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01-23-2011, 07:01 PM
I made these during the beta but I feel they will be just as helpful in the full game so I thought I'd post them, willing be expanding on request.

Tutorial One: How To Make A Remote Control Top Down Car

First of all your gonna want to design your car, it can be whatever shape you like it doesn't really make a difference. Then you need to make two controlinators one set to receive and the other set to transmit place the receiving controlinator on your vehicle and your transmitter on whatever you like. Then put two mover on the receivers circuit board set them both to local space then turn one of them upside down, this will be for your reverse so remember to set the speed to a little slower than the accelerate mover. Then set both to acceleration and deceleration 100% now here's where it a little more complicated.

If you want to have the car gradually accelerate your gonna need to make two timers set to directional hook these up to the movers. Then set the mover's input action to strength scale if you don't want this effect then disregard the previous paragraph.

Now you need to make a direction splitter out the Up/Down left stick action and its input then hook the positive side of the splitter to the timer(or just the mover if your going the less complicated way) this makes it so only when you press the stick forward does it accelerate. Now its just some personal preference stuff if you would like pulling your left stick backward to be your reverse input set the negative side of the direction splitter to the timer corresponding to the reverse mover (or just the mover if your going the less complicated way) otherwise hook the button you want to reverse(I use the O button) to the timer. Now if your doing it the more complicated way you need to decide whether when you release the stick you want the vehicle to gradually stop of grind to a halt instantly if you want the later option then you must make 2 not gates and hook one up to the reset on your timers then hook the same input you use to start your timers onto the not gates. Otherwise leave your logic be and the vehicle will gradually slow down, now for steering create a advanced rotator then hook up the right stick's Left/Right output onto the On/Off of the rotator make sure your rotator is set to 100% acceleration and deceleration.

If you want head lights attach some head lights to your vehicle and then wire them up to a toggle switch then out whatever button you want onto the toggle's input. If you want exhaust fumes make a smoke machine and an OR gate hook up everything related to movement onto your OR gate then attach the or gate to the smoke machine now whenever you move exhaust fumes will come out.

Now attach a gravity tweaker to your circuit board set the dampening to 99% and then your done with that. Now create two movie cameras set one of them to come on when you enter the controlinator and the other one to come on when a button of your choice is pressed. Now set the one that comes on when you enter the vehicle to unlimited hold time and the other camera to 0.1 second hold time then put the same button you used to turn on the movie camera up to the controlinator itself so you will be ejected from the controlinator when you press this button.
Just encase you did something wrong here's what it should look like:

Congratulations you just made you very own top down vehicle:D

Tutorial Two: Simple Playable Character(Mage)

First of all your gonna need to make a sackbot which you can dress-up however you like, after that you need to but a controlinator on the sackbots circuit board you should set the controlinator to receive. This gives you the ability to control a sackbot:)

Now you need to make a piece of hologram whatever size you like and a small arrow made of hologram, after you have done that you need to put a microchip onto that piece of hologram. On the microchip you have just placed you need to put an anti gravity tweaker set to 99% dampening, a follower with speed ten the ability to move in/out and up/down and with an acceleration of 100%. This piece of hologram will pose as a cursor depicting where you will shoot your fireballs so it will need to rotate, so you need to put a direction splitter onto the circuit board, a direction combiner and an advanced mover. Plug the direction splitters outputs into the corresponding inputs on the direction combiner then plug the direction combiner into the rotation speed input of the rotator. Now I suggest you use the left/right dpad output from the controlinator (you could use the left/right right stick output) and plug that into the direction splitter's input. Now you have an aiming mechanism:)

Now for the bullets place an emitter onto the arrow you made and stick the arrow to the aiming mechanism you made earlier attach R1 onto the emitter and now your character can fire well whatever he likes. Now you just need to add two movie cameras to the sackbots circuit board set one of them to unlimited hold time and the other to 0.1 second hold time. Hook up the power button of the controlinator to the unlimited hold camera and another button of your choice onto the 0.1s camera you will need to hook up the same button onto the eject of the controlinator and your done.


If you want your character to have more than one spell(or action) you need to make another hologram with the same things as you did with the other hologram except this one wont need to rotate also put a gyroscope on the hologram. Now you need to create icons for however many spells your going to have stick these icons onto the hologram. Now make a direction splitter and combiner and place these on a circuit board and place the circuit board where the emitter would normally go. Now plug the direction splitters outputs into the direction combiners inputs like you did earlier. Now create a selector with as many outputs as there are actions plug these outputs into their own individual AND gates also plug R1 into these AND gates, after you've done that connect the AND gates into their own individual emitters. Now to have the holograms light up when you have selected a certain spell you must simply connect selectors output which you used to plug into the AND gate into the hologram and the other outputs into their corresponding holograms. All you have to do now is plug the direction combiner into the selectors cycle outputs input and the Up/Down D-Pad output into the direction splitter.

I may have done this slightly wrong so message me if your having problems.

Here is what the finished product should look like:

Tutorial Three: Top Down Character

Right so you want to make a top down character first of all you need to make a piece of material(what ever you like)the size of a controlinator I just use a 2x2 thin block on the small grid, so now you've got that you need to place a controlinator on your piece of material. Now if your organised you need to make a circuit board and put a note next to it saying movement...

Movement: Part 1

First of all you should make an advanced mover and set it to whatever settings you like then attach your controls to it(to make this brief I'm not gonna say things like what controls I think its pretty self explanatory). Now if you want your character to be able to jump you need to make two timers, two toggle switches, two in/out movers and an OR gate. You need to set one of the timers to 0.1 and the other to 0.2 both should be set to count up. now connect these to the OR gate before I forget you must connect the each timer to its own reset. After that connect the OR gate to each of the toggles, you must set one of the toggles to inverted and leave the other one be now set one of the movers to move to back and the other to move out once. Then connect the inverted toggle to the move to back mover and the other toggle to the other mover. Now for walking sounds first of all make a new microchip it is vital you do this else it won't work then place a battery, timer, selector and two sounds on to your chip connect the battery to the timer, the timer must be set to target time 0.3 leave everything else as it is, connect the timer to its own reset and then connect it to the selectors cycle outputs input after that simply connect an output to each sound object.


For this you will need an emitter two timers and whatever sound you want to go with the emitter, first place your bullet into the emitter set the velocity to whatever you like and the lifetime to about 5 seconds then connect one of the timers to it. This timer should be set to 0.3s target time and to count up then connect the reset to itself after that connect the other timer to the timer you just made, the new timer should be set to how often you want the player to be able to shoot so if i want the player to have the ability to shoot every 2 seconds I'd set the timer to 2 seconds. You must also set the timer to count down then connect the R1 button to the timer's input.


Now you need to make an extension of the controlinator make this however long you like and in a rectangular shape on the end of the shape create a cross-hair of whatever design you like. This is to show the player where they are going to shoot.

Movement: Part 2

Now you have made this extension of the controlinator you can add the rotation part of the character place a joystick mover in the middle of the cross-hair now your character will face in the direction the stick is pointing.

Don't forget you need to place a gravity tweaker on your character to prevent it from falling.

Tada you've completed your very own basic top-down character:D

Sub Tutorial: Top Down Basic Attacking AI

First of all you need to place a block whatever size you like and it can be decorated in any way it will not affect your enemy character, now onto the logic...

First of all build a microchip and place a tag sensor on it this will serve as the detection radius for the enemy character, you then need to connect that tag sensor to a look at rotator. Then make a follower with the same detection radius as the tag sensor allow Up/Down movement and In/Out movement and set the speed to however fast you want. Then put down an impact sensor which includes touching, connect this to a counter and an AND gate. You then must set the counter to target count 1 and connect it to the on/off input of a microchip, now duplicate the impact sensor you made earlier and put it on this microchip, then attach it to the AND gate. After that connect the AND gate to a destroyer and a score giver, so now you should have a character that moves towards your character and blows up giving however many points you like after two hits. Now if you want it to be able to attack place an emitter on the microchip and connect the tag sensor to it. Now just put an anti-gravity tweaker on it and your good to go, just remember you need to put a tag the same colour as the tag sensor on your character(the one you play as) and place a tag the same colour as your impact sensor on your bullet.

Tutorial Four:You Decide

01-23-2011, 07:40 PM
could tutorial 4 be a tutorial on how to make a working fight system similar to that in games like golden axe?

01-23-2011, 07:55 PM
could tutorial 4 be a tutorial on how to make a working fight system similar to that in games like golden axe?

I've never played golden axe if you tell me abit about it I'll see what I can do.

01-23-2011, 08:11 PM
its a "beat em up" if you look any game like that up you should see the main picture. take a look at the scott pilgrim game on youtube, you should get what i mean then. thanks

01-23-2011, 08:33 PM
I see the only problem with this that I see is that if the characters aren't to be sack people the character movements will look clunky and horrible and if they are sack people then you limit the level of customization you can do. I guess that it's down to you then,what I suggest is I will make a system for attacks which will just be like a block of cardboard for now, it will be able to throw holographic punches and kicks etc.

01-23-2011, 08:35 PM
thanks man, and there is a big problem there eh? :/

01-23-2011, 08:39 PM
Well I don't really play beat em up games so I don't really know what sort of attacks you use and stuff, anyway it will probably will be up tommorow unless I give up. This will most likely be alot of typing, even with simple logic it takes alot of typing so I'll just see what I can do. I'm still open for more suggestions.

01-23-2011, 08:49 PM
thanks a lot man, really appreciate it

01-23-2011, 09:28 PM
I would love to know how to create a basic Basketball game exactly like the one in story mode. If u would do this I would greatly appreciate it

01-26-2011, 02:54 PM
Sorry about the delay I'm ill, if it's gonna be up it will be up this weekend.

01-27-2011, 09:29 AM
I see the only problem with this that I see is that if the characters aren't to be sack people the character movements will look clunky and horrible and if they are sack people then you limit the level of customization you can do.

You can make a sackbot switch to a prerecorded behavior (punch, jump, kick) and temporarily disable player control for the duration of it. I am no expert in sackbot visual customization, but decorational objects go a long way, especially with some extra DLC. A problem might be a weapons pickup system that has to rely on different sackbot costumes (a separate costume altogether for every variation of weaponry) and consequently having a new sackbot for every outfit, duplicating complex logic...

The advantage of punches and kicks however, is that they don't require unique sackbot costumes and can all be done by recorded behaviors.

01-27-2011, 09:33 AM
I would love to know how to create a basic Basketball game exactly like the one in story mode. If u would do this I would greatly appreciate it

Global gravity set to low (causing high jumps), Grabinator in front of the spawning checkpoint, small grabbable ball (you may want to use a material changer on a preset ball object, tweaked to make it grabbable).

I haven't worked out the scoring logic, though; the game will have to understand who tossed the ball last (in case of a single hoop). If each player has his own hoop, then it might become a bit simpler...

01-27-2011, 03:18 PM
The game actually tracks the players and gives the correct player the score if its set to the just me option.