View Full Version : Ancara's idea station(for those who need/want new ideas for level gimmicks or whatev)

01-21-2011, 01:00 AM
Basically, I won't be able to get LBP2 until at least the 1st of February (need to wait for monthly check), but I didn't wanna have to wait that long to get creative and stuff. Thus, I decided to do something a little......different from what one would normally do.

As such, I went and made this topic.

The purpose of this topic (as is obvious from the topic's title) is to be a sort-of "dumping ground" for all of my ideas, which could possibly be used for stuff in LBP2.....if anybody wanted to use 'em, that is.

So as to make this post not tl;dr length, let's get straight onto the first idea.

Basically, I look at the grabinators and sackbots, and that gives me an idea for a level gimmick.

What i'm talking about is using the grabinator to grab platforms (with grabbable material on the bottom, of course) and then using them to allow sackbots to walk across to the other side.

Or, you could set it to where the platform has bouncy pads on it, causing the sackbot to bounce when landing/walking on it, leading to some interesting ideas that could stem from that.

.....and why stop with just sackbots, or even just platforms? One could build 'platforms' which could be made to hold an object in/on them, which you could then be able to carry from point A to point B, where they could then serve their purpose, whatever it is.

You could especially use this sort of idea for co-op challenges. Basically, using it in ways such as "railing one guy holds while another grinds down while holding an object going down it" or even the interesting "guy walking on platform held by guy walking on platform held by guy walking on platform held by guy walking on the ground" concept.

So yeah, I could go on and on, but for now, i'll leave you guys with that. I'll likely come back every now and then and yak on about whatever ideas come out of my head, so I hope you guys like the ideas I come up with. Oh, and I might try this idea out myself when i'm able to get LBP2. :V