View Full Version : 2 Talented LBPCentral Members Winning Entries for LittleBigChallenge 5

11-12-2008, 03:26 AM
Gosh darn it, some of you are talented. LBPCentral is proud to announce that 2 of our members had winning wallpaper entries in LittleBigChallenge 5! Congrats to KAPBAM and fquick for 3 awesome wallpapers making the 20 included in the official Media Molecule LittleBigChallenge pack!

The first 2 winners are from KAPBAM



This one by fquick.


Great work guys! You've made us proud. :)

Wall Papers can be downloaded HERE (http://www.littlebigworkshop.com/en-us/Game/Downloads)

Whalio Cappuccino
11-12-2008, 03:28 AM
Holy hell! Are those the playstation 3 backround thing, because the one KAPKAM made looks like it, but seriously wow those are good, congrats guys.

11-12-2008, 06:42 AM
Well done guys nice one.

Cheers QuozL

11-12-2008, 07:38 AM
great wallpapers i absolutely love them and you guys make this site what it is, thank you for making us all including yourselves very proud, you deserve every bit of the experiance that was given to you because you make us all pround
thanks guys


11-12-2008, 01:17 PM
those are awesome. how did you go about doing them?

11-12-2008, 02:20 PM
those are well good

will they be posted on the Playstaion Store??:)


11-12-2008, 04:15 PM
Hey, awesome thanks guys! I was indeed very proud when a friend pointed out to me that one of my wallpapers had won, then I checked the site and realised there were actually 2 :) I'm looking to steer my carreer towards gaming if I can and this is a pretty neat thing to stick on my resume.

Here is the link to the site, it's in the download link on the LittleBigWorkshop site: http://www.littlebigworkshop.com/en-us/Game/Downloads So no they won't be on the psn store, but they have been given 3 formats to fit as many computer screens as possible, and just use the largest one for the ps3! (Or get one of my themes :hero:: bestps3themes.com (http://www.bestps3themes.com/?s=KAPBAM))

And fquick, congrats man! I know you must be hella proud yourself!

11-12-2008, 05:21 PM
Great work for both of the winners, awsome job.

11-18-2008, 12:40 AM
Awsome job guys XD