View Full Version : The Banished Of Exile.

01-19-2011, 10:30 AM
So, I have an idea for a series but I dont think i can do it on my own so if what you're about to read sparks interest, dont hesitate to be a part of it.

Story/Plot line :

The general Idea I'm basing this on is that there was once a demon group wich once tried to overthrow sack-satan from his infamous title as lord of hell but ultimately failed. Upon failing, the rebelling demons are banished to Craft world where, on one faitfull day, meet the players sackboy/girl. The players will role play as a decendant of a sage who sealed away the banished demons ability to go into there demonic form...rendering them useless of any demonic power. So the leader of the banished demons approach the player and, demons being crafty and persuasive as they are, Tell the player that something bad is coming and that they are devine warriors who have come to stop the demons rising to power who need the demonic power to counter attack any other demons. Now the players character is convinced, the player proceeds to take him to the sealing shrine with promises of saving the world and being remembered as a hero.
Now upon reaching the shrine only the blood of a "sage decendant" can open the doors. Entering the shrine the players are greeted by all manners of puzzles and contraptions ( wich will be figured out later on since im still just brain storming lol ) and eventually get to the "shrine of devine sealing" and unlock the demons powers by sacrificing a drop of blood.

Ok this is all I have so far but I do have a general idea of what will be going down e.g -
All demons of the group will be playable each with unique abilities.
Players character will be recruited to the gang and given there own set of abilties.
It's going to be a series of levels and will also involve short movies ( maybe a prequal short movie after the demons reveale there bad intentions to the player? )
A journey through mystic woods, temples, hell, citys and towns. You know...some cool looking places!

I will edit this and keep adding more everytime I get something new but seriously....It seems a little ambitious but I know I will not be able to this on my own LOL so any help, ideas, suggestions will be very usefull. Oh and sackbot geniuses will be great to have on board since cutscenes and specific demon abilities will be visually cool.

( Do people even try to recruit other people to help them with there levels or am I being too ambitious? )