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01-26-2011, 05:37 AM
Hey just checked out the brand spankin' new wiki and it's looking mighty fine (if you haven't seen it already you should!) but I have a question about editing the pages. I assume normal site rules apply but as for content of the article what should one look out for or keep in mind? I'd like to do a bit to help out but the official LBP Wiki's rule page isn't up yet.

When I say 'content' I mean things like length, accuracy of information, etc..

Lookin' forward to it!

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01-27-2011, 08:08 AM
Take shelter! Incoming linkstorm!

The rules can be found here: http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/LBPWiki:General_Rules
This page lists some general tips on basic editing: http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/Help:Help
This page lists current wiki policies: http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/LBPWiki:Policy
This page details a current to do list- if you don't know what you want to tackle first, start here! http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/LBPWiki:To-Do#Priority_To-Do_List

As to length, whatever feels appropriate to the article. If you think that it's too short, or someone could add more, just add a {{stub}} tag. If you think its too long, we can always clean up and move the work later :)
As to accuracy of information, we'd prefer everything be as acurate as it can be. If you aren't sure something is right, leave a message on the article's Talk page, to make sure that someone verifies it.
As to content, pretty much whatever is pertinent to the aticle. We're trying to keep it an unbiased source, so be wary about adding specific community content. The wiki is nowhere near 100% completion, so if you think a page should be added, go for it!

Finally, this page lists contact information for all the wiki Curators and Moderators, contact us if you have any more questions, I look forward to seeing your edits :) http://wiki.lbpcentral.com/LBPWiki:Contact_Us