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01-20-2011, 10:39 PM
I thought I might as well repost this for publicity and for newcomers to check it out.... :p (first thread in PSP tutorials too :D )

-Waterfall Tutorial-
By: Valmassoi

Psn: valmassoi
Level: Waterfall Tutorial


There's a few ways in making a waterfall, and as you know they can really add to the environment of the level. I'm sure you've all seen the "all-mighty" gas waterfall, but in addition to that, I'll explain how to make a "Piston Waterfall." Sure the steps may be a little time-consuming, but so is making any decent level in LBP!

~Gas Waterfall~

Gas waterfalls are the most commonly used forms of waterfalls, simply because they're the easiest. They can also be corner-edited to make interesting fantasy levels.


Step 1: Create

Use the goodies bag to draw a static object. It has to be even (no corner editing), and vertical to be realistic; that is of course if you're not making a fantasy-based level. It doesn't matter what material you use. Also, make sure it's the thinnest layer and moved to the back.


Step 2: Gas Tweak

Under the tweak menu, change the material into horrible gas. It doesn't matter what color you use.


Step 3: Material Change

This has to be the most commonly used "glitch" in LBP for PSP: Go to the tweak menu again, and use the material-changer to choose a water-looking material. I recommend the Aqua Carpet material, but that's just me. There are also many other water-looking materials out there, but it really is your opinion.


What NOT To Do

In this kind of waterfall, there's two main things to avoid.
1. NEVER use a material that doesn't correspond to the environment or story of your level, this is pretty self-explanatory.


2. Gas takes up a lot of memory in PSPs, over-usage or too big of gas waterfalls will make automatic lag in your level, and nobody likes a laggy level!


~Piston Waterfall~

Piston waterfalls look great!!! But require a lot of work. Figures. Personally I've only seen these in one level but that's just me. The bad thing about these is that if a person puts a sticker on it while playing your level, it can reveal the secret of making these and look awful banging up and down repeatedly. The photo below doesn't really show what it's like because it's not moving so be sure to download the level if you want to see what it really looks like.


Prestep 1: Must Knows

This is a must know about these waterfalls before making one: They are only used in large environments, and the top and bottom cannot be visible to the players eye. Also, you cannot corner edit these. Another useful thing to know would be that this technique can be used to create scrolling backgrounds.

Prestep 2: Troubleshooting Piston Waterfalls

I haven't found out about this until recently. Steps 2 and 3 below only work for the aqua carpet material!!! So don't try using the same tweakage for different material waterfalls!

Step 1: Create

Pay attention here, every part matters! Start by making a dynamic, wide (to your preference), thinnest (moved to back layer), water-material object. As I've mentioned before, I recommend Aqua Carpet material, but it's totally your choice. Above that, make another object of any material (nobody's going to see it). Make sure it's static and the same layer as the dynamic one. Also, you have to make this high (at least 50 "LBP" inches) above the dynamic object. You can measure how high above it is by attaching a temporary rod and look at maximum length under tweak.


Step 2: Piston Time!

Attach a piston from the top object to the bottom one. Tweak: Under basic settings, make sure the minimum length is exactly 50 "LBP" inches less than the maximum length. Example: Your maximum length is 80, your minimum length should be 30.


Step 3: More Tweakage

Under timing, the time should be 1.0 seconds (or to your preference). Everything else under timing, should be 0.0. Is it stiff? Yes. Flipper Motion? In. Visible? Your choice, doesn't really matter considering nobody should see up there. Make sure you have music or sound effects around the waterfall because flipper motion makes a sound.

What NOT To Do
1. Allow the player to see either the top or bottom
2. Put stickers on the waterfall
3. Have no music or SFX around the waterfall

Well that's pretty much it, I'm semi-sure those are the only ways in making a waterfall, and they really do add to the atmosphere of a level. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to post them down below. Thanks!

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Yeah! tutorial section! instead of that mischievous scaly-wag jeffcu28 putting all the things he thinks are helpful and eliminating the chance of a tutorial section :D who are we to thank for this? :)

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CC; jeffcu just put up his sticky thread at the top now too :)
-Val, I've never really looked at your text tutorial before, but I've played the level. Looks great and it's really easy to follow

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wats the level with the piston waterfall called?

01-31-2011, 08:57 PM
wats the level with the piston waterfall called?

-Waterfall Tutorial-
By: Valmassoi

Psn: valmassoi
Level: Waterfall Tutorial

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This tutorial was a lot of help. Thanks bro.

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ya i didnt even know how to do that i was all confused ty lots o help

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Thanks for the help! I been trying to do this for a week now!

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Looks pretty intresting. I should try it sometime! :)

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Thanks for the tutorial! This can be used for LBP1 waterfalls too, since there isn't a waterfall material too.
Great work! :)