View Full Version : Project Titan (Nonlinear, 20 level RPG)

01-10-2011, 10:09 PM
Right now I am working on an almost completely non-linear RPG in LittleBigPlanet. It's going to be set in a future were interplanetary travel is an everyday thing and where lightspeed is a thing of the past. In this future all of sackind is united under one nation and space is the final frontier. So far I've decided that there will be 18 visitable areas, one map level, and an intro level. And the story will revolve around the first contact sack-kind makes with an alien speices (X-Bots (Unofficially)). The aliens will be like big white (yeties) because green big-headed aliens to too stereotypical Or a synthetic, anti-organic race. Mars and the moon will be somewhat terraformed. The Moon will have breathable oxygen and large cities with millions of people and giant structures that replenish the atmosphere since gravity is too low to hold it. And Mars will not have breathable oxygen but during the time span of the RPG mars in in the process of developing it. There will be one city on mars with a population of 20 million.

Here is a list of locations in the solar system you will be able to visit:
1. Earth (Game start)
2. Moon (1st unlock)
3. International Space Station 2 (1st unlock)
4. Mars (2nd unlock)
5. Venus (Giant floating city in Venus's atmosphere, 2nd unlock)
6. Ceres (A dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, 3rd unlock)
7. Io (Moon of Jupiter, 3rd unlock)
8. Europa (Moon of Jupiter, 3rd unlock)
9. Ganymede (Moon of Jupiter, 3rd unlock)
10, Callisto (Moon of Jupiter, 3rd unlock)
11. Titan (Moon of Saturn, 4th unlock)
12. Pluto (Unlock undecided)
13. Charon (Moon of Pluto, unlock undecided)
14. Sedna (Dwarf planet, unlock undecided)
15. Eris (Dwarf planet, unlock undicided)
16. Undecided
17. Undecided
18. Undecided

If you have any sugestions on places in the solar system that should be visitable please let me know. I don't know if I should make up space stations or add 3 exoplanets (planets in other solars systems). Also, if you have any questions about my project just ask below.