View Full Version : RTS/Unit Pathfinding Ideas

01-26-2011, 10:45 AM
Now, I know RTS's are a long ways away before the logic required to make them becomes common, but after having read some RTS threads, and reading about the pathfinding issues, I came up with an idea.

Forgive me if this is ridiculously impossible, I've only had LBP 2 for less than a day. I did make an "RTS-esque" game in LBP 1 titled World Conflict: RTS (something along those lines), and desperately want to attempt one in LBP 2.
Also, sorry if this was already solved, I searched a bit but only found questions, no answers.

Here's my idea:

Select a unit to activate "search for waypoint"
Set a waypoint using "button X" to emit the key for the mover, etc.
This sets off a counter/timer (dunno what to call it) that has a time based on distance to waypoint.
The waypoint disappears immediately after being placed (just long enough for key to activate), as this would allow multiple waypoint orders
When counter is activated (or when its moving), it loses ability to respond to waypoints (prevents waypoint conflict)
Counter/Timer would activate mover/etc until it times out


1) Setting the counter/timer to adjust based on distance to waypoint (the reason why I posted this thread, need help with this)

2) The timer is based on direct distance to waypoint, so if the path is not direct, the unit will not make it all the way

Another idea I had was to put "n" number of key emitters that would work for a certain number of "n" units.

The keys would be tagged to match a certain unit ID, and units would spawn with that certain ID.
Since there would be a specific key for every unit already programmed into the system, there would not be any overlapping pathfinding issues.

The problem with this is that it would severely limit the number of units available. Each unit would need its own emitter and key, so number of units would be based on how many emitters (max one unit per ID, as each unit would need to be specific), as well as how many keys+logic could be fit into the level.

This would work for smaller games, where you have 3-10 emitters+logic+keys for each unit type. So say a ground, air, and sea unit. You'd need "3xn" emitters and "3xn" keys, "3xn" logic paths, where n is the number of units you would want to be able to build.

Maybe this will lead to some breakthrough, I dunno, just a thought I had.