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11-09-2008, 11:07 PM
This is my first attempt, and what appears to be one of the few, sets of an actual series of levels.

I'm intending for this series to be 5-6 chapters long, am almost done #2, can't wait for 3...

It starts with your sackperson being summoned to the god Graden's shrine, where he asks you to go on a pilgramage through his temple, afterwards he promises a reward for your sackperson. In the form of magical powers.

In return for this benevolant gift, he asks one task, defeat the Demon Zashak that plagues his ways. Of course after you've mastered the art of magic.

I've put a lot of effort into the levels, trying to make them pleasing to the eye and all. I'd enjoy some critiquing and such, suggestions on things to add to the effect...

At first it starts out slow, but by the end your sackperson wikll be capable of shooting fireballs, destroying small mountians, flying, freezng water, walking on fire, and tonnes of other awe inspiring acts of magic. And you'll need it /all/ to take on the demon Zashak at the end. And then some...

Please reply, I'll bump and reply as more of the series is completed, simply search for my name and look under my levels, you can't miss em =D



11-10-2008, 07:38 AM

Chapter 2 finally done (spent all day on it =o)

Involves a lot of neat stuff you guys maybe interested, including levitating rocks that give the illusion of floating using a glitch/trick I've found.

I'll post it later once I get some reviews on it.

Also includes a semi okay boss fight, and some goodies for you to collect, yay goodies!

Reviews and opinions/suggestions, please.

Should have ch. 3 done shortly...