and more.
Sackbot AI will be included if possible.

I will start building on this as soon as I pick up the game