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01-22-2011, 01:58 AM
This level gave me a lot of trouble to ace, took me at least 20+ times, and I'm sure to most they'll find it quite annoying to ace. I'll explain each of the three stages, and what to do to make it easiest to complete without dying.

Stage 1:
In this stage you use your controllinator powered hamster to take out the Negativitrons brains located on the top of his "head" They alternate between left and right, starting with the right. The best way to ace this is to mainly nail the timing. He keeps a precise pattern moving back and forth making a one-hit kill laser beam from out of his mouth. If you boost under him with R1 just a little after he finishes his beam attack you can move to the opposite side to hit the other brain.

This is a pretty easy stage, and shouldn't be long before you can beat it every time you retry without fail.

Stage 2:
In my opinion, this stage is the worst. The Negativitron comes from the left of the screen sucking up everything from sheep to your bounce pad platforms. Every 8 or so platforms he sucks up, Da Vinci (I think) comes and drops a missile that shuts the Negativitron's mouth, and leaves the brain on top of him susceptible to jumping on. I've found in this level don't trust the grappling hook too much, because when you are moving left from the Negativitron sucking, the inertia will carry you more towards the left making it harder to live, instead use the bounce pads. Stay on the moving ones as much as possible and when you really have to use the directional influence with the joystick while falling to try and trace the path of the Calendar head guy (sorry don't remember his name) and Avalon. It takes four rather obnoxious hits to his brain to move onto the next round.

Like I said, this stage was brutal and can be rather frustrating, just keep at it and stay on those bounce pads!

Stage 3:
Another tough stage, but not as tough as number 2. This stage the Negativitron follows very distinct patterns that make it much easier to track what he will do next. He starts by shooting a giant purple beam at the entire ground, that you will automatically dodge. Then the patterning begins, it will fire a pattern of four different sequences that will repeat every time you damage it, but going faster each time. First the Negativitron fires a one line purple beam at each square on the ground in order from right to left and back again. By jumping to the opposite direction he (she?) is firing you can dodge this attack fairly easily. The next sequence, it fires one beam to each end, then one square in from each side, and so on until it gets to the middle, then it goes back out in the opposite manner that it came in by. The next stage is my least favorite of the four that occur. It fires a pair of two line beams with a little space in between them. The easiest way to do this part is just to run, and occasionally using a small short hop to dodge if necessary. By running left and right and left and right you should be able to dodge them fairly easily. Although after he has been damaged 3 times it becomes much tougher where one mistimed jump can cause you to die. It is vital you figure out how to dodge them just by running. The final beam sequence is 4 large blasts that take up the whole ground, use your full forced jump on each of these, by holding X for the full time. Once again, after it's been damaged 3 times, you may need to use smaller jumps to avoid getting hit by the next shot. After those, he will begin hovering over a side of the floor that you need to run away from immediately! After a few seconds he will blast the entire side, at this point you need to pick up the pastry that Da Vinci or Victoria throws to you with your grabinator. You then throw the pastry at his brain, after 4 hits, he will be near finished. If you miss with the pastry you will have another chance before he repeats the beam sequences.

This stage is important to really understand the patterns the Negativitron follows so you know just where to go and when.

*Stage 4: Spoiler Warning!*

Goes into a slow motion epic kill-shot scene, I don't think this needs that much explanation. :)

I hope this saves some frustration for other people out there having trouble with this level. :)

01-22-2011, 02:41 PM
In Stage 3, I just stood at the left/right edge of the stage (depending on who was going to give me a pie to throw) and jumped straight up when he shot at me. I think the shots only hit you if you're close enough to the ground.

01-22-2011, 03:26 PM
Yeah I tried staying on the sides, but when he goes to smash down on you, if you've jumped too late, it can be hard to move out of the way in time, but it can work well too.

01-22-2011, 10:45 PM
Yeah, it's best if you just stand still and jump just before the lazers hit the ground.

When you get the pastry, wait for him to completely slam down, then do a SMALL HOP and throw it. Many times I missed before I realized this. He'll go down in 4 hits and then yaaaaay ace!

01-23-2011, 01:49 AM
I wish I saw this thread about 7 minutes ago...

01-23-2011, 06:27 AM
The holograms on stage 3 don't kill you until they reach the floor and form that multi-edge shape.