View Full Version : LED counter object??

01-26-2011, 03:26 AM
I just realized that I totally posted this in the wrong forum.. Not exactly sure how to delete a thread, so I'll leave that to the mods. To anyone else who reads this, you can just stop reading, because this will probably be irrelevant to you. Sowwy!

Hey guys, I've noticed that at the end of the story-mode survival challenges, the prize dispensers have little "LED" counter thingies -- kinda like a calculator screen.
I've seen them used in a few community levels too, so I was wondering where I get it from, or if I have it already, where is it in my popit? Is there a story mode level that I missed it in? Your help is appreciated, and advance apologies if this is a totally stupid question. :)

02-02-2011, 08:58 PM
Story Mode: They are stickers in prize bubbles